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  1. That wasn't the case at all and you know it, it is being made out as something completely different. The loan was indeed taken on and to be paid by future revenue into the club, but a loan of 80m again this years projected revenues is nothing. You have to factor in this seasons unnatural circumstances and a whole range of factors. All in all, we still have a projected net revenue of 94m, despite the losses. The Chairman has openly reaffirmed his desire to keep the club sustainable and that is what he is doing. If he chooses to pay off a percentage and then defer a percentage against parachute payments over three years, then it is his choice. The money is guarantee revenue into the club and will cover it regardless. We have to remain competitive, whilst paying keen attention towards sustainability and balancing the books. If this is the business model that he wants to use, then it is entirely his choice. There is no indication what so ever of otherwise. This when both manager and owners have expressed a desire to keep the squad together next season.....?? I'm not being funny, but there isn't a cat in hells chance that with so many games to go....that the retained list and the potential movers and shakers have been decided. It is inevitable that some players will leave the club should we be relegated, but what a load of rubbish. My aunties, cousins, son said that Wednesday would beat Rotherham tonight....how did that work out?
  2. Which backs up what I stated above. You state that we have taken out a 'huge loan with no firm evidence of the amount? The net revenue for this season alone is circa £94m and the loan is offset against money coming into the club. You really need to stop with the fictional posts, they lack any sort of evidence or proof and are merely designed in hope of causing unrest.
  3. How do we work this out again? The loan is covered in full by the guaranteed £94m annual revenue this year, regardless of survival status. The loan is based on and repaid by capitol....which means okay, relegation would lead to a loss of future top flight revenue, however bills including the loan will be repaid and we won't find ourselves in any sort of financial predicament as a result. Please feel free to provide evidence of said loan agreement being formally changed? If anything it is fine business sense and a sustainable solution. Granted, in an ideal world we needed signings in January and a serious question has to be asked about 'desires and 'ambition to stay in this league. It seems that we simply put down our weapons in that respect and that isn't good enough. But business sense, not questionable in the slightest....in fact quite the polar opposite. We are staying within our boundaries, we are thinking about balancing books (sadly) post relegation. Unlike 15 years or so ago, we are looking to stop knock on effects, long term effects and significant rot. The accounts, loans, statements of intent all back this up. So yeah, I would be interested I'm a source as to what leads you to believe otherwise....
  4. There we go again, same old united! We find ourselves out wide in the final third and we concentrate on trying to play in that area. We get ourselves very congested and we look to play in the flank area of the pitch, looking for overlaps etc. We find ourselves almost grouped and drag the west hame players into that small area with us! No outlet, no looking to play it inside, no looking to vary things. What happens? We then find ourselves closed down and playing negatively backwards. But once again NORWOOD! On of the most terrible, hurried, thoughtless cross field passes that you will see. Opposition half of the pitch or not, it was a terrible pass! It gave away possession and with most of our players in attacking positions, we instantly find ourselves under the cosh. West ham break quickly and lingaard goes through. Basham being basham, tried his hardest to get back...but he clumbersomely wipes the player out and gives away a penalty. It's nothing new! Same mistakes popping up all too frequently. Norwood off!! You know what bring young Frankley Maguire on, I have more faith in the academy lad than Norwood at the minute. Such a terrible, Almost I experienced pass from Norwood. He knew it straight away, head in hands! He knew that he had messed up again!!
  5. Good old BT Sports, a feature in the build up to kick off, being the good old Tevez saga of almost 15 years ago 😂😂 Anyhow with all of the fixtures going in our relegation rivals favour this weekend, it is ever more important to pick something up in this. We need to win way more than we lose if we are to stand any chance of scraping our way out of this mess, but with the others increasing the task, it's now a must for us. Starting XI Ramsdale Basham Egan Ampadu Stevens Bogle Osborne Norwood Lundstram Sharp Mcgoldrick Positive start is a must, we can't sit back and absorb! We need to go at the and we need to be positive, get players / numbers in the box....and we slam that ball into it. Come on united! Play with pride please...
  6. Games at an elite level, should not be getting called off for a frozen pitch! It makes no sense at all....they have all of the equipment required, in order to ensure that the pitch is defrosted and they had ample time in which to do it! Why does this ring 'tactical' postponement?
