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  1. Hi all, i have just received my " service charge " for major work carried out my block of maisonettes , we have had a new roof skin covering , soffits etc, £5300. regardless of if i wanted a new roof, or could afford it The thing is, i am just unlucky that i live on the wrong block, as this type of work suddenly stopped, so half of estate got a new roof and bill, whilst the other half do not get a new roof or huge bill. My neighbour has just reported a leak on the new roof, less than 2 years old, plus no one ever turned up to fasten up hanging aerial leads or cables moved by roofers. I am sure this work does not add a penny to my flats valuation, but gives me a feeling that i can be used as a cash cow, along with other leaseholders , forced to spend money on work without an option . Andrew. Not impressed
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