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  1. They were phenomenonally unpopular in Donny too, replacing the red corporation buses.
  2. Angela "Funny Tinge" Smith to give her her full Sunday name.
  3. Paul Darrow has died. RIP https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/entertainment-arts-48501099
  4. You do know the USA use judicial methods to kill their own citizens don't you?
  5. Meanwhile, in America... https://mobile.twitter.com/ThomasJTobin1/status/1134784500372770817 Don't forget kids, Gays are harmful to children. (Unlike the pederasts who are ordained priests in the RCC and the Bishops who conspire to protect them from prosecution)
  6. Another one of their headline members - https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/ann-widdecombe-science-may-produce-an-answer-to-homosexuality-11733559
  7. Well done to Tony for getting this off the ground, to Dan for getting it the attention it deserved, and to the USAF and RAF for taking part. And to the people of Sheffield for turning out for it.
  8. You can always contact our part-timer of a PCC about this. Assuming he isn't busy ignoring his constituents' issues because he's got PCC duties to neglect.
  9. Buckie, Buckie, Fosters, Buckie, Fosters, Buckie, Fosters, Fosters, Buckie. (And the posh kid drinking WD40 or something.)
  10. Good old star. Featuring Banks's wonder save l repeats the canard he was on the far post when Pelé met the header. He wasn't. He was that good he had already read the cross and moved to be in the right place to meet the ball and save it. He was *that* good!
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