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  1. Yes, the barbers,had to sit on a plank across the arms of the chair to get me high enough when I was young. The Co-op was brilliant,they used to have something called Divi or Dividend? where you collected stamps or something like that and then got money knocked off the bill when you,d collected enough points,next door I think was Co-op butchers,then Cobblers shop,dress shop run by school friends Mum,Beestons newsagents and fancy goods.Right down at the bottom of Oakbrook there was another sweet shop where I remember getting the first sweets off ration after the war. What with Davy,s grocers on Hangingwater Road, and the Little hardware shop at the bottom of Armthorpe Road the area was pretty well blessed with various shops. Remember when it had snowed we used to sledge down Armthorpe Road,in the days when few people had cars.
  2. Anyone remember the shops on Oakbrook Road and Hangingwater Road in the 1950s.I lived opposite the Post Office then so remember that well,on the same side of the road ,next one up was a barbers shop then I think a butchers,two or more shops then a sweet shop,the sweet shop owner had a slight speech defect causing him to talk very quietly,we nicknamed him Whisperin Arry,cruel little beggars,no wonder he wouldnt sell us five Park Drive when we were 14. Remember the chippie on Hangingwater as well funny how lots of the shop owners were called Arry...we used to call him greasy Arry,nice chips though and not at all greasy.
  3. Birley Street 1940 before the Shefield blitz
  4. And then the first day out of bed,learning how to use crutches and worrying about refracturing,the Physios were brilliant though. Ihad what was called a dropped foot,was told it would never recover but after being discharged for about a month ,one morning I saw my toe move and then over the next few months the trapped nerve grew back and was able to remove the caliper...big relief.
  5. I worked there on Saturdays while still at school and then for about a year after leaving school in 1959,met my first proper girlfriend there,Elaine Wilson. I worked in mens dept. and guess I was a pain in the neck to older staff, still ashamed of some of the tricks I did.
  6. When I was in theRoyal,Arthur Jackson ward 1971 with a broken Femur,Sister Whitheads domain,there was a young student Nurse called Sonia who was wonderful,always meant to keep in touch after being discharged but events took over and never did. Remember with being on traction the weights kept dragging me down the bed and she used to haul me back up again.
  7. Anyone remember Stewart & Stewart on Pinstone Street?
  8. Thank you so much,all the information you have given fits perfectly with the information that I have regarding names and addresses.I am so grateful,many thanks again. It is such a small world,I walk Whitely woods regularly and pass within 100yds of Frickley rd. Thank you,I am quite overwhelmed by all the help from all.
  9. Were the Black Jacks from the sweet shop across the road on Fulwood road or the little sweet shop on Nethergreen rd,can remember calling in that one on way home from school for all sorts of delights
  10. I guess she would be 75 now same age as me ,she lived then in Crosspool ,sheffield . We had Iknow uncles and aunts in common,one uncle had a grocers shop in crookes ,his name was Jim Speight,his wife was called Edna.Another uncle who emigrated to Canada around about 1920 afterserving in France 14/18. Iknow our mothers maiden names were Speight ,and we lived on Oakbrook road. Also the name Tingle is connected.
  11. Yes,remember all those teachers,the infant teachers I recall, Mrs. Baker was my first teacher when I was five in 1949,in later life her son became a good friend and was my best man at my wedding. School dinners were down the road,missed them thankfully as I lived close by. Still remember the names of all the teachers,some good,some not so.The best I found,was Mr.Wood in the last year 1959. I started 1949 maybe knew them as senior to me maybe knew them as senior to me I started 1949
  12. Would like to contact my cousin with a view to finding family history,the family was broken up when we were both about eight or nine,the last time I saw her was in Whitely woods when our mothers fell out.
  13. Anyone go to Nethergreen school1949/59
  14. I was in the Royal hospital,Arthur Jackson ward in1971 with a broken Femur...three months on traction,over Christmas and received the best nursing care from the absolute superstars on that ward. As I recall the ward was run by sister Whitehead in the most impeccable manner...very strict but also very fair,no TV allowed on the ward,but she let us smoke,and we even got to pass the whiskey bottle round at christmas(of course not when she was on duty) It was a men only ward and orthopaedic and we must have tried the patience of the nursing staff sorely.
  15. Yes,I think it closed down around 1967/68,I know at least three of the people from there moved to Meadow optical then. Sme names I remember from Sheaf optical ...Alan Thornton,John Hobson,Mick Fay, Jimmy Kindred. I worked there 1961/65 and have many good memories of the people there. As I recall there were nine ladies who worked there...four office staff,three edgers,one lady downstairs in lenses,one dear old tea lady/cleaner,but cant remember the surnames,only first names.
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