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  1. Not a hope in Hell will I ever buy anything from Amazon.
  2. Well done to Tony for getting this off the ground, to Dan for getting it the attention it deserved, and to the USAF and RAF for taking part. And to the people of Sheffield for turning out for it.
  3. Infra dig at our Caledonian brethren
  4. Del Usory

    stolen car destroys park bench&tree

    You can always contact our part-timer of a PCC about this. Assuming he isn't busy ignoring his constituents' issues because he's got PCC duties to neglect.
  5. Buckie, Buckie, Fosters, Buckie, Fosters, Buckie, Fosters, Fosters, Buckie. (And the posh kid drinking WD40 or something.)
  6. Del Usory

    R.I.P Gordon Banks

    Good old star. Featuring Banks's wonder save l repeats the canard he was on the far post when Pelé met the header. He wasn't. He was that good he had already read the cross and moved to be in the right place to meet the ball and save it. He was *that* good!
  7. Surely rats and mice are a testimonial to its food?
  8. (like it says in the title When did it close?)
  9. Del Usory

    Wilder insulting the fans? united v barnet

    As has been pointed out, it wasn't Manyew that did that They were blackmailed by the FA into pulling out to bolster the fatuous (and failed) bid for the World Cup in the mistaken belief Septic Bladder would look favourably upon us
  10. McGoldrick Basham Sharpe Hensderson Not in the starting XI, they can't be injured, because t hey're on the bench. Complete lack of respect to your opposition, the competition, and the fans. Same goes for all the premiership "elite" and anyone else not playing their strongest team.
  11. Del Usory

    Nye fireworks.

    Big public display in London Big display in Manchester. What happened to "big display in Sheffield", Cllr Dore and Lord Mayor Magid?
  12. Del Usory

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    I hope his replacement as Lord Mayor is as dedicated and committed to the people and city of Sheffield when his term in office comes to an end in May. A great asset and role model to us all.

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