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  1. Just a quick post to say goodbye to all. I'm leaving Sheffield Forum, warmer climes call. Thanks to all who I have posted with over the last 4 or so years especially Ruby, Jazzybmzoo, Canadablade and others. I won't miss the religious nutters (you know who you are). Good luck to all and Thanks.
  2. No they didn't it was in a much better state. Labour inherited a sound economy in 1997 it was the most stable in Europe and they took 13 years to balls it up royally.
  3. Thanks for the run down on Blair and Browns achievements over the last 13 years. Now what about Cameron.
  4. And just which MP's are facing prosecution for fiddling expenses.
  5. Well council tax goes to Doncaster mob so technically yes, but Micklebring is rural.
  6. I know from the evidence that you are a thick, ignorant, illiterate fool. :hihi:
  7. It is a shame you didn't show such passion for English at school.
  8. Ironically he looked a proper PIG.
  9. Never mind mate, chin up. World Cup to look forward to and the depths of despair when England **** it up again. All in all a good year for you lot.
  10. Depends whether you have paid good money to watch the Owls. If you have then........................
  11. Well you thought wrong my ignorant chum. The insult 'muppet' appears in The Oxford English Dictionary. The Olympic rower Mathew Pincent used the term in his book. Hardly a 'yoot' so you have, ironically, indulged in 'muppetry' by expressing your assertion.
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