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  1. I would love to give a million tangible reasons for leaving but as it's a completely new entity this cannot be done. The way it stands is that we are heading into the unknown which could be catastrophic or could be not as bad as first thought. We just do not know. I agree there are thousands of posts, mostly arguing but nothing cast in stone as to how bad or good it may get. To be fair if the government thought that Brexit would close down the country as is allegedly forecast, then om pretty sure a higher peer would have it stopped in its tracks. That hasn't happened which says our greatest and most important people of our country aren't as concerned as we may think. Yes, they are honouring the vote result, but would this be honoured so easily if there really was this massive risk that nobody can actually confirm? As I said earlier, you just wish to argue, where I don't. You crack on and enjoy because it's portraying you to be as pathetic as our politician are acting.
  2. And your constant wish to argue is exactly what is happening in government right now. Personally I think the remain groups have some extremely valid points, whereas the Leave groups do also. I don't regard either as right or wrong as we can't be sure on many of the points. What I can be sure of is that I want out government and opposition parties to do the right thing for th country instead of the constant bickering that we see every day.
  3. Take it however you wish. You nor I can stop the inevitable so now it is time to listen to both sides and get a conclusion from within. And that's BOTH sides, not just one saying how ridiculous the other is.
  4. There is something inherently wrong with these followers who believe the examples you've given. Science and peaceful modern living are the only way forward for the future. History and heritage are just something to look back on and learn not live by in modern society. Of course there are a few that believe whatever they see or read (and usually end up posting on here)
  5. So you say, but what you usually say is pretty much made up fake news you've found whilst googling. Repetitive too. Another bandwagon uneducated poster. Try to make you own decisions, rather than those of lesser consistency. Works wonders.
  6. Easy. When the subject of controlled immigration was put forward, the EU stood firm and said the UK must accept "X" amount every year, as per agreement. This agreement with the EU was set in concrete, so to speak. The Brexit politicians agreed that this was unacceptable and was one of the key reasons for Brexit, as has been said so many times before. of course the answer is agree a more sustainable level by political means, over the table etc, and most probably not a withdrawal from EU membership, but that's how it's panned out. So immigration levels---- Most definable Brexit policy that is very good and useful to us as a country to ease our housing/NHS health tourism burdens. Now I'm no fan of Brexit per say, but there's one example that both sides do have reputable arguement.
  7. The lawyer who claimed 9/11 was a controlled demolition is representing her for free
  8. Ok ok.... you can come back, here you go, come in and pull up a chair, enjoy the relative safety and affluence the UK has to offer, but your NOT welcome. Yep, sometimes you've just gotta spell it out and maybe draw a picture too ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„ Why isn't it?
  9. Does it not matter to you what she did in the first place? Is that not reason enough?? Even if she did compare the two it will never be justified.
  10. Well it's either let her back or don't. There's no middle ground. The notion of actually letting her back is welcoming in itself. The other option of saying no speaks volumes to those who wish to participate in murderous treachery against the very people they want to re-establish themselves with . They won't be welcome.
  11. It's maybe because they hold positions that us mere minions couldn't comprehend, not would want to really๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Correct. It's shameful that anyone could even try to justify welcoming her back.
  13. Do people of the remain camp have no other words of description to use other than Thick or Stupid when addressing a leave voter? Theres discussion and decisions to be made on all points of this whole Brexit carbuncle, valid points from both sides and more than enough debating to take us through to the next ice age, but the constant accusations of stupidity is beyond belief. Some people act like bloody children.
  14. Due to your irresponsible post I have now spat my custard creams all over our dog ๐Ÿ˜‚
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