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  1. My late aunt Audrey worker at middlewood for many years not sure if theres anything I might have that could help. lived in wadsley growing up spent a load of time in and around the place even used to frequent the club on the grounds which was very popular in the 8o's ill have a look for you Audrey ridley was my aunts name
  2. I agree with the above comments. use ghostery and an ******* on your browser also no script they can be useful on cutting back on the crap but like whats been said before use one for personal stuff and be vary cautious in the use of it and for stuff like facebook and general browsing use another address. spam will always het in there its pretty much inevitable but just check the boxes you tick on sites. the I agree has usual stipulations they can share your address with other people etc .
  3. I was wondering how and where I might get some good silver fish action on the don ? im coming over for a visit for a few days in a couple of weeks to see the grand son and thought id have look on one of my old haunts so to speak. ty
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