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  1. Ed Marples

    J&J Dyson, Stannington - employees..

    Hello David I also have a photo of Merv Emsall, David Rose yourself and me dressed in Senior Scout uniform sitting on a boat on the Norfolk Broads,or was it Grand Union Canal. Before the Seniors we were in The Kestrel Patrol and you were Patrol leader. Hope you are well
  2. Ed Marples

    Load brook

    Once lived in Nethercliffe House near Hector Andrews farm at Hilltop in the 50s and remember using the infrequent bus service to Sheffield. We had to walk to Stannington most of the time. Does anyone remember the Turkey Farm at Sykehouse Lane my Dad Frank used to work there just before Christmas as a plucker
  3. Ed Marples

    J&J Dyson, Stannington - employees..

    I remember Ken Unwin,he lived on Wellgreen Road. I was in Stannington Scouts with his son. Ken was a friend of my dad Frank who worked at Marshalls for 51yrs. Everybody in Stannington worked for Dysons Wraggs or Marshalls. I worked at Sandygate Motors which was owned by Dysons.
  4. Ed Marples

    Sandygate motors

    Ed Marples here. I worked at Sandygate from 1980 until sad closure in 1999. Still visit Tom Stones occasionally. I remember we had at one time 3 mechanics called Dave Dave Bolton Dave Baker Dave Benson Many happy memories and still see old customers from time to time

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