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  1. Hello Alan Mike BRADSHAW here - someone mentioned you were a lawyer in the US? I do remember John and also Neil Hollingsworth. In fact I regularly correspond with Neil via email. He lives in Vancouver and in 2009 my wife and I spent a day with him and his wife before embarking on an Alaskan cruise. He retired a few years ago and is enjoying life. John passed an exam to go to the City Technical college didn’t he? I also passed that exam, but rather foolishly decided to stay at St John Fisher because I thought that I would have a better chance of making the Sheffield Boys U15 football team. It so happened that I became captain of the team and then went on to join Sheffield United. It would have been the same outcome had I moved to Central Tech - never mind! If you read this post and want the email address for Neil, then I am sure that he would like to hear from you. Best Wishes Mike
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