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  1. Leading Goalscorer - Lys Mousset This one really infuriates me. I'm not fickle in the slightest and will put my hand up and admit that I was more than read to offload him in the summer. His off the pitch antics really boiled my blood last year! He might have been cleared of more severe charges, but these players are contracted with a hefty sum to go with it..they are supposed to be role models and he let himself, the clubs and the fans down. Now I'm majorly confused because he has returned back after the break, looking conditioned andthe fittest he has been in his time at the club. Jokanovic public stated the other day the past is the past, the player gets a clean slate and that his professionalism, effort and conduct since the gaffers arrival has been exemplary. He's impressed pre season..... he looks Foster, quicker, sharper and more determined to impress and force force shirt. The gaffers tactics seem to play right into his strengths and he will score goals in our new formation / mindset. Could massively backfire, but for me.....a fit and focused Lys Mousset bags easy double figures in this system. He gets a few months to prove himself. If he continues the way he is and if he keeps himself out of the news for the wrong reasons, then he stays. Stand out player of the season - Sander Berge (I'd he stays) Genuinely don't know what is going to happen....a massive part of me still thinks that he will probably leave the club, whilst the same time I really don't want him to. Injury to Berge was a major turning point for us last year, as with JOC..... The lad is head and shoulders above this league and could easily walk out in a Premier league shirt and be a key player. Box to box, to glides past players with ease. He wins challenges, he puts the ball around magnificently and his direct attacking runs scare defenders senseless. If he stays, he will rip this league to pieces. He won be a massive player for us and massive boost to our promotion chances. Emerging talent - Ben Osborne Perhaps more hidden gem / surprise package than emerging talent, but I've select him because he is about to come into his own. He is so underrated and for me he was one of the few positives of last year. He is an unsung hero, a raw talent, a class act......he runs his socks off and leaves everything out on the pitch. His determination to succeed and win games is unbelievable. He hounds and hassles, wins the ball, plays with a positive, attacking mindset... Won become a favourite for everyone else, as he is for me this season I'm sure. Mr Reliable - John Egan. Could easily hand this to Basham or McGoldrick to be fair. Both of who are warriors who give absolutely everything week in, week out and are role models withing the squad. But Egan is a rock and wasn't out of place in the top flight. He handled the world's finest talent very well and he will be one of the first names on the team sheet his year. Rarely let's the team down and wears the badge with pride. Absolute flop - Rhian Brewster. A really simple and obvious choice after last year and I desperately hope I'm wrong. If he can't succeed under this manager, then he is isn't going to succeed at the club. Style of play no massively plays into his strengths and opportunities should arise. A big investment was made and absolutely nothing has been repaid to date. He lacks confidence and finesse, he appeared out of his depth last year. Let's hope he can find his own in this league, with a little less pressure on his head maybe. I really want to be wrong and desperately want him to score goals.
  2. Open to both teams this one.... I'm interested on thoughts as to who the fans feel will be the following during the 21-22 season. Let's see how we fair come may and whether we are on the mark or row Z. Leading goalscorer - Stand out player of the season - Emerging talent - Mr Reliable - Absolute flop - If you fancy giving your thought, then please do..
  3. Polar opposite! Straight in there with a convincing home win for me. We perhaps could have done with the cancelled friendlies perhaps, but the lads are buying into the gaffers attacking minded style of play. Brum seem to have got in there and have brought faces in during the break, but we have a solid core of experience players who are gelled and to be honest probably embarrassed and eager to write wrongs. Bring it on!
  4. United are currently in talks with a couple of teams in order to find a replacement opponent. Burnley have found themselves in the same boat for Saturday, therefore we have approached them I believe.
  5. A few points.... Berge.... Echo what is said above, immense tonight. Will we keep him? I still think it is highly unlikely....but showing what he is all about tonight. Box to box, slick in control and running past players with ease. He would be head and shoulders the best player in the championship. Moussett.....frustratingly he has found a spark again. It really annoys me to be honest because I have really grown to dislike him based on his off field antics. He looks the fittest in a long while and has a bit between his teeth.....he's looking like the lad with a point to prove again. If anyone is going to get the best out of moussett's attributes, it's an attacking minded manager like Slav. Can we invest confidence in a player who let's himself down away from the pitch??.... Ben Osborne.... As always, plays his part without any real stand out praise. This lad is going to be an important player for us next season! He is like a hound! Chases everything down and leaves everything on the pitch. He is attacking minded and wants to get forward and get the ball in the box. Luke Freeman......A bit of flash and a bit of flair! Massive underrated. Showed what he's all about in his cameo....he's attacking minded, great first touch, twists and turns.....potential hand full for any defender....
