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  1. I don´t really mind if someone is trying to sell something at my doorstep (I´m quite good at saying `no thanks`), I just wondered if the reason for them going around the neighbourhood was to find out whether it´s worth breaking in somewhere over the holidays.
  2. Aldi still had some a couple of days ago, might be worth a try!
  3. Has anyone else in the Sharrow/Nether Edge area had people come asking about their energy supplier to assess whether they overpay? Yesterday, two young men came to our house asking who our supplier is. One of them showed me an ID, unfortunately I can´t remember the company´s name. I told them who we are with and he said that´s okay then, there is no way we are being overcharged because it is one of the cheapest. I don´t think it really is one of the cheapest so I became a little suspicious, especially at this time of the year where many people go away for the holidays.
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