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  1. Thank you! I assume you mean Sheffield City Council?
  2. Hi all, I have been running a speech therapy support group for people who have been on the Starfish project course for four years in Sheffield. We were very lucky until recently to be able to book rooms through contacts within Sheffield Hallam Uni. It's an ideal location close to the train station and people from all over the midlands can easily access. We now however, have run out of contacts and room hire at the Uni is expensive. We are a purely volunteer led group who support each other in our recovery and I have never wanted to charge people for the use of a room. My main question is, does anyone know of any venue that does free room hire or very cheap room hire on a Saturday between 10-3pm as that is when we meet. We meet every month so it must be a regular arrangement. I know Sat daytime is likely to be very busy! Thanks for any help you can give me. Matthew.
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