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  1. prolific

    sheffield road

    good point that thanks
  2. prolific

    sheffield road

    having not driven for nearly over a decade due to the cost, i am now back on the road. is it me or is sheffield a driver nightmare. with random bus lanes with random times, "no right turn signs" everywhere. ill painted lines, terrible traffic light systems? i have never been so confused on the road nor distracted
  3. prolific

    Illegal Rave???

    i was told it was legal
  4. imagine there being a world war, nuclear attack, or massive natural disaster in the uk. would the north or south fair better or worse?
  5. does Sheffield have a problem or a proactive approach, too welcoming people from other countries into the city.
  6. judging by the recent crimes in and around Sheffield, seemly the criminals have the upper hand. i just wonder what the reason is, no fear or prison or no fear of being caught(due to lack of coppers) mmmmmmmmmm?
  7. with crimes such as involving mopeds, shop raids, ram raids, midday robberies?
  8. prolific

    Has Hendersons Relish changed?

    show my age i never knew i did it had a tang to it,
  9. prolific

    Has Hendersons Relish changed?

    with the weather getting worse, its stew and dumpling times, but i have found "Sheffield greatest sauce" to be watery and lack the kick it once had? my taste buds or something else
  10. prolific

    Noisy student neighbours

    you will have no luck with the council they are jokes when it comes to noise, they do nothing for years. i would find out who lives in the house and send round a few friends for a quiet word. also the music has to be of a certain volume, and they will ask you to keep a dairy for ages. failing that painting there window black
  11. i always think these post are people without a leg to stand on and or just chancing their luck. just get on with the cliam
  12. over recent years we have seen the rise of the so-called "far right" and "far left" in Sheffield and the surrounding area, shouting mainly across the road from each other and never really getting to the bottom of anything. when and where will common sense prevail?
  13. do you believe Sheffield has a problem with racism? i mean you see a lot of comments on the "Sheffield star online" with brisk hints of racial overtones often hidden behind fake profiles. also why do people seek to hide their views from friends, relatives or work colleagues
  14. prolific

    Xmas market big wheel

    3 times round and a forced picture in end, no thanks
  15. prolific

    The price of a pint?

    anyone else know where they cheaps and the most expensive pint is in sheffield

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