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  1. Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know so what should I do if I want to find her because I really want to find her if I can
  2. Hi I was just wondering if anyone could find my great auntie Louie Elaine Furber and she died in 2006 I don’t know what date or month thanks Luke
  3. Hi I was just wondering if anyone could find out where my great granddad is buried his name is Ernest Houlder and he died 29 November 1971 thanks luke
  4. It’s now the Greentop Community Circus but I can’t find the map plan
  5. Hi i was just wounding if anyone found a picture of the grave plans because am trying to find some family members who are buried there thanks Luke
  6. Well the things I have heard from my family that he couldn’t talk or move but if they is a picture of him will it be in the archives
  7. Hi I was just wondering if anyone remember Madge coleshill and harry coleshill at the shop was called Cosy Wear thanks Luke
  8. Will they be a picture of him because I always thought they always take pictures of they patience’s
  9. Does it say everything else because thing I have Heard from my family that he died from falling off a chair
  10. hi i was just wounding if anyone can find any records of my great uncle Eric Houlder he died in the hospital in 1941 he was only 17 years old so if you would be so kind and try and find anything about him i would be so grateful thanks Luke
  11. hi did flo hidwood every go in that pub and can you tell me what she looked like thanks luke
  12. Mr Harry coleshill and mrs madge coleshill had a baby wear shop on craven road I think it is 105 or 109 it was a big shop at the corner I think it’s 60-70 if you remember it please message me and if you have a picture it would be fantastic thanks Luke
  13. Hi am noreens grandson and I would like to know more information about flo and Ernest if you have a picture of them that would be fantastic thanks Luke
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