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  1. thanks for replying yes can lift lid. no, no jammed ball
  2. i can barely get any running water in my (council) flat because my toilet flush won't stop filling - it's taking all the pressure so all other taps, sink, bath, kitchen, and the shower, are just a trickle . i've tried turning the stop tap off under the sink but it doesn't do anything of course this isn't an emergency for the council and it's booked as a repair next friday morning - 25th . i'm supposed to not wash til then ? even when describing the problem when i phoned up , they didn't REALLY seem to understand. i thought having running water would be a necessity - a trickle is hardly what i would call running water.
  3. the traffic is hardly free flowing anyway ( in 'normal times' ) . and no parking on Clarkehouse means more traffic going round Trying to find somewhere , and more traffic going past the hospital itself, creating more pollution near the patients . and if the council was that bothered about traffic anyway other than do everything possible to disrupt it , it could reopen some roads that are no entry or one way , put traffic lights ON junctions eg by the 'university' roundabout .. not just the approaches . and Stop traffic lights going to red at night IF no one is around and introduce one ways on some roads when it would make a lot of sense .. e.g. Rutland Park , off Clarkehouse, which would benefit greatly , or Park Lane (traffic could go up only) and Broomgrove Road (traffic could be one way going down - at least for part of it) . also, parts of Rushdale Road and Valley Road in S8 . Sadly the council's only solutions are to block off roads completely , causing more chaos elsewhere and even more angry frustrated impatient drivers
  4. the parking situation on Clarkehouse Road is now ridiculous . all double yellow lines . there could at least have been some compromise and have one side for parking . there could at least even be a time limit (3 or 4 hours maybe) to prevent people parking all day to go to work shame no one can think logically and instead it's all or nothing
  5. 2 people having coffees and the others just getting free water is really taking the pee, as is people going in when a prize fund has built up ... though it may have been a coincidence My friend stays the whole duration of a quiz + answers, and team varies between 4 and 7 . one only has one cheap drink but some others have a few each (pints/halves) . so yes... can see it from pub's pov they want business but they could be recommended to others if they give genuinely great service no matter what
  6. my friend goes to a quiz in an independent pub and is always complaining that they get treated almost like second class customers as they don't spend quite as much as other people/groups might . ok - they could go somewhere else but they enjoy the quiz and atmosphere and there isn't a credible alternative. surely the landlord and staff have got better things to do than single out one bunch of 4 people in a "here they come again" kind of way . it might be an exaggeration - the person in question isn't going to post on here cos it would probably be obvious who the pub and people are. i'm just generalising and saying from the point of view of a punter in general that customers should all be treated exactly the same by the staff (and quizmaster) .. who would probably be delighted if they didn't show up . British customer service!
  7. well Stone The Crows - to almost quote a business that apparently is going under in town (Barkers Pool) due to inexpicably high business rates compared to their competitors. and their success/failure has nothing to do with the amount of cars that can .. or can't get to it . (i have no connection with them , just pointing it out) . as for people using public transport more , i would do .. if it were cheaper and more reliable . a short journey is expensive . and if you have a job which requires lots of calls to be made during the day, using the bus is totally out of the question.
  8. £1.50 a pint?! it isn't even that cheap in Wetherspoons . i think their customer base has been a bit chavvy in the past which didn't help it (tho i guess others would disagree about that)
  9. is Sheffield Forum a bit like ebay ? in that the higher your feedback/usage rating, the more you get noticed? but how to get to that ? i don't just want to blitz the board with loads of posts . maybe no one has even seen this ? ...
  10. firstly, i'm new to this forum and have looked to see if this has already been covered but can't find anything so... great pub quiz at the Union Hotel on Monday nights though it gets very cramped and uncomfortable . and sometimes very late starting and finishing possibly due to chatting to customers while handing out quiz sheets . some people have work next morning! they do free food for customers . loads of sausages, sausage rolls and roast potatoes , sandwiches are a bit hit and miss though! very nice , but i wish they'd make sure all customers got a fair share of them all! server goes round people in the same order and some get seconds (served in the same order of course, no rotation!) , before others even get any - there are 2 sections in the pub
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