  7. The worse part about it as the Bristol gaffer said, if the game was over at Ashton Gate...it wouldn't have been a penalty. Championship clubs don't have VAR, only top flight clubs...sooo I guess to an extent its an unfair advantage. The penalty was justice enough I guess, I also felt for the lad when he was shown the red.
  8. Why hit the high gears when you don't need to? Sometimes you can beat the opposition by simply out thinking them? We've another huge game coming up in just days. We have little in the locker in terms of rotation, we are very much threadbare. Sooo, I've no issue with them not particularly breaking their backs, if they don't have to do so. One point I agree with above is that we need to keep as many players fit as possible, this means avoiding injuries. In the hat without hitting a high tempo. Saved plenty in reserve and in turn aiding the recovery process, with a big game knocking on the door in just days.
  9. Professional performance without hitting the higher gears, all in all a very comfortable night. Tired them out and dictated the way that the game was going to be played. Was only ever going to be one winer..... In the hat for the last 8, that's what we expected and that's what we got. Another 200k in the coffers and a net value in excess of half a million this far. Sadly though, this barely touches the surface in terms of lost gate receipts again this year!
  10. Tomorrow night, live and free of charge on the BBC Red button. A nice distraction from the league position and a very achievable chance of a Quarter Final spot. This tournament is still the best cup on the face of the earth for me, I love what it is all about. There's no such thing as a gimme in the tournament, therefore I expect wilder to field a strong squad and go for it. Possible starting XI Ramsdale Bash Jagielka Ampadu Lowe Bogle Lundstram Norwood Fleck McGoldrick Sharp I would love to see the young lad Ndiaye back on the bench as well. It's important to give the young lads a taste of a big fixture and there is nothing finer than in the cup. He has been a stand out in the youth set up and warrants a reward for this!
  11. We have made 4 changes from the last game, a couple of which were forced and the other were tactical / rotation. Baldock is injured, so he has been replaced by Max Lowe. He has shown glimpses of ability, soooo fingers crossed he can get up the wing and get the ball in the box. The terms of Ampadu's loan deal, stated that he wasn't able to play against his parent club tonight. He has been replaced by Kean Bryan, who to be fair has impressed during his last couple of stints. Up top, the blades have switched things up and have gone for legs. Billy and McGoldrick hit the bench and the two Oli's feature up top. Starting XI Pointless me repeating myself again...Chelsea are a class team and seem rejuvenated under a new gaffer. We need to be on our game! Discplined, confident minded and we need points from games. Big ask, but we've beaten this lot before! Come on united!
  12. We've got Fulham, wolves, Brighton, Newcastle and Burnley all the play. The last two of those just as it happens are our last two games of the season, which is a little bit more worrying. It spells for a bit of a dogfight and rings bells of the Warnock era. But it is all very much to play for at the minute. A couple more wins in the bag and points picked up against the pack...we are right back in the mix. It isn't going to be easy, but the attitude and determination shown over the last few games would put us in great stead. I have every confidence that we have the fight, grit and determination....we just need to ensure that we have the same confidence and quality that saw us come back and dispose of west brom.
