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  1. its just seems so normal, that was the thing. people where unfazed by it
  2. having been to A&E over the weekend some of the stuff i saw was shocking, a National embarrassment. from junkies slummed over chairs. people openly drinking in and out of A&E the smoking of weed outside the main entrance. people being loud and tapping money,cigs, of other patients. the place was full of drunk or drug user "victims" of the vice. the NHS should have a ward for them, i felt for the older people who must have felt vulnerable. as i did due to a injury to my low body. it really was like a scene of Jeremy Kyle. anyone else seen this? i was seen in 6 and 1/2 hours both nurse and doctor was nice and caring i may add
  3. was a bloke known as Elvis question or thought to have committed the crime ,hear that years ago
  4. still they make 40 quid taking you to court, seeing 100'a of people a day
  5. how what that ever work ! dogs are nothing like wild animals read into them
  6. they are new age hippies, my friend used to go there. turned out he was a loon
  7. how can you get free treatment for animals with no address and proof of benefits? agree on people living there dogs for 8 to 12 hours a day.
  8. anyone notice the rise(on social media)of cctv footage. people pickpocketing in and around town?
  9. i know no one should be out on the street, some people clearly can't cope with life and end up on the street. People treat pets like family, would you see your dog on the street? is it ethical for people to have dogs while homeless?
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