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  2. nice one,be good to see some retroness around our estate,theres a couple scattered around but be nice to see more,
  3. jta garage on holbrook industrial estate do class 4/7 mot/service
  4. afp on brightside lane do campers,dont no what size though,2610522
  5. yes,my mistake on looking again it is that junction!
  6. that looks like opposite side to matalan(out ov town)slip road to matalan is on the right hand ov the picture
  7. pm me youre address and i will call and see if you can help,thanks
  8. hi,dropped the phone and it landed flat(in case),picked up and now its basically dead with just the red light illuminated(red light comes on when power button pressed but goes off after bout 3 mins)just wondered if anyone had same problem and got it fixed,got some pics i would like to save off it aswell
  9. me too,ice cream in the wafer oysters an the boats,
  10. nowt wrong wi smart cars,comfortable driving position,ideal for gettin too an from work,not ideal for long motorways fair enough also very good on fuel aswell
  11. was a ford man (apprentice trained at tc harrisons) when younger had all the xr models etc but now just like the different stuff/oddball/unusual stuff,currently got a ford/lexus/toyota an a smart car lol
  12. looked like cloud started to spin overhead in s2 but then seperated,very weird
  13. i thought it was first wednesday ov the month but its first monday ov every month
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