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  1. hi may not be the same. LOCKWOOD ?.. THOMAS LOCKWOOD DIED 29 NOVEMBER 1954 AGED 61 regards joan Joan Baldwin joan_baldwin@aol.com.au
  2. thks. will try. all the cameras are working ok. The small black square on cam 1 and cam 4 is something to do with the movement alarm. trying to work out how to cancel them out.
  3. Our cctv crashed recently. We have set up again, but some minor problems. Can anyone advise? It is recording okay but we have two black squares on two of the displays and we also have a playback problem (minor). The original installer is now unavailable!
  4. Eastwood and partners 01142554554 EXCELLENT ask for Mr P RICHARSON ---------- Post added 16-10-2013 at 17:30 ---------- Eastwood and partners 01142554554 excellent ask for MR P RICHARDSON
  5. very good lunches every day. cheaper in the week
  6. What about rin tin tin.. It would be easy to call when in the park
  7. we drive a lot faster on the cross need better roads
  8. hi vickyleigh dont realy know ivys family went to school with her she would be 68 now i saw her a few times after that in the magnet nice to make contact jack
  9. yes thats me must have been about 9 or10 lived adlington went to southey green pop kay .boris any body remmember Ivy o brien. joe hobson .alan scott .alan bolsover.peter green.the one i would really like to find david pool.
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