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  1. We moved to our new house down a lane at an old farm two and a half years ago and the previous owner left two geese in the garden pond, we think they are both males since no mating or eggs. They were never more than two yards apart, following each other everywhere in the garden and in the adjacent fields and lane. We give them a few slices of bread each day and fresh water other than this they lived off the land. Saturday night we bid them good night before we went to bed as normal stood in there place by the old aviary but then disaster struck. Sunday morning we saw 4 buzzards in the field beyond the garden eating something . When we went downstairs to breakfast only one goose was standing in the greeting place, I donned boots very quickly and ran into the field and sure enough it was the grey goose, probably killed by a fox as the carcase no longer had a head or neck. The white goose now misses his friend terribly, he walks round and round aimlessly. What really pains us is now he will fly over the fence making a painful landing on the patio (which was never done before) and then stand at the French doors tapping on the window asking to come in. We think he is desperately lonely. The geese have always been too frightened to allow you to stroke them, but now I can go and pick him up. I put him in a shed each night as a precaution against mr. fox , but he needs a new home and a new friend. We don't want pets ultimately but as you can tell I am a softy, and would not like to harm any animal. So if anyone would like a white farmyard goose at least three years old please contact me. 0788 691 3378
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