  13. How long did Sharp spend in the box tonight? Route one football in the Premier League doesn't work! The best defenders in the world, mop it up and serve it back at you in 4-5 passes. This isn't the championship or league one! Momentum and more importantly confidence are the key. We have more than enough stubbornness and we are regimented, we put the ball around well enough. But when we get into the final third of the pitch, suddenly we find ourselves in negative scenarios. We have strikers 40 yards away from goal, linking up with midfield players in order to keep possession. We switch it out wide and play these little triangles of football....but then the problem being, when we put the ball in the box....we have one player in there, against 2-3 defenders. That second half today, we built attacking momentum. We had mcgoldrick, billy, bash and bogle, frequently in the box. We had central midfielders pushing to the edge of the 18 yard box. We had numbers.....that is the key, congest a box with numbers and knock downs will present opportunities. Both of our goals came from this sort of scenario tonight. The equaliser, I think we had 5 or 6 players inside the opposition 18 yard box! That has been unheard of all season! McBurnie, Bogle, Sharp, Mcgoldrick, Bash minimum.....we had lundstram and fleck poised on the edge of the box. That is the key!! Attacking pressure!! Contesting the opposition box and putting the ball into the danger area. The knock downs will be put away! The second goal, again what....4 players in the 18 yard box was it. The unorthodox presence of a centre back offering physicality and confusing things. If you don't have players in the box, it is pointless putting the ball into the box. If you have one player in the box, you might as well pass the ball to the opposition. Tonights attacking performance in the second half, was driven by fight and frustration. Truth of the matter being that it replicated some of our finer form from last season, we are more than capable of it. We aren't stacked full of world beaters, we don't have the types of player who can single handedly pick up the ball and score a worldy....that isn't what this team are about. We are grafters! Discipline will always be key for us, do the defensive things right and stop the enslaught. Again....this is what we were all about last season, we had to ride the storm for a period before taking the bull by the horns so to speak. We then have to gradually build the confidence and momentum, to push up the pitch in numbers. To commit players into the final third of the pitch, not just strikers, but midfielders, wide men and that unorthodox wildcard of a defender. It works for us, we haven't been sussed.....we've been negative minded and haven't committed as much as we used to. The fight has always been there, the confidence has been lacking. But when they sit down and analyse that performance. It is as clear as day what we did right! All of the above is physically testing and the 3 games a week situation is going to knacker players out. The rotation at the top of the pitch is going to be key! McGoldrick, McBurnie, Sharp, Brewster and Burke are going to have to be utilised in sensible rotation. Billy is a poacher, but I would fancy the majority of our strikers to put away knock downs like Billy's tonight....if we create plenty of them. In summary.....Billy is an asset, granted. However positivity and confidence are key. If you stick plenty of players into a box, it pings around....knock downs present and opportunities arise! That is the real lesson learnt tonight. We did everything we have done all season, however the reason we've pick up all 3 points is the above. Billy is huge for us and will play his role, but he can't play 90 minutes week in, week out. If you want to attempt route one football, then you might as well prepare for Barnsley Next season now.
  14. It's all about how much is left in him though Box, that's the problem. He's 35 and we are playing week and weekend religiously, it's hard graft and rotation is the only way to plough through it. Billy will always do what Billy does best, but the time we get to use him on the pitch for will lessen. The longer he spends on the pitch, the greater the period of recovery required. I love what Billy is all about, he loves this team equally as much as I do and he will fight with everything that he has...you can't ask for anything more than that. But we also have to be realistic and look at his fitness, age, capabilities and the overall requirements. This is the toughest league in the world, top class teams, top class players....and top class benches. We can't carry tired legs! He conditions himself really, really well. He's got a hell of a lot to offer us.
  15. For a team that apparently 'lacks fighting according to some, that wasn't half bad was it? I'm absolutely elated by the manner in which the lads reacted, having gone behind against the run of play. 3 games on the trot now in which we have done nothing but fight and show pride. Nobody expected the Man United showing, all deserved on Merit....we pushed City quite well at the weekend and barring a poor goal to give away, we contained them very well and dug deep to keep them at bay.....tonight, absolute fight, determination and a fantastic result in a bottom of the league dog fight. Absolutely elated!! I think the commentators spoke with accuracy in that first hour of the game. In the first half, we bossed possession, but we didn't really bother West brom despite this fact. We put that ball around really well, but when we find ourselves in the final third of the pitch, the end result isn't there. The first 45 minutes being a prime example of how our forwards find themselves dragged into deeper positions, which leaves nobody up to for the balls going into the box. West brom go and score a scrappy one, totally against the run of play. Deflating and annoying, but the way in which the lads responded was absolutely fantastic (but I expect no less). Heads didn't drop, negativity didn't set in.... the lads went in at half time, regrouped, came out and they went for it. Nothing But FIGHT, nothing but DETERMINATION, nothing but pride. I've said it time and time again, we aren't bless with a mega millions squad...but we have grafters, they aren't work shy and they dig deep. They are willing to fight against odds in order to try and retain Pre.ier League status....they've left it late and who knows our fate, but they will do everything within their power to stay up. Billy.... You will never get anything different from him. He grafts hard, he works hard, he battles for everything and he sticks himself on the end of