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  1. I rang the number yesterday afternoon and spoke to someone, they said to keep an eye on my inbox for an email regarding any interviews.
  2. I haven't bought a CD for years, until about 3 weeks ago I bought a Fisherman's Friends album from Amazon Dad's got a CD of the late Don Williams in the car, I can like or hate Country music, some of it's great, but by the same token some it makes you want to go out and shoot somebody!
  3. Very sensible that! You're not as daft as you look! Only kidding!
  4. Meh, you use your Bank card on Paypal! And it's very secure! Annoyingly every time I use it the damn thing has to send me a text with a code to verify my ID!
  5. Hmm, according to the website, my Ward's changed since last time? I put S3 and it's come up as Walkley? I thought I was in Sheffield Central?
  6. They must've got your number from somewhere? Are you sure you didn't inadvertedly sign up for some service or other? I've been using Uber for years and they do send ocassional messages but only when I use them
  7. According to Google they're rated 4.5 stars out of 5 Link
  8. With respect mate, it's a well known fact nobody reads the Ts and Cs when they sign up for stuff, that's how companies get away with so much because they know nobody reads them
  9. Meh, I'll be sticking my X in Labour tomorrow As mentioned in a thread last week, on a local level Labour have always been good to me
  10. Meh, I'll be voting Labour, as I always do
  11. TPS is a complete waste of time IMO, most of the numbers that call are not in the UK.
  12. I'm a current Plusnet customer for the second time, only reason I left the first time was because I was still in contract with Talk Talk for the Landline, that contract ended just under 6 months ago, so I gave 30 days notice as soon as I could on both Fibre and Landline, and have had very few problems.
  13. Sorry but I'd rather spoil my voting form than ever vote Tory! Their record on disability rights, or rather lack thereof IMO, speaks for itself I reckon.
  14. Link Sounds interesting, my Parents would never agree to it but if I could I'd love to have a small dog with me down at the Flat something like a West Highland White Terrier, used to be one in our local called Sam, really cute little dog, sadly he died a few years back Thoughts? I'd have put this in the Pets group but it's not very active.
  15. Aye, like I said earlier in teh topic, the Plod know there's a BIG problem in some areas but they simply don't have the person power or resources to deal with it effectively. They move one crime Gang on, and 24 hours or less later another one gladly take its place.
  16. In cases like this, it's a simple answer of "Google is your friend"
  17. Ugh, so I have to do all that "press 1 for this, press 2 for that" etc malarkey? I hate automated lines, OK I get that everyone's working remotely due to the Pandemic at the moment but come on.
  18. If you've ever seen the movie "Kes", back in the early 70s it was envisaged that most lads would follow their Dads to work down t'Pit apparently
  19. Who else would make things different though? They all literally pee in the same pot!
  20. Meh, one of the Chief reasons I voted remain for Brexit 5 years ago was because unlike a LOT of leave voters (IMO) I don't have a big axe to grind against immigrants, apart from that I can't talk to Foreign call centres because they don't understand my strong local accent. Also, the local Labour man for Sheffield Central, Mr Paul Blomfield, seems to be a nice enough bloke, and has responded personally to several emails I've sent him on various issues, most noteably that time I got stuck in Town when Wednesday played Millwall, I didn't feel safe on a Middlewood bound Tram full of rowdy Millwall fans, so I got off on West St, then my mobile died, I'd got my green Lanyard on which tells everybody I'm disabled, I went up to a local Policeman to explain my problem, he was neither use nor ornament and that's being kind! Anyway when I finally arrived Home I sent a long email to Mr Blomfield explaining my problem with the Plod, and he said they weren't trained to recognise the green thingy, and he'd mention it to local Police Bosses anonymously on my behalf. Good result overall
  21. I would if I knew how to retract negative? I've been buying and selling on eBay for about 23 years and never had to retract feedback?
  22. I grew up in lower Walkley between the late 70s/late 1997, and officially I'm neutral as I stopped following football years ago but if anyone asks I say I'm a Wednesday fan, safer that living this end of Town To be honest though, I've attended various functions at both Leppings and Bramall Lane, and IMO Bramall Lane's a much nicer venue, for instance I attended Sheffield Comic Con up there in late 2019.
  23. Go on Microsoft.com and redownload the 365 program, then go through the normal steps to reinstall, this assumes you're on a Windows PC?
  24. I stopped following football in general years ago but I totally agree. anyone convicted of football hooliganism should be banned for life from every football ground in the known Universe IMO. Also, I've been saying for years that to stop people who do football hooliganism in t'first place, they should close all the pubs before, during and after the games, especially to away fans, they become hooligans after downing about 6 or 7 Pints pre game, and then if their team loses they proceed to get even more drunk, and then that's when they start causing problems for the Plod.
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