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  1. There's the LDS online IGI and Cyndi's List is really helpful too. Good Luck!
  2. I have a Pollie Jepson in my family tree - she married George Ernest Mills a painter. Any use to you?
  3. Yes, Mrs. Garvey was Mick's Mum. Wasn't she also a dinner lady at one point?
  4. Hi Boo! Wow, it's a small world eh? Keith and I had a 'thing' for a while back in the late 70's! ... I haven't seen him in years. I often wondered how he was doing, thanx for the update
  5. My sister (Gillian Mercer) was a friend of Beverley Overend - Wendy Humphries, Beverley Clulee and Carol Keen too. I remember Mel and his brother - they were 2 years above me, I think.
  6. I watched 'Dave Allen', he did funny skits, and he used to sit on a stool and drink a glass of whiskey while he talked! Deffinately 'Some Mother's Do Have 'Em', 'Rising Damp', 'Open All Hours', 'Man About the House' and 'The Goodies'...and I was a sucker for 'Morcolmbe and Wise'... still am
  7. :) .... went there overnight and it was awesome! I remember walking through a train tunnel of some sort, and the teacher daring someone (John Birch as I recall) to go back on his own, in the dark!! He did it too!! ... ahh, good times, good times...
  8. I went to Acres Hill Inf. and jr. schools from 1968 - 1976 ish. Had lots of friends on the Littledale Estate. My best friend Pat Martin and her brother Paul lived on Greenwood Road. Remember the Knell's (Julie), the Garvey's (Mick, Andrew & Richard), the Mathers' (Meghan), the Keyes (David) and the Shaw's (Christopher). I knew David Green pretty well too, he was the vicar's son who lived next door to Acres Hill Jr. My auntie Mary and Uncle Harry Shaw lived on the estate too, can't remember the name of the road, but it was just up from the Jr. school.
  9. Hi Boo. Do you remember a fella called Frank Sutcliffe from Stonecliffe Rd? or Keith Dagnall by any chance?
  10. Hey Royston Did you have a relative by the name of Wendy Humphries? I am not in Kanata, I am further west in Renfrew.
  11. I knew a Jill Housley lived on Greenwood Road, Littledale in the late 60's and 70's (born 1963/4). She went to Acres Hill and later, Waltheof School.
  12. Hey there! I remember the Hubbard twins really well - Wendy and Gail! Wendy was a good friend of mine back in the day We hung out with Jane Furniss, Julie Knell and Tracey Dunn. Also remember Leigh Flanagan and Kathryn Leonard and recall the name Lorna Porter, although I can't put a face to her! Can't remember you are your sister tho, sorry
  13. Hey there! I lived on Manor Park - 51 Harborough Rd. (bottom set of maisonettes, oposite the old folks flats, besdie the Foundry Workers Club) My Mum still lives there, now on Beaumont Close!
  14. Hey there! I was also class of '79 I remember Mr. Goodrum very well. He liked to tease A LOT! He also ran the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, and was a lot of fun at times.
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