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  1. We would catch the bus from the bottom on Dore road along Abbeydale road. There’s meant to be one every 20 mins but quite often you can be waiting upto an hour - not really practical for anyone with any sort of responsibilities is it? Also you don’t calculate waiting time at the bus stop in your point above or getting from the nearest bus stop to her office so no need to doubt my claims it takes longer by bus because it does. As for pumping fumes she’s got a Tesla so that points not really relevant either is it . By the way it’s ‘those’ fumes not ‘them’. I’m all for a discussion about how to make things better but I usually find those preaching to others about what to do ref: transport into town are usually (but not always) the people for whom it is easy to do, either because of where they live, proximity to a transport network, lack of a job or have one with flexibility in working hours (usually public sector). Once you ask them to put themselves in others positions, i.e what if they had to move house, change jobs or spend more money they usually go quiet.
  2. He probably had to get water from a well too but not sure we want to regress like that😂
  3. Not ironic just a fact, the real issue which you neglect to recognise is that it would take longer by public transport. That’s the real issue to sort before having a go at people trying to earn a living.
  4. I’m guessing some of them have to get to work hence the rush, but granted not all will. My wife drops our kids at a breakfast club in Dore around 7.30 then drives to work on West Barr. She doesn’t get there until 8.20ish so around 50mins for a 4 mile journey. Kids health needs to be the priority but can appreciate it’s tough for some people to juggle kids and work when the traffic is so bad.
  5. Due to bad scheduling from the Premier league there were no trains back to London after the match so around 400 West Ham ‘fans’ were staying in Sheffield. They were not happy with the controversial end to the game (their late equaliser disallowed by VAR) so proceeded to fight all the way back into town. The cells will be full this morning with cockneys as lots of arrests.
  6. The US forbid the Saudis developing a bomb way back. The Saudis still wanted the Islamic world to have the capability so they funded the Pakistani’s nuclear program.
  7. P.S they are not used for heat as there is an under-pitch heating system for that.
  8. The UV lights are used on the new ‘Desso’ pitches that both the Blades and the Owls has installed a couple of seasons ago. I think the blades ended up spending circa £1.4m on the new pitch! As someone stated earlier the lights encourage growth throughout winter, hence the reason the pitches look like they do all year round now. They are wheeled onto the pitch so the lights are near the surface.
  9. I don’t think that’s a fair comment, XXTickerXX’s post is factually correct and shows a balanced view of the events leading upto the current situation. He is also correct that Sunni Muslims will be celebrating the assassination as Soleimani was responsible for many thousands of Sunni deaths. I personally still think it’s a dangerous move to take him out but also appreciate the carnage this guy was causing across the Middle East. Certainly there will be some form of revenge from Iran with more deaths, but it’s naive to think that those deaths wouldn’t have occurred anyway as they were happening on a daily basis due to Soleimani. Also let’s not pretend he was some kind of freedom fighter railing against Western intervention in the Middle East, he was purely pushing Iran’s personal agenda against Sunni Muslims spreading hate and death all over the region.
  10. I watched a documentary on Soleimani last year, a very powerful figure and integral to many of the issues in the Middle East including Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon. Iran has been fighting proxy sectarian wars throughout the region and this guy was the central figure in terms of planning, arming and training the various insurgencies and militia groups. Certainly no loss to humanity but the wider implications could be serious depending on Iran’s next move. The irony is that he and the US worked together against ISIS and met several times as a result but obviously there was no love lost on either side. He was also responsible in terms of funding, arms and strategy for the insurgency in Basra against British troops. Hopefully both sides show restraint or this could easily escalate, Iran’s response will be interesting as they are very vocal in their threats but this takes things to a different level.
  11. Exceedingly naive😂 really? The thing that is really naive is to assume all business is bad and all state enterprises good. There is a mix needed as with all the pressures on the NHS and the demographic time bomb there will never be sufficient funding so it has to use what is gets efficiently. And unfortunately efficient use of resources it not something that is common within state enterprises, especially in the UK. As I said in my post we have several friends within local hospitals and they say the waste is huge and avoidable, but sadly that culture is embedded deeply. Ultimately it’s business that pays for the NHS through direct taxation and job creation so it can’t be all bad can it?
  12. I don’t disagree with staff moral being an issue and both sides of the political debate are partly responsible for this as both main parties use the NHS as a political football. Saying that I would hope if I were in that position knowing my actions could and would endanger someone’s life (as in our experience) that I would try my best and that plainly didn’t happen with us. i think there is a dilemma in the business v care mindset as I mentioned in my post, my main thought on the business side of things is that with a limited budget it’s the only way I feel they can try to make the money go further. I work in procurement and know of organisations selling to the NHS who got 6 times the price for their product than they would off a commercial customer, as things were not run as professionally as they would be in a business. we also have friends at various levels in local hospitals and they all say the waste is horrendous due to there not being the correct mindset and they find trying to change that culture an uphill battle. Thats what I mean by saying it needs a mix of both cultures within the organisation, generate more money through savings and professional management to allow the front line more resources to do get on and do their job.
  13. I agree with some of the posts that something radical needs to change with the NHS to make it fit for the challenges ahead. i don’t claim to have the answers but think there is a huge conflict culturally in that it needs a more business orientated mindset in one way to improve efficiency and lower costs, yet on the other side the duty of care and personal touch must remain. having spent far too much time in 6 different hospitals in the last 2 years with elderly parents I have seen the good, the bad and the plain ugly. The thing that has stuck me the most is not the facilities as most have been ok to good but the difference in the quality and attitude of staff from one hospital or even one ward within the same hospital to others. We’ve had amazing care where staff were attentive, professional and kept the patients spirits up to others who were lazy and neglectful to the point where we were given the opportunity to launch a negligence claim by the hospital manager (we didn’t as it would have been substantial and in our view just drags more money out of the system). There needs to be an honest national debate that’s cross-party to determine its future without any ideological influences, the current level of debate whitewashes many of the real issues in my opinion as it’s either all bad or all amazing when in truth it’s a much more nuanced argument. Most people don’t care whether it’s 100% privatised or 100% state controlled, they just want the best possible service.
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