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  1. 8 yard skip as you will always find more to go in it, they can drop on road with a permit.
  2. Thats the funniest thing i have heard today made my weekend thank you lol
  3. Capitalism is king and anyone can benefit if they work and aspire hard enough. luckily a lot dont so that makes it easier for Capitalists.
  4. Racial abuse is wrong full stop in any direction , black,white,yellow, brown any colour you like and pretty pointless it just an extension of the school yard mind set. Diane Abbott in this threads case has taken offense at the word coloured, that is not racial abuse.
  5. again thats not what i said. i may understand why they racially abuse her but thats not me saying its right?
  6. not personally but if we look at some of the things she has said in the past which could also be called racial then i am sure there will be some going back her way?
  7. some is acceptable due to stupidity and well deserved but not death or rape threats. is that clear for everyone?
  8. i have never once said rape or death threats were acceptable, i was generalising the whole "abuse" thing she gets, i certainly dont think she should have them but hey this is the internet age keyboard warriors quite often say things they would never or could never do. thank you
  9. ok whatever! go and bang another drum😡
  10. oh get a grip fella! where did i say that of course i didn't, what i said was that she doesn't help herself with how she says things, now if you want to twist that be my guest😝
  11. quite why anyone would be sick enough to want to rape her i dont know! but she brings a lot of the abuse upon herself not with her politics but with what she says and how she says it? she typifies whats wrong with politics and public speaking.
  12. so she was actually defending Abbott? dear god what has the world come to?
  13. waste of time i reckon, any woman would ask at the bar for help without having to look daft asking for Angela , are there any figures on how many times this has been done?
  14. what were the reasons for refusal ? size wise you can usually do something as a single storey extension under permitted development 4m high .
  15. yes soon we will have to have a colour chart to see which shade is the most unequally treated!?? do dulux do one!
  16. oh course not its snowflakery at its best! we are all some sort of colour.
  17. you have just made my point for me! you can protest all day long that you do the right thing and dont have any prejudices but who would ever know?
  18. Thats exactly how to do it outside your own mind, as i said peoples judgement s are in their mind, yours ,mine, everyone's?
  19. i should check you're own post Pedant!!!😆"studd"
  20. not stereo typing at all i say as i find! yes all the poles who have worked for us were grafters, have had various ones and all have done a good job. as for flamboyant do i want an overtly non hetro guy front customer facing er no, maybe in some situations that works to their advantage in another industry like media etc.
  21. if i am interviewing for a warehouse position which i have in the past, i dont want a woman as it involves heavy lifting, i dont want BAME as they are likely to make things difficult with some preferences, i do want an eastern european who has a good work ethic and can graft. On the other hand if i want an articulate person who is service led for a telephone or front facing role then i would look to the BAME or women to fill that role. as for non hetro it depends on how flamboyant and overt they are!
  22. Me? i work with all types, colours and race, some i like some i dont, but if they make me money i dont care. my work and social life takes me to various countries.
  23. when i said Humans i meant of all colours, so a black or Asian interviewer could make the same judgement to suit their situation? its a matter of numbers no more ! in african or other areas of the world where people are predominately black/coloured they have the advantage of judgement, in the west where whites at the moment are the majority we make the judgement s.
  24. lets face facts ? Humans rely on instinct and their own gut feeling on who they like or want to work with rightly or wrongly? its a human trait we make judgement s. i probably made some judgement s in the past whilst interviewing for positions, i made those on what i knew was the criteria to fit in with the workforce. is that so wrong?
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