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  1. Hello everyone.

    I have seen a lot of paid solutions out there but are there any examples of free ones or moreover tutorials on how to code such banners myself?

    If I simply have Google Analytics for my private portfolio website, I too need to have such a banner - correct?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. As my username suggests, silly questions.


    We were in a meeting this week and suddenly to URLs of our homepage & and or ? and or = with letters were being added to track visitors from a third party website we are paying to be featured.


    If I Google tracking I do not find anything. Can someone please tell me what are my colleagues doing here, what is the right term, so I can research it?


    Many thanks for your help.

  3. Thank you again for your lovely replies in relation to my noise to colour background.


    I want to take this one step further. I have a photo as a background to a div.


      background-image: url(/img/photo.jpg);
    1. I want to add this 'noise' on that photo.
    2. I want to add a colour overlay (I think overlay is the right word for this?) above that.


    Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance for your help.

  4. Is this something new? Or at least how it is being used?


    Why do people upload images if all images can be represented like this? As I type that I feel it’s a silly question!


    By copying and pasting these characters to use in my site, am I then not stealing?


    And which loads faster - the tiny png or this code? Why would someone choose one method above the other?


    Thank you for your help. 

  5. On 17/06/2019 at 08:24, Cyclone said:

    So that's actually an image, in png format and the characters are base64 encoded data that you would find in an image file normally.

    Hence why changing them doesn't work, you'll just break the checksum or the expected format of the image data.


    That said, it doesn't seem to be valid png data as best I can tell.


    For example, this doesn't understand it.




    I have learned so much from your post. Thank you,.




    (1) What I do not understand is, is that mumbo jumbo just describing a URL somewhere on the internet, that, at the end of the day I am using (technically stealing - and if the owner of that image decided to remove it, it would be lost from my site too) or is that mumbo jumbo actually creating such an image? If it is the former, then it is just a way of encrypting a URL... and, meh. If it is the latter... then COOL!

    (2) There is a + in the middle of that mumbo jumbo, and if I double click to select all it only highlights up to the plus sign. I managed to use a tool (see below) to actually acquire a PNG but my question from (1) still confuses me.


    Thank you again!

    17 hours ago, Waldo said:

    Probably is an online tool also to convert a file (in this case, .png) to a base64 string, which you can then put in your css. Have you tried that?

    No because this is the first time I am learning about these things. Thanks for your reply.

    16 hours ago, Hippogriff said:

    Try - http://base64online.org/decode/ - take from "i" to "==" and paste in, then hit Decode from Base64 - it'll show a 50x50 image that looks like some speckles.


    Use this to go the other way - http://base64online.org/encode/

    Thank you for your replies. I have saved these links immediately. I never knew something like this existed. I quote my questions from the other replies:

    3 minutes ago, silly.questions said:

    (1) What I do not understand is, is that mumbo jumbo just describing a URL somewhere on the internet, that, at the end of the day I am using (technically stealing - and if the owner of that image decided to remove it, it would be lost from my site too) or is that mumbo jumbo actually creating such an image? If it is the former, then it is just a way of encrypting a URL... and, meh. If it is the latter... then COOL!


  6.     background-image: url();

    I have found the above code, and it works really well.


    But I have no idea what it is.


    Can anyone tell me please in plain English how it works? Or just the name of the effect so I can go and research it myself?


    If I change the mumbo jumbo of characters, does the noise pattern change? Any time I tried it does not seem to work.


    If I simply copy and paste this code to my site, am I stealing someone else's work?


    I do not want to use something and not understand what it is.


    Thank you for your help!

  7. I am sorry for asking questions that are already answered out there somewhere on the Internet but for this particular topic there are too many resources, a lot of the information is old and I think things are changing again.


    1. Is it true that the billing system is changing again from July 2019, that there will be no free credits?
    2. If I just have the map showing the business location that is free, right? What about the functionality of changing the colours of the maps, is that also free?


    Many thanks in advance for your help!

  8. Hi Ghozer. Thank you as always for your lovely replies and patience with my silly questions. I totally understand why we have sitemaps but I have never seen one located at .../404/sitemap.xml and do not know why it is there. For en and fr yes I understand but why 404? I cannot find anything online about this.

  9. We have a website in English and French.


    We have two sitemaps, .../en/sitemap.xml and .../fr/sitemap.xml. OK. I understand. But then there is a third sitemap - .../404/sitemap.xml.


    I have never heard of such a thing.


    Can someone explain? Or is the agency that does our website doing something wrong?


    Thank you for your help!

  10. That reply was so fast. I thank you Ghozer.


    From what I gather about reCAPTCHA v3 no user will even know it is there. It is not like you have to click on pictures of busses. Google gives a visitor a score. 1 is likely human, 0 a bot (or maybe the other way around) and they start you with a default of 0.5.


    I am wondering if it would totally block ghost traffic. Colleagues discussed filters but this issue has been going on for months with no real answers being found.

  11. As my username suggests... this is going to be a silly question. I work for a company that manages many sites. We are getting a lot of ghost traffic that make our Analytics reports look so bad. I have just started to learn about reCAPTCHA v3. Can this be used to stop ghost traffic? I am meeting with our web agency tomorrow and would love to be able to sound what I am talking about! Thank you in advance for your help!

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