everything that he can. Another typical Billy goal, he's a poacher, it's what he does best. Mr Sheffield United himself, he will do everything within his powers to keep us in this league.....top class. Bogle....Bit of a gem this lad! Since joining us, he has shown glimpses of a proper player. He doesn't appear overwhelmed by the step up, he's very attacking minded and he has the confidence to play I'm the top flight. He does what we want him to do, he gets forward and tries to get himself into the box. More of a natural winger than a Full back, he has a genuine desire to get forward and score goals. Another fantastic display! Bash.....MOTM... Always a steady Eddie, never lacks effort or determination. He gives every last bit, every single game. He is another Mr Sheffield United.....he loves the gaffer, he loves the club. Nothing other than completely honest in everything that he does. We found ourselves behind, so he ups his game. He bursts forward and he throws himself into the attacking mix, with his driving runs into the box and his sheer determination to get himself up the pitch. Absolute class performance, 100% motm. That last 90 minutes, we threw numbers into the final third of the pitch...and we picked up what we deserved. No heads dropped and we learnt! We learnt that despite controlling the game, we weren't opposing ourselves as we should. We pushed on, we threw midfielders and defenders into that final third and it paid off. Nothing less than what we deserved. No fight...pfft! I've said it a dozen times, this team have fight in abundance. Not saying they will stay up, what I am saying is that they surrender. They will push it to the max! Final note....Callum Robinson. The manner in which you celebrated the goal, I am over the moon. I couldn't help but think of you as both of ours went in. Loyalty doesn't existed in this day and age, I know that. But I am elated! To wipe the smile off your face. Brilliant! Loved it! Keep it going joined! Newcastle and Burnley could well be dragged into this scrap. Keep up the good work and keep digging deep!
  16. How do you work this theory out? There are 17 games to go! It's hardly the final countdown is it? Brighton have got Spurs and Liverpool over the next few days, two games in which I expect them to get nothing what so ever. If we beat West Brom on Tuesday night, suddenly the gap is only 7 points with 48 points to play for......I don't see how you can possibly come to this conclusion with so many points to play for. Especially when in all fairness, we are looking the best we have looked at season at the minute as well. If we keep picking up points and closing that gap on Brighton, there are a few more teams at present who could quite easily find themselves dragged into the mix as well. The gap is currently within distance, with plenty of points up for grabs!
  17. The fight hasn't been completely devoid and I will continue to defend the boys against anyone who says otherwise. We've had a couple of below par performances, but I stand by what I have said all season...the games have been lost by a single goal, a fine margin. We've had a fair share of possession but we've lacked the courage in the final third and we've made mistakes in areas that top flight teams punish you. The chances to goals conversion has been inadequate , that has been our pain fault. Goals gain points, even singular points against the best players in the world. The mentions for tonight's effort..... Ramsdale!!.....After all the stick he has had, some warranted, some not. He commanded his box fantastically tonight and appeared to grow in confidence. Whether it be the experienced, calming influenced of jags in front of him who knows. He wasn't overly challenged granted, but when called upon he was more than adequate....one thing that I did notice was a massive boost in confidence when coming out to claim catches. Good performance. Jagielka....absolute class performance, with very little wrong. He has literally won everything in the air, he has been alert and switched on. The tried his best to pick up Maguire for the equaliser, he did slip him, but he desperately tried to get to him . I've had worries about jags age vs ability, but I apologise profusely...he was great tonight all round. Fleck and Lumstram.....legs, legs and legs some more. Man marking key players out of the game! There is nothing more I love to see than these so called big boys waving their hands around in desperacy! The midfielders worked so hard to nul optimism and stop creativity!... game plan came together, work rate impeccable. Norwood...DESERVEDLY on the wrong end of some criticism for a recent performance, but looked very much invigorated tonight. Whether it was the pull of a fixture against his former employers, or the shame of what he will know was a very below performance, who knows?....but tonight, well on form. Tracked back, got stuck in and won challenges. Going forwards, his through ball passes were top notch. Literally what we know Norwood to do at his best....he needs to continue to produce it!! Billy and dave....early doors they worked away, whilst unspectacular. We need goals but we also need work rate and effort. They put themselves about and led from the front, cracking performance from an experienced pair. Oli Burke.......A cameo that warrants much more. He runs himself all over the shop, his pace catches out the so called best defenders in the world. He's come on tonight and he's run, forwards, backwards, left and right. He's hassled and he's put in the leg work.....you could argue the perfect sub at the perfect time. He doesn't get the goal, it's not his.....but you can't detract from his performance in the slightest. Short but effective. Wilder......some would see if as a risk late on, to bring on two strikers and stretch the game, when most would be looking to tighten up at the back and cling on for life. But no, we don't play like that! Attack is the best form of defence! We bring on pace and attacking legs, we look to play our football in the opposition box. As opposed to us gaining any sort of positive feedback, all we will hear is how poor man United were. I refuse to let this be the talking point! It was a very well executed game plan and very well drilled individual performances. When truth be said, they desperately slammed 60m of signings on tocthe pitch and they achieved nothing! Well done united!.....10 point gap, massive ask! But confidence, work rate and determination. We just plod on and hope for the best! Said it all season, write us off at your peril....we work hard! We lack the quality of the rest, but they couldn't buy the togetherness and effort that we have.
