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  1. No. Definitely not. I am sexually attracted to men so I don’t want to go out with someone who dresses as a woman full time or during sex. I find people who get turned on by the idea of wearing women’s clothes (as opposed to being transgender) slightly odd and it would make me concerned their psyche was not quite in tip top condition. I feel the same about foot fetishes, sex involving humiliation or debasement and, um, rather messy types (ahem) of kink. And don’t get me started on adult babies and furries. Whatever floats your boat. But it would be a red flag for me, though not in a way that I would be hateful or unkind about. I just have a strong sense of self preservation.
  2. I've not seen him for a while. He's a really nice chap. With all this Coronavirus stuff going on, it would be a relief to hear he's okay.
  3. He probably didn't. In my experience many black cab drivers in Sheffield rent their cabs out to other people when they're not using themselves. Frequently the person driving doesn't look like the person photographed on the licence plate.
  4. Been happening for ages. I moved here in 2002 as the cost of living was unsustainable. I love it here and have been able to have a family which wouldn't have been a possibility in London at all. The very, very sad thing though is that most of the communities that existed in London pre-1997 have been smashed apart. Only the very rich can afford to live there without access to social housing. That's rarely available to traditional working class Londoners. Most of them dispersed out to Kent/Essex but even those are now unsustainable, severely short of housing and we're being pushed out further and further. People say 'So what? But we're having to go hundreds of miles from our families so cannot support them when elderly or ill and we have no support or help with children. As I said, I love it here, but I'm sad my original community was destroyed.
  5. I've google and just can't find it. It was about a male and a female addict who lived in a squat. She was pregnant and they wanted to keep the baby, but when the baby was born he was clearly mixed race so they split. I think she had the baby taken off her. Tried googling, no joy.
  6. The benefit for heroin adults and everyone else will in theory be that the don't engage in criminal behaviour to get fixes and have a safe supply so are less likely to develop health or which cost the NHS. The problem is, heroin is great (I know, I've taken it). If you are someone who has a lot of sadness and pain or mental health issues it gives you a release from those feelings for a while and that's incredible. It's why so many people get addicted despite the awful, awful results. At the moment heroin is not at all easy to get. Dealers are incredibly cagey and usually only sell to people who are vouched for by others they know. Other users are often incredibly reluctant to do that as they don't want someone else buying up their supply and as they're usually the ones who let a friend try a bit etc it's frequently hard to get a supply even if you try really hard. It's not like a bloke down the pub knocking out a few pills and a bit of weed. Heroin dealing can still carry longish sentences so it's very hush, hush. People usually don't get in a situation where they will have heroin available to them and attractive to them unless their are already profound problems in their lives like homelessness , abusive relationships, criminality or other serious addictions. So yes, in theory it sounds a good thing to do. My problem with liberalisation of laws around heroin is that if heroin is being prescribed inevitably there is going to be a lot more heroin around and no matter how hard the authorities attempt to control the flows there will be leakage and heroin will become more available in general and that might mean it becomes available to a much wider range of people. And they won't be that worried about getting a habit because they know they'll be able to get a prescription and probably benefits too. I think it poses a risk of sending the new rates of addiction rocketing. And even safe supplies will eventually impact on people's health. Heroin almost immediately curtails most people's ability to work or parent or care for themselves properly. Spice was pretty bad a few years ago but I think heroin has the potential to be quite something else. The US has a terrible problem with opiate abuse at the moment. There have been incidents where parents have been found passed out on opiates in their car while their kids are strapped in the back seats. I really think the potential risks are far too high for it to be worthwhile.
  7. Our neighbour in Walkley had theirs nicked about a year ago. The van was right outside my living window, they cut through a cage and I didn't hear a thing, I was yards away up with a baby just yards away. They go to nicer areas because they = nicer stuff plus more complacent. I always urge people to take them in and lock them up nightly. It's one of the most scummy crimes as you're stopping someone making an honest living.
  8. Danny is amazing the way he sticks up for his Mum and has never forgotten her or given up. I think his Mum would be incredibly proud of him.
  9. My objection to him is that he’s used the office of Mayor to facilitate self publicising and attention grabbing stunts and not much else. He well overstepped his authority on the Trump visit and has been an extremely divisive figure because of his aggressive baiting of anybody who doesn’t have the politics of a particularly excitable left wing sixth former. I saw his programme for the upcoming year which was to go out fact finding, meeting with lots of different community groups like churches, mosques, community centres and I thought, great. He’s finally getting down to some proper work which can potentially make a real difference in Sheffield. The project genuinely sounded like one which could have had real legs and been really effective. And what did he do? Quit. He’s wasted the time of the groups he’d already met and let down the ones he hadn’t. He wasted a lot of council time and resources on that project then ditched it. He doesn’t care about Sheffield, be’s a goady self publicist on the make. That’s it. At a time of great division and increasingly polarised politics he’s probably the worst possible Mayor we could have had, he’s deliberately divisive and controversial to attract attention to himself. He’s given extreme lefties (mainly students) a chance for childish tittering at his antics for the last year but that’s about it. I sincerely hope the next Mayor is someone who can bring all the people together rather than someone who deliberately divides us for the sake of personal self promotion.
  10. I may have misinterpreted a post above saying he had ‘sacked the last lot’.
  11. Well no, they’re not using the benefits system as a lifestyle choice now because it is not the comfortable choice it once was. As IDS said shortly after the Tories retook power, they wanted to make sure work paid and we were never in a situation where benefits paid better than working again. Yes I claimed benefit in the early 00s and I have quite wide experience of people living in social housing in both Sheffield and London. Labour created a culture of benefits dependency in the hope people would keep voting for them to keep the cash coming. And I do think it has changed society for the better. More families working with proper routines and the incentive to live orderly, productive lives has made a huge difference to levels of anti-social behaviour and feral children IMO because far less children are being popped out to act as little walking money bags for parents who have little interest in them beyond the cash they bring in. Sorry, didn’t see those as I was typing a reply. I didn’t know this was the second lot of staff he had let go, for someone elected on a Labour ticket that is appalling.
  12. You might not have wanted it but more wanted austerity than didn’t and that’s the way democracy works. Besides, I was under the impression austerity was a bit of a myth and the Tories have actually outspent Labour. Personally I think benefit reform has been reasonable and has created a better society by ending benefits as a lifestyle choice which was hugely destructive. The last Labour government ignored the working classes that actually, er, worked in favour of giving lots of money to people who didn’t work or contribute at all, frequently on spurious grounds for dubious health claims, really, you can see just why O’Mara is such a fan.
  13. He’s an ex Labour politician and a far left Momentum backed one at that. Y’know, the party who are supposed to be all about representing the workers. Given that he appears to be treating his workforce like **** and has form as a poor employer and a homophobic misogynist to boot, his position is untenable. He has no respect for his constituents. I hate to say it, but there’s a bit of poetic justice here. Nick Clegg is a good man and was a decent MP and the Lib Dems did the right and honourable thing by going into coalition with the largest party, he didn’t deserve the punishment he got at the ballot box, but I suspect in O’Mara his constituents may well have got the MP they deserved.
  14. It was derelict for years before Java Lounge. It used to do really well because it did nice tasty stuff for really really competitive prices and it was fresh and made there and then.
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