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  1. Hi, I would visit Howden House. It’s been a while, but am sure there are staff there who deal specifically with council tax. You don’t need an appointment, but turn up early, as works on a first come first served basis. When you first go in, a person near the ticket machine will ask what you need help with (I think they deal with housing and other council business aswel). You will get a number ticket for the team dealing with council tax. From experience (be it a few years ago), I always found the staff helpful and managed to get things resolved. I hope you get it sorted.
  2. Hi, noticed a helicopter hovering, I think it would be around Attercliffe area. It was hovering for such along time, around 30 minutes or so. Just wondering out of interest if it was a practice drill or something?
  3. “You make your own luck” Ernest Hemingway. I think this guy took the saying literally.
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