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  1. Ba-dum *tish* Great pun 😁 Yes Id thought perhaps "League", but hadnt considered cricket.
  2. Hi all, An odd request here. Ive just stumbled upon 2 late 1800/early 1900 solid gold chains and medallions here Down Under with a link to the club. The first is engraved with the following: PRESENTED TO S. HAGUE BY THE SHEFFIELD UNITED F & C CLUB AND GATEMEN IN RECOGNITION OF HIS 50 YEARS OF SERVICE AS A GATEMAN. NOV. 1924. And the second: N & O. C. L DIV. III. SECT. A. A.T. HAGUE 1913 Any Sheffield FC history buffs in the house? Im assuming the former (S. HAGUE) was collecting coin at the gates for entry, but the latter has me stumped. Who was A. T. HAIG, (a player??), and what could N & O C L stand for? Not sure what to do with these but thought Id throw it out to the Sheffield FC brains trust! Cheers, Jim Perth, Australia
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