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  1. doncasterman

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    I have never read anything about him being caught away from the red light area. One of the other posters said he was caught close to the red light area. How the hell would you know if nobody shares the same opinion as me. Are you god or something. You seem to be one of those people who believes that you know everything.
  2. doncasterman

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    I am entitled to my opinion. Just because you disagree does not mean you are right. I think your theory fails as he did pick reivers up in the red light area.
  3. doncasterman

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    Any idea which weapon was used?
  4. doncasterman

    Totley then and now

    I gather that Totley used to be a nice area. I just wondered if that is still the case?
  5. doncasterman

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    A few years ago i went to the library to look at old newspapers because i too believed she may have been a ripper victim. It said that she was hit over the head but it didn't say she was hit by a hammer. Also there were no stab wounds. She did not die at the scene of the attack. She went home and to bed and she died in the morning. I suppose she could have been a ripper victim, but it feels unlikely.
  6. doncasterman

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    Are you referring to Barbara Young?
  7. doncasterman

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    Then why did he go back to the red light area? The previous prostitute he killed was in 1978. He knew the police would be all over the red light districts.
  8. doncasterman

    Disgusting act in Ponds Forge.

    There is some sick people out there.
  9. doncasterman

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    Well obviously he picked her up in the red light district. From what i read he spent quite abit of time talking to her in his car. I think he had enough and wanted it to be over. He knew he was going to lose his job as he had been done for drink driving.
  10. doncasterman

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    I think sutcliffe intended to get caught that night. This is why he went back to the red light district after a two and half year gap
  11. doncasterman

    Sheffield then and now

    I quite like sheffield even if it isn't as good as it was
  12. doncasterman

    Actor Windsor Davies, has died aged 88.

    He had a good innings
  13. doncasterman

    Sheffield then and now

    Is there more crime now in sheffield than there was in previous eras?
  14. doncasterman

    Sheffield then and now

    thatcher was a *******
  15. doncasterman

    Sheffield then and now

    In what way did they ruin Sheffield?

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