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    Lewis Wadsworth - Any opinions?

    I have been renting from Lewis wadsworth almost 3 years...i found this place when i was pretty desperate and only had few wks to find somewhere for kids and i. Big mistake. They are slow to fix repairs and i'm talking months of waiting...including things like faulty boiler..leaving me and my kids freezing at times this winter.. mould coming up from a damp and disgusting basement.. shoddy workmanship when it comes to wall/ bathroom fittings.. dirty worn carpets.. old as hell windows.. that seem like theyre gonna break if you open them. Recently a piece of ceiling plaster fell in my daughters room and along with it was a tool sharpener (similiar to whats used to sharpen knives). Told them about it. Took them 4 mths to repair the plaster and didnt even blink an eyelid when i told them about the sharpener thingy. Theres no effort for the landlord or the agents to keep their houses well maintained.. safe or warm but they wanna do inspections every 2/3mths to make sure i do? I also recently found out that although this house has a loft conversion done.. it did not get planning nor building reg approval for. Im guessing this has made it tricky for the landlord to sell..and so figured it would be easier to rent it out to someone gullible and as desperate as i was. Im waiting for a council house..and searching for another rental.. thing is..with the way they behave i suspect im gonna loose some of my bond maybe all. Rental companies/landlords need better regulation in my opinion. Dont rent for LW if u can help it.

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