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  1. S7 - Nether Edge farmers market (four times a year), the Abbeydale picture house, antiques quarter, Chelsea park, Millhouses Park, kenwood estate.
  2. I would like to invite you to take part in the "Northern Sling Exhibition - Sheffield 2015", to be held in the Showroom Workstation in Sheffield, on Saturday October 17th, 2015. The Northern Sling Exhibition is a free event, education-led not-for profit event run by volunteers. The event is intended to reach out to families who may be curious about carrying their baby, and to provide an opportunity for health care professionals who work with families (such as health visitors and midwives) to find out more about this valuable parenting tool. More seasoned sling users will also find much to enjoy; with several well-known companies supporting and exhibiting at the event. http://www.northernslingexhibition.co.uk
  3. I don't know anything about it other than I saw the arrest on Christmas Day. I find it very scary that someone living so close to me had, or had access to, a gun
  4. we've just spent 6 weeks looking in s7, s10 and s11. every single house we were interested in sold for over the asking price. one house sold for £50k over the asking price. the market has gone crazy and if vendors know their house is strong they are unlikely to consider anything less than the asking price. ---------- Post added 26-04-2014 at 08:30 ---------- also there's a real mismatch between supply and demand which is driving the price rise even more. everything that was on at christmas and had been for a while has now sold and only a small number of houses are coming onto the market in those areas each week. people are telling me they want to sell but think if they wait 6 months they can sell for even more so they are holding off putting their house on the market. it's as if the credit crunch never happened and the market has just resumed where it left off in 2007!
  5. Hi sorry to resurrect an old thread. We are looking to move and would like to know more about bradway. Is the city centre commutable by bus? What are the journey times during the am and pm peak rush hours? Also, I've seen that the primary school has a good rating; does anyone have first hand recent experience of the school? Which is the nearest secondary? Any other local views welcome, thanks
  6. you will all get a better night's sleep once your baby learns to settle themselves back to sleep. that way when they wake they will shuffle about a bit, maybe even make some noise, but then go back to sleep. easier said than done though, you basically have two options: 1) continue feeding them back to sleep when they wake and wait for them to learn to go to sleep without nursing by themselves. this will probably happen naturally without any intervention by you anywhere between 1.5 and 3 years old 2) accelerate this learning process and pursue some kind of sleep training which will involve crying. the amount of crying will depend on the method you use. we chose to do 'responsive settling' which is a slightly more gentle version of controlled crying. basically when your baby wakes you leave them to see if they settle themselves back to sleep. you listen really carefully to their cries and don't go to your baby unless you feel they are in distress and need your support to calm them down and help them settle. when you do oh back to them, you try and sooth them not by nursing, holding them or rocking, but by speaking to them calmly and patting their back or mattress rhythmically. the purpose of this is to reassure them of your presence so they feel secure to go to sleep. the idea is not to stay until they are asleep, just until they are no longer upset. then you leave them to try and settle themselves to sleep again. and repeat. repeat every time they wake and every night. this method really depends on you listening closely to your baby and distinguishing between them crying because they are tired and resisting change and trying to calm themselves down, and crying because they are in distress/pain/hungry etc. it also really depends on being consistent. once you go down the route of changing from nursing to sleep to teaching self settling you have to stick with it. chopping and changing is not fair on babies who thrive on routines and predictability. this method differs from controlled crying because instead of returning to sooth your baby at set timed intervals (3,5,10 minutes etc) you return to them when you think they need you. either way, it will get better, and you will get a full nights sleep again! and just think, when they are 16 you can go into their room at 7am and shout at them if you like
  7. there's a session at primrose children's centre (Langsett road) for dads on Saturday mornings
  8. We had a similar experience renting from reeds rains a couple of years ago. the rented property was in a terrible state and we actually cleaned it up and made it habitable. when we moved out they tried withholding our deposit for carpet cleaning. we disputed it and they lost.
  9. Hi, I've got a (used but clean) angel sounds one if you are interested message me. Harriet
  10. Thanks billandben! mark we are also at roscoe, plot 9b. I've put some weed fabric down but it's a bit light weight for our heavy duty weeds!
  11. we've taken on an allotment down at Rivelin and it is a massive nettle patch. There is no way we are going to get it all dug over this year (we have a 6 month old baby). Does anyone know where I can get hold of the black plastic sheeting I have seen other plot holders use to keep the weeds down whilst we dig it in stages? Thanks
  12. I too am a fan of the new website. I didn't like hungry house, I prefer not to go through a middle man!
  13. I got the graco evo which I love, it's fully compatible with the car seat and is light and easy to fold away, I got it from mothercare x
  14. I bought one for £20 off eBay, it was definitely worth it, I loved hearing my baby's heartbeat and a couple of times it reassured me when I was worried his movements had decreased. I'd recommend it x
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