  18. I think a game such of this, isn't a fair or true opportunity to assess match fitness. Ancellotti has his side well drilled and he likes them to play a very high tempo game of football. It was always going to be a difficult task, but as said above and I agree...I think in the earlier stages of the game, you lot managed to deal with everything that was thrown at you. Everton upped the tempo and in the end I think it was more a case of being simple overwhelmed by a decent football team. There is no shame in it whatsoever, we are after all talking about an 'x' amount of millions gulf in class. I maintain what I said about Bannan however, Ian i do get why a player of his experience would be in the line up against Everton. But when you have Harris in particular and the likes of Patterson and reach, trying to be attacking and positive. You then had Bannan taking the sting out of your own play going forwards. I think that the blooding in of the youth is a representation of where the club is at right now. I think you guys know yourself, there are contractual issues with certain players who won't be featuring because of fees, bonuses and clauses. Mr Chansiri is fielding a cheaper team in my own opinion, but....you appear to be finding some gems to invest in.
  19. My opinion from that.... 3-0 to a more clinical, very talented, Premier League team. But listen Wednesday gave a decent enough account of themselves. What do I think about Wednesday? What stood out?...for me, bannan has to go if you want to transition. He's slow, he's negative, he's taking the spark out of the team. He slows down the tempo in an otherwise pacey, attacking minded team. Ahh well...
  20. He needs to play a greater role in the league definitely, but to be involved every game is a huge ask. He's well conditioned, but he's also 35 and up against the best defenders in the world. He will always give 110%, but he's no spring chicken. Definitely should be playing a role though.
  21. Good luck to the blue and white half of the City today. It's been a rough time to support them and I think you all deserve something to cheer about. Who knows, dispose of that lot tonight and you could bag yourself a mother great tie. It's a big ask to see off two PL big boys, but this is what the FA Cup is all about! David v Goliath stuff! If you get past those, you deserve a Steel City Derby in the last 8, even in the last 4.
  22. First and foremost, for those who forgot...the blades are free to watch on the BBC Red button service, or iPlayer for the smart TV / online. First half was easy enough for us really, all in all it was quite a dominant performance as you would expect. So far we have bossed possession, have had the majority of play, have created ample chances and Plymouth haven't really done much outside their own half of the pitch. Brewster looks lively, but could really do with hitting the back of the net! He needs some form and confidence to take back into the league. Sharp is just Sharp, a handful, experienced, causing problems. Should be 3-0 at half time to be fair. Missed a couple of clear cut chances and had what in my opinion was a stone wall penalty ruled out by VAR.. Bashams goal was a good cross and a decent header. Expect a couple more goals please blades...we are bossing things and need that clinical edge!
  23. Very, very sad indeed...no age at all. I remember the mixed emotion when he signed for us. In one hand you had this Jamaican lad who was paying his trade in Sweden, he had just won the league or Cup whichever it was and had banged in some goals in the process. But at the same time, rumours flashed around about his injuries and whether he would be on the treatment table, more than the pitch. He didn't really get that much of a sniff for us really, only played a handful of games. But his most famous goal weirdly, will be the infamous balloon goal against city. I will post a link to this below. Not the best copy of the goal to be fair, but never the less a memory. R.I.P Luton.
  24. I would love to bring that lad over from Belgium personally? Coulibaly? We bought him and apparently he's a quality player, even the Milan duo are sniffing around him. 20 years old, 6ft tall, 14 appearances, 5 goals and a handful of assists for Beerschot! Why is he still there in our current state?
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