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  1. over priced stuff made in china with a uk "hand made" label. nowt but tack
  2. listen i have no problem with people in need, my dislike is the people out for to abuse peoples kindness and the poor
  3. i think people on the program on tv, just like people wishing to use food banks and soup kitchens(on a regular basis) should show some the true incoming and outgoings. also please don't tell me you can only use a soup kitchen three times. they float the rules every day to make up numbers
  4. think there should be earlier in morning and more vetting in to people and the money they get. not just people rolling out of pub or people passing with no shame. i have no problem with people or families who have fallen on a hard time. just the scum who wish to take the bread from their mouths!
  5. itv extrapolating overweight children, yep got about 2 minutes in before i turned it of
  6. anyone know if Meadowhall has any flood defenses, put in from last time it was flooded? As looking online the oasis is soon to be just that!
  7. do you not think people do that to gain food,money? it would be harder to hand over money to a homeless person dressed better than yourself. food banks are often full of junkies and people from Europe
  8. please note the CA,doctor, or many other agency can refer you. also people go more than 3 times, the rules are broken most of the time due food banks looking to boost figures. a friend of mine went plenty of times, used to bring back stuff he disliked then offer it me. i said you should not accept it in first place
  9. As we all know there are a few soup kitchen round town. One i follow on facebook i recently saw the "local drug dealer" also a friend of a friend there(who is on a reasonable amount of money) how do you stop the abuse or the need over greed attitude towards this?
  10. my nans has 100's of flying winged beetles around her house. has anyone experienced the same this year? their super small but load of them
  11. he was selling filthy meat and then abused customers on Facebook. keeping meat in sunshine all day
  12. can you not just read the books and then take the test on your sen? i did it some years back it was pretty much common sense
  13. open window with light on, its like something biblical
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