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  1. My Great Gran was Eliza Cuneo and Maria Garibaldi was my Great Great Grandmother. Andreas was my .Great Great Granddad. Three of us have had our DNA tested and the result came back that the Cuneos were not Italian ,but north western Europeans. In all three DNA checks it recognised all three of us as being fourth cousins, but showed our DNA to be of north western European . So I do not know what has happened. Perhaps my family moved to Northern Italy from Switzerland or even Austria. And my great gran Maria had the name Garibaldi prior to marrying Andreas. Anyhow my family love them and as my wife says,'You look like your Italian Grandma'. I have a few photographs of them and I will get my sons to post them up. I am sure that Andreas was born in Italy ,but the problem is that if his family had moved to Italy from Switzerland or Austria then his DNA would show up as western European and not Italian. My Great Grandad George married Eliza in Sheffield in 1875. They eventually had lots of kids, grand kids and settled in Goldthorpe. And might I add that my aunt Rose looked more Italian than the Italians. Thanks
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