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  1. Also Noel is a much better performer and songwriter imo.
  2. Ryan's daughter was another one. Good story & brilliant acting.
  3. I agree Patricia. And as for the mother and daughter duo, I can't believe that they learnt a new song in 15 minutes. The mother said she'd got the lyrics written on the back of her hand but on their first attempt you could clearly see writing on the palm of her hand. I thought the youth orchestra deserved the golden buzzer.
  4. Wicker Man. The original not the Nicholas Cage one.
  5. I'd be careful Cressida, he's got a habit of losing people.
  6. I'd go to the coast with my husband and son ⛱️🏝️
  7. Thank you for your kind thought. 😃 As for the traffic, I don't know. Maybe some homeworkers have to touch base on Mondays? I know my brother-in-law has to go into work once a week.
  8. I was on the road this morning. Dropping my partner off at Weston Park for treatment. He can't drive himself as he's not well enough. My son and daughter were both on the road as they are both key workers although not NHS. My sister was on the road going to care for our 98 year old mother. I don't consider any of us as morons, just ordinary people trying to do or best in a terrible situation. I can understand your fear for your wife's health but I think it's unfair to assume that everyone else's journey is unnecessary.
  9. Chatting to neighbours over the garden fence. Discovering new places to walk locally. Using up all the food that's been in the freezer and forgotten about. Reorganizing drawers and wardrobes. I'm sure I'll think of some more over the next 11 weeks
  10. Well said. I hope when things get better their efforts aren't forgotten.
  11. Why are Royal Mail sending their postmen / women out to deliver pizza leaflets and other junk mail. I feel sorry for their employees, they've no hand sanitizer and nowhere to wash their hands while out on their rounds. My postmen are still travelling 2 per van. I can understand them being committed to delivering mail but that should be all. More people are staying at home and spending their time ordering on line which is putting more pressure on the postie's. Like all key workers they should be treated with more care.
  12. That's not what I remember. The one I'm thinking of was actually on Snig Hill, just at the end of the police station that is there now. It was a single storey building. I was certain it was the Centre Spot but I'm obviously mistaken. That's going to drive me mad now but at least it'll take my mind off the Corona virus.
  13. I'm sure it was still there in 1968 because I remember walking past it on my way to Bridge Street bus station.
  14. Very very worrying. I can see it will impact on people's health anyway which defeats the object.
  15. I remember the cafe. I'm pretty sure it was called the Centre Spot.
  16. My neighbour was visiting a firm and was asked to sign a paper saying she hasn't got coronvirus. She refused to sign as even though she hasn't got any symptoms, been abroad or been in contact with anyone who has, she hasn't been tested by the NHS so doesn't feel that she can honestly say she hasn't got it. Seems to me that people are making it up as they go along.
  17. Crickey, I thought it was just someone messing about. 🙄. Thanks for your replies.
  18. Just tried to look at the Star on line but I can't get on their site. So I'm still none the wiser 🤔
  19. I've been noticing that a lot of road speed signs have got what looks like black tape on them making the 0 look like a Q. They're on the Parkway and I even noticed them on the road out to Chatsworth. Very odd!! It's driving me mad wondering what the reason for it is. Perhaps someone with too much time on the hands?
  20. I thought Perry would win. He was the best skater although Joe was the one who made the most improvement. I couldn't see the point in the judges marks given that they have them a 10s.
  21. Yes I agree. There's no denying that Libby is amazing given her difficulties but there's no way that she should have got through to the final. Once again the better skater was eliminated. It's a bit like when Gemma Collins was in it.
  22. I don't think you're entitled to a refund unless the goods are faulty. I always ask if I can return an item before I buy it. Most shops do give refunds but unfortunately unless that's their policy there's not a lot you can about it. ☹️
  23. Same here grahamfff. We've got loads of cassettes and VCR s cluttering up the house. No idea what to do with them and I assume charities don't want them as they aren't original recordings. We're reluctant to bin them because of the environmental issues.
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