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  1. S3, near Ladys Bridge. I'm not necessarily complaining about Sky's service (except for the connection drops now and then). I do get the speed that they provided, which is about 7Mbps max. Also, as far as I can find 7Mbps is the fastest I can get where I live. The main thing I'm complaining about is the fact that my neighbours (in the apt buildings next to mine) can get speeds up to 1Gbps which is about 20 times faster. I understand that the speed is going to fluctuate per building but that big of a difference seems a bit ridiculous to me. I was just wondering if there was any way for me to get a better connection at all. So far neither my landlord, Sky or OpenReach have gotten me anywhere. The only feasible option I can think of is using mobile data. Which would definitely be faster but probably cost me fortunes.
  2. Back again. I have contacted Openreach once and Sky twice now, one more useful than the other. The first person from Sky told me that it is completely in Openreach's hands to upgrade the physical wires in my building and they could do nothing about it themselves. I contacted them a second time because I also have my modem disconnecting at certain days in the evening. The only thing they told me is that I should watch videos in SD instead of HD, which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I filled in the form for "My neighbours have fibre and I don't" from Openreach. They emailed me back saying that the cabinet I'm using doesn't support fibre. Still doesn't explain why all my neighbours do have fibre however. Is it just a small box with a single medieval copper wire that is only going to my building? @Janus How do you go about getting an actual engineer coming to take a look? I'm also very open for other suggestions from anyone! I'm not going to give up just yet.
  3. Looks like that's the case yeah. The thing is, I don't get how all the buildings around mine do have fibre. Is there any way to speed up getting fibre at all? Feels like my only options is hoping and waiting.
  4. I'm currently on Sky because it was the cheapest. None of the package with speed faster than what I have now are available at my address.
  5. Hello! First time posting so I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this but; A couple months ago I moved to Sheffield from Belgium for work and got the flat I'm living in now. I only had about 2 days to decide on a place so went for this one. I'm quite happy with it except for one thing. The internet speed is terrible. All providers can give me about 8Mb max and usually I get around 1-2Mb. I'm guessing this is because of the lines going to the building are just slow. I find this a bit confusing as I hear from friends that live across the street and in the building next to mine that they have much faster speeds and fibre connections. In Belgium the broadband lines are connected per region and I'm guessing that in the UK they are connected by building (?). I asked my landlord and several provider employees if there were any options for me to get anything faster and most of them barely even know what I'm talking about or suggest getting mobile data which would cost me far too much. So is there any way for me to get anything faster installed here? It doesn't have to be the best of the best but what I'm getting now reminds me of the dial up days. Thanks!
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