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  1. hi..im looking for electrician to fit a electric cooker please..anyone point me in the right direction please.
  2. hi i know this is a long shot but im searching for my mum's best friend..my mum is called Patricia ann Holmes her best friend at the time was Linda Bates my mum has never forgotten her amf and talk about her a lot..my mum is 70 this year and we are wanting to make it special for her please if any one can help me would be amazing Thank you x
  3. Hi if you are still having no luck with it I have a Xbox 360 u can have for free mykids don't play with it any more
  4. Hi all thank you for your replys he's has rang round a lot of places and it's the same reply every time no one is willing to take them on as it's the health and safety issue.. and yes I agree it's just a matter of ringing around to try and get somewhere ..thankyou all so much
  5. Hi my son is in year 10 at school and is doing work experience in July, it seems to be impossible to find him any where to go..does anyone know anywhere taking on students for work experience please.. Thank you
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