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  1. Kong toys are great! I honestly don't have any complaints. I bought the classic kong for my pup and he chews hours on end for years and its still intact. He loves it! It was one of my best dog toy purchases, along with the kong flyer. Maybe your dog has a strong bite and destroys it more quickly. My cousin's pit on the other hand destoyed a kong in two hours! The rubber is strong but it isn't indestrucible. Just find another chew toy strong enough for agressive chewers. I found a good listing here: https://dogtoysadvisor.com/best-dog-chew-toys/. I recommend nylon toys because they're tough, durable and, altough it isn't suposed to, the dog can eat the small pieces that come off as he chews, unlike the kong. Some balls are also a good alternative, like the Chuckit ball. The point is: there are so many good options if you dislike the Kong brand.
  2. Ginger kittens are the cutest... My mom has two and they're adorable!
  3. That sounds very cool. How do I apply?
  4. Don't they make special dog collars that prevent that?
  5. I only give my pups organic whole foods with fresh ingredients. I usualy buy Acana Pacifica Taste of the Wild and Orijent are also good.
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