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  1. All kit prices are a rip off mate. How can average Joe, working class fella, be expected to kit his family and kits out at those prices? It's ridiculous!
  2. Just reading the comments in light of Wednesday's kit release for next season and can't help but notice some very dissatisfied punters. I can see where they are coming from to an extent, especially in relation to the pricing for a sub-standard / non household brand. I think a massive part of the football kit thing is about the manufacturer, you pay for the manufacturers name and custom design and templates. Manufacturing your own kit does bring creative freedom, however it should also bring the opportunity for competitive pricing as well. Fans don't seem overly chuffed on a new design that they are calling such terms as "vile, disgusting, cheap and tacky". Many are already stating that they won't be paying what they consider extortionate prices, for what they say will be a sub standard, tasteless product. Interesting read.
  3. Bring on that point deduction EFL!! Cheats shouldn't prosper!!....how can team who create fake companies as sponsors, plead to be innocent? Make an example of them and deter others.
  4. Or they could look at this as a decent confidence booster going into the play-offs.....With the likes of Onomah, Arter and Mitrovic scoring goals recently, this game offers the opportunity to bang in a couple more and give them a bit of confidence going into them. Update....and the gaffer obviously sees it this way. Fulham's starting XI is very strong..... Rodak Hector Le marchand Ream Christie Onomah Kebano Johansen Arter Knockaert Mitrovic I smell goalllssssss 🙈🙈
  5. Bit of a weird one that though wasn't it padders? The penalty and sending off changed the game. Prior to that Lesicester were in front and looked like potentially seeing it out, despite Bournemouths theeat... It was actually 4-1....the other three coming after going down to 10 men. Can't really take anything from that result. It was gifted....
  6. With Wolves drawing this evening, suddenly this game becomes a massive opportunity for us....albeit a mammoth task! A win tomorrow would see us leapfrog Spurs and Wolves into 6th spot, which would be no finer reward after our heroics against both of them recently. Europe is a big ask, but we've shown recently that we are willing to go toe to toe with them all. Should we silence that lad Vardy (who loves playing us) and should we grab 3 points, then it is well and truly open....despite a tough run in. Last 2 fixtures (6 pt shoot-out, post LCFC) Blades - Everton (H) Southampton (A) Tottenham - Leicester (H) Palace (A) Leicester - Spurs (A) Man Utd (H) Massive, massive ask.....but in usual twist to premier league football, there's a couple of 6 pointers in there! But.....we have to beat Leicester first.
  7. All in all, it was a good game. Very end to end and open, with chances for both teams. The passing play is getting back to the superb standards of before the break, with patient build up play from the back, neat triangles of play and spreading of the ball left and right. The confidence is coming back and it is reflective in the football that we play. With once more, CB's joining in on the attacking play. Chances came for both teams and neither managed to capitalise, but just as it looked like a point at home......up pops Egan with a quality header, to take all three points. I'm ecstatic, another reward for continued effort. We go and go until the final whistle, with the constant belief that we can win a game of football. We aren't world beaters, we are however a team of players who believe in themselves. They work so hard for one and other, the discipline and work rate is phenomenal. Well done united.
  8. Wednesday are very much jekyll and Hyde... that's the problem. I had pretty much written them off as bottom half battlers, until I watched the game against Bristol. A game in which to be fair, I thought they looked an almost transformed team. Very composed in possession, very attacking minded and by far the better team. I suppose it depends who turns up against Swansea...
  9. I haven't seen anything saying otherwise mate, which is still concerning to me. The only way to counter this is for the club to object to any outline plans and stuff I would imagine. I suppose it all depends what the club have in mind development wise, however that land in my opinion is massively important in any potential Kop development.
  10. Nothing complimentary to say about the impressive much more.clinic Sheffield United side? Or is it simply that Spurs were poor 🤣🤣
  11. Fantastic footballing display and the best team wins on the day! VAR decision is a sham it has to be said and I feel for spurs all things said and done, but when so many go against us....it's swings and roundabouts. But a typical blades performance tonight back in swing...a performance on par with those that have launched us into the top half of the PL!. You can not take a thing away from that. All of the goals were clinical, cutting passes and fantastic game play all round! No route one in sight! Footballing lesson giving to the so called special one and his overpaid, underachievers! Very happy with that!...is it too late to build momentum and launch an attack for European football!
  12. Have to agree with Brooker on one thing, whilst West Brom have been in poor form...they are after all West Brom. They have one of the best squads in the league on paper and they will be in the top flight next season. Take it as a footballing lesson and a benchmark as to where you guys are at. You will be in that league next season, to follow West Brom and to get out of there, that's where you need to be next season. (Well, that's if there's no points deduction involved).
  13. All done, dusted and signed over as of today the 1st July 2020. Prince Abdullah now owns Bramall Lane, Shirecliffe, Crookes, the hotel and the enterprise centre. I will be very interested to see now how Prince Abdullah steps forward with his urgent plans to improve the kop. He initially earmarked this summer as the first phase, in which he planned to remove to supporting pillows which have restricted views for years. Obviously we also have outline planning permission to increase the capacity of the stand as well, however I am unsure whether they have secured the land behind the stand back from McCabe. This would be somewhat of a stabling block as he has outline planning permission for student flats? But if we stick to the original kop plans, the surely all will be well. I don't see any mention of arrangements going forwards for the Olympic legacy park. This is obviously the home of our ladies set ups.... do we need a new home for them? Or are they staying? With Copthorne being served noticed on the hotel, will they now move back in? Will HRH find other suitors...... Either way, a massive step in the right direction. With planning permission secured and Prince Abdullah whole heartedly commiting our future to our historic stadium, we know have the complete freedom to build and improve.
  14. Blades just did score 😂😂 deep corner, nodded back across goal and lundstram nodded it in. Only problem being, he was offside! We've started well though. Asking plenty of questions, just need to be wary of that very pacey counter attack.
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