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  1. Really? That would be fantastic! When's a good time for you to meet up? I'm tied up till Sunday but any evening next week, whenever suits you
  2. Iv tried all the above, changed cables, TVs etc, still no success!
  3. Iv already tried this to no avail! Like I said no pic but sound, then after a while I left the x box running and watched TV for a while, then when I went back to the x box channel it was working! Tried doing the same again but it didn't work, I think in the 3 weeks iv had it its worked about 4 times but there's not set way it comes on, its just when the bloody thing feels like it!
  4. Hi all! New poster so be gentle! I have kindly been given an Xbox 360 but can't get picture on my TV I have tried all TV settings, changed cables, scarts etc with no success I know it works because I have had it on a couple of times but not when I'm viewing the actual channel! If I turn off x box it disappears and I can't get it back All I get is no signal message on my TV or sound but no pic Have spent hours and I do mean hours trying to sort it but no success Surely someone can help (Pleeeease!)
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