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  1. *Sheridan Smith -saw her on Jonathan Ross show and she was really annoying. * Gino D'Acampo *The woman who goes to my gym. * Mrs Brown and her boys. *The Go Compare man *Maria Carey *Jane McDonald *Vic Reeves and his wife * and lots of others
  2. I took some in to Specsavers at crystal peaks earlier this year and they said they've stopped taking them now because of covid. It's a shame as they were all good condition reading glasses. I threw them away but afterwards wondered whether I should have put them in the charity bag.
  3. I agree although I can see why a lot of people do like her. It's just not my kind of music. Also I don't really like her as a person since I saw her on TV at Glastonbury and she was swearing non stop. She must think it makes her look better but to me it's just unnecessary.
  4. I agree Patricia. It's the same as celebrities having babies. You'd think no one else had ever done it before.😩
  5. Thanks Padders. It's been a long time since anyone called my face fresh 🤣
  6. Same to you Padders. Lovely weather for a nice stroll.
  7. Thanks Patricia. Thankfully we seem to be getting over the worst of it. Glad we've both been double jabbed 😁 Hope you get it sorted Meltman. There's not much worse than toothache 😩
  8. Thank you Cressida. It's really given me a boost reading all your posts. 😁
  9. Oh, thank you. That's very kind of you both 🙂
  10. Thanks francy. Feel a bit rubbish at the moment but more concerned about o/h who's also got it as well as lung cancer.
  11. Testing positive for covid 😱
  12. Imran from Corrie would be perfect a 007. Toyah can be Miss Moneypenny.
  13. Rollypolly


    Good idea about the garden centre but o/h doesn't want to use his petrol. I've now washed the floors, reorganised the pantry, done the ironing, made dinner and washed dishes. Hopefully rain will stop tomorrow and I'll go for a local walk. 🤞
  14. Rollypolly


    Can't go out because of the rain. Up to now I've cleaned the fridge, made the bed, vac-ed up, done a couple of crosswords and made a sandwich. Don't know what else to do. Any suggestions? What's everyone else doing?
  15. Someone once bought me a gift set of hair products for ' frizzy hair'. My hair is so straight even a perm didn't have any effect on it.
  16. I agree entirely. My dad worked hard to by his house and after he died mum got dementia. We did everything possible to look after her and keep her in her own home but eventually it was taken out of our hands and she had to go into a care home. The cost was over £1000 a week. If she didn't own her house we would have at least have had some financial help. The whole system seems very unfair.
  17. It's it Jenny or is it her pub?
  18. Imran ran rings round Tommy Orpington. I never liked him anyway. Imran on the other hand is very handsome and looks really good in his robes. 😍🥰
  19. I'd like to know why out of all the houses on my road with satellite dishes the pigeons always make a nest on mine. It's been happening twice a year for 10 years now. As soon as we see a nest being built we knock it down. I don't like doing it but not only does it mess with the signal but it's above the back door so we're likely to be bombed from above when we go out. Nothing seems to put them off, they return year after year. But only to our house 🤬. I think we must be a Des Res in the pigeon world.
  20. It's even worse for women. I used to travel long distances for site visits. No facilities for women in those days! I used to make a note of every McDonald in the area.
  21. Cheesebottom always makes me laugh. When I was working my boss had to attend a meeting at SY police station and he wouldn't believe me when I told him it was on Letsby Avenue. 😂
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