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  1. I questioned that guy via FB Messenger and he had not even read the DEFRA reports for Sheffield... he was just a bored student ...
  2. In trade meetings that I attend, government have already warned SCC that their targets will not work and a Cat D will be required, meaning that all transport including private cars will be charged, so why are they only saying that they may have to? They should be saying probably have to....
  3. Now you are being pedantic and not listening to the comments my friend... A UK Vehicle Registration is just that, a registration of the United Kingdom.... Signage as authorised by SCC does not involve this, of course... The signage on the side of a vehicle is what makes it authorised, not the vehicle type, or the vehicle registration or indeed the area the vehicle is licensed by....
  4. Again... in Sheffield, the use of Bus Lanes and Gates are allowed by Taxi (Hackney Vehicles) and PHV (Authorised Vehicles) as stated in the TRO... PHV from other areas do not carry authorised signage and therefore should not be allowed in Bus Lanes or Gates in Sheffield. I am not sure if you are being argumentative or pedantic.... but I do believe that I have explained this in enough detail for you to understand.
  5. Black Cabs are actually Hackney Carriages, which is now commonly known and referred to as Taxi...
  6. Taxi, is not Private Hire and is therefore an allowance to ALL Hackneys (Taxi) unless stated as local depending on the TRO.... If just the word TAXI is displayed then a Hackney licensed anywhere can use it.
  7. No. SCC vehicles must acknowledge, respect and obey Bus Lanes and signage in other areas.... It is very clear in this... the authorised vehicles must display signage as authorised by SCC to use SCC Bus lanes and gates...
  8. Actually, Planner1....your disclosure is a little ambiguous... Are you employed by SCC, or have you ever been employed by SCC? You see, I love how you make comments as though you know everything pertaining to SCC, but I cant for the life of me figure out what role is or was ever present in SCC to be able to know everything...even Mothersole couldnt know every bit of information.....
  9. Actually Planner1, the TRO is very clear in Sheffield. It states 'Authorised Vehicles' and these vehicles must display signage that is authorised by SCC. So, yes they can fine vehicles licensed in other areas to use Sheffield Bus Lanes or Gates, but they are choosing not to.
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