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  1. Hello, We created a free Resource Centre section on our website: https://wearemicro.co/resource-centre/ It covers everything from picking a business name to how to market a new business, as well as practical advice on website options for small businesses. Always happy to add more articles and topics, so if there's something you'd like to see, just shout!
  2. Hello, Leaflets aren't a bad shout - the company that own Now Then Magazine do local and regional distribution so it could be worth a chat with them. We contacted emmabowers.opus@gmail.com and she was really helpful. We also wrote an article recently on how to find customers as a new business, so that might be of use for a bit more inspiration if leafleting is too expensive at the moment: https://wearemicro.co/resource-centre/finding-clients/. Social media is a good shout from @steve-300683 . Company pages are free on Facebook so it's a good way to get started, then you can move on to a basic website when you want to look a bit more established. Hope this helps - best of luck to him!
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