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  1. I worked at bassets my wage was 13 shillings a week and it was twopence to get there on the tram
  2. I agree it's all repeats anyway and too much filth for my liking
  3. how can we be rich pensionerswhen we can't afford to have the heating on full or the gas you talking through the top off your hat you will be old yourself one day so shut your gob
  4. I just wanted to know if any of my old friends were still around that's all I in Sheffield now lived here 66year but always loved Southall think about i and remember it just as it was before Chrystal peaks spoilt it nothing round there only woods and fields I have a run round sometimes and have a coffee in cafe near Southall club I used to live in big yard across from club but all gone now
  5. stallards shop was at the bottom of orchard lane I think he was a police man mum used to get my shoes from there I hated them they were cheap tho so had to make do in winter I wore my brothers boots and used to like to walk in snow till it stuck on bottom till I was a little bit taller till it fell of our feet had to be a certain size so then we got extra coupons for better shoes when mine was measured by my school teacher always tried to edge away from wall a bit but it never worked
  6. yes his name was jack glover just remembered can you remember Audrey the hairdressers just at the end of our yard the cobb family lived at the back of it
  7. i don't know glovers first name was too young had to call him Mr but he was a nice man mum sent me for a cardboard box he gave me one and there was a few broken biscuits in mum says I went in a few days later and asked for an empty box with something in it we were always hungry in those rationing days
  8. no shops on Armstead only glovers bottom left looking up Armstead and forgot name of one on the right but will come to me I think but all the shops near club have changed even club itself all spare ground gone used to love going on fair and jumping across ochre I left beighton 1946 but had a run down last year for old times sake all he woods have gone now Chrystal peaks there now I liked it better when I was young
  9. can't remember any barber shop on Armstead road are you sure about that or maybe it was after I left beighton mum didn't like dad down pit and didn't want my brother to go down so we came to Sheffield we made an exchange with a couple on townhead street he only had one arm don't know what happened so mum and dad lived in a flat over kennings garage it was a nice place and dad worked for kennings
  10. there must be some old friends left in Southall that must remember our family it would be nice to here from one of them or has everyone left Jean Thacker Mavis Shepard all friends of mine from west street looks Like not many people write on his forum where are all of you
  11. i think there was a Doreen lambert when I lived at Southall is she still around or am I the only oldun left like I say my name was Mallon I was a right tom boy climbing on swings and jumping river climbing trees you name it I did it I had a brother worked at wagon works a short time called Eric and a younger brother Gerald they went to Australia 50 year ago Eric died about five year ago heart attack
  12. how about june Thomas she was a good friend of mine lovely girl lived on Allen road she was a good friend around 1946just before we left for Sheffield iris Mallon hope you remember me I lived on Armstead road number 5
  13. does anyone know of William Dickenson from Hooley road he was about two and half when he fell into static water tank I got him out I was eleven I often wonder how he going on I was told he had a shop in the square but never knew if true
  14. I went to beighton school same time as your mum what was her name my teacher was miss bowler faiths with blonde hair
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