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  1. I would worry if a dog was rehomed via a post like this is might end up being used as a training victim for fighting dogs.
  2. I would be extremely surprised. They are hugely protective of their recipe and wouldn’t change it without a huge reason. I went for an interview with them and they were so lovely. They were exactly what you would expect a family business to be, including an octogenarian family member who did all the accounts by hand in a leather bound ledger. If you’re not happy with the product at the moment then contact Hendos and tell them. I can 100% guarantee they will listen and get back to you.
  3. Just as an aside, there used to be a very famous female beggar in Sheffield who isn’t around anymore. I often wonder what happened to her and I hope she is okay and has turned her life around and that’s why she’s not begging anymore. If anyone knows what happened to her I’d love to know. By PM if not allowed on thread. I hope this is vague enough to stay up.
  4. I think people are ignoring the elephant in the room. We have huge levels of migration, 273,000 last year. We are not building anywhere near enough housing to meet demand. We have no controls on ownership of second homes. Of course the most vulnerable people are going to struggle to get housed.
  5. Winn Gardens used to be really bad. At one point a boy who was about 10 from there was convicted for killing someone and apparently his family caused a lot of problems up there. That was about ten years ago and it has really improved since then. There has been a lot of community work which has made a massive difference and problematic families issues targeted. You can see it when you walk around. Just the houses being taken care of better and a lot of people taking more pride in their surroundings and community.
  6. Yes I think it is a problem. But I also think most racial tension is due to the modern obsession with identity politics. I remember the 90s when identity politics was ‘it doesn’t matter what race, religion or nationality we are we’re all the same and humans, should love one another’. Nowadays we are told we should be obsessed with our identity and out colour, religion, race, nationality, sexuality, gender identity etc, etc, etc and have to compete with other groups to get privileges and condemn anyone who isn’t in our group. It’s just rotten. It’s the biggest game of divide and conquer ever played.
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