  6. I loved the intensity that has been injected into the team. Don't get me wrong, Wilder had the team playing some decent football.....but the tempo and style that we played tonight, is probably what we needed to give ourselves a fighting chance of staying up. Doncaster rovers aren't Championship quality and to be honest it was a very comfortable run out. It was what you would come to expect from the future in terms of ease of result. But what I am taking from this newly shaped United side, is Slav's trademark "attack is the best form in defence" philosophy. He likes to play attacking football!! He encourages players up the pitch!! He wants players in the box!!...what is not to like about that?? He likes to play with pace, he likes to play with an upbeat tempo, he likes players to be expressive and direct.....he expects to see midfielders in the box when attacking!! I still feel we are a few players away from a solid promotion chasing team, but we are definitely looking improved.
  7. I work for the ambulance service and I have come into contact with hundreds of extremely poorly, critical and literally dying patients who tested positive for covid.....I stringently followed guidelines and I wore a mask at all times! To date (touch wood) I have remained completely Covid free...... It's not rocket science..... I put it as simple as this, if you don't vaccinate and you don't take precaution... don't be surprised or contradictory when you catch it. The consequences aren't merely a runny nose, this virus is non-discriminatory in terms of age, sex and overall health....It kills! You could catch it, be non-symptomatic and then go and visit elder, vulnerable relatives....Pass it on and kill them. Live with that one on your shoulders. If you don't want to follow guidance and take precaution, that's your choice. But whilst cases are dropping, deaths in the non-vaccinated are increasing. That is the risk that you are taking. In the meantime.....we will simply continue to console loved ones, whilst we carry people away to hospital in knowledge that they will be lucky to return home.
  8. I would say that after recent comments from a Wednesday poster on here regarding our pink kit and the suitability....this is perfect karma to be fair 😂😂😂😂 This has made my day!
  9. Just wondered how opinions sit with all of this at the minute? Apparently football stadiums will be packed to the rafters again next season, which is a matter of weeks away. Covid cases are shooting up now, with in excess of 35k new cases per day.....along with this, covid related deaths are now starting to pick up once more..... with 50 over the last 24 hours, a rate that we haven't seen for a few months or so. Scarily some of those are double vaccinated individuals.... If projections are correct, we can expect 60k plus cases per day by the point that a ball is kicked. This with a predicted 100-200 deaths per day as well. It is at the end of the day, an absolute gamble...nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps it is a last gasp attempt at achieving some sort of herd immunity. But....never the less, upon passing the turnstiles you are very much at risk. Maybe the clubs need to issue a disclaimer, so that fans understand this risk. You will after all be entering a packed stadium and percentages show that people will be present who are probably covid positive, many of whom without symptoms. You may pick it up and with no restrictions, you may take it home to those vulnerable around you. Is the confidence still there?
  10. You more pick and mix mate? With liquorice allsorts? 😂😂
  11. Got to say....it's a corker in my opinion, they only problem being that not doubt the inflated price will be as well. As far as design goes, it's up there with the best in recent years. Stock template as expected, but yeah....decent.
  12. As historical books tend to go....this could be one of those that is spoken of in Sheffield folklore. 2021....The year of dual relegation, but England finally shed the jynx and won a major trophy. It's not all doom and gloom for us guys and girls? For we usually stand opposite eachother.....but weirdly Sunday night, for that rare occasion.....we stand side by side. Fickle sport is football hey? Sheffield together......for the bigger cause! For we all wear 3 lions on our chest! Not quite so, but likened to the Christmas truce of 1914. Down those guns and actually get along.....albeit for a short period of time...in which we share common ground, we share common interest and we share common passion.... Monday morning all is resumed, but for now....
  13. The fact remains true.... If Mr Chansiri was in fact the messiah that you make him out to be, then... 1. You would already be promoted 2. You wouldn't be in the financial situation that you are. 3. You wouldn't be enemy number one with the EFL. 4. You wouldn't be in league one. I've lost count of how many times you have said "if he was allowed to spend his money".....but as I keep pointing out, rules are rules! And if we didn't have wage caps, then other clubs would also have freedom of purse string wouldn't they? Then it wouldn't be quite the walk in the park that you make it out to be. Many club have shown now, what can be achieved without wholesale spend in that League. All you need is a good manager and common sense spending He tried to be clever, to tried to steal the advantage and he tried to cheat the system. As a result, you were punished by the EFL and then have gone massively backwards. Your hero isn't quite the hero what so ever.
  14. After the year I have at at work, ordinarily I would say that anyone would be foolish not to wear a mask The vaccination is doing it's job now to a large extent, but at the same time it isnt complete immunity. The only thing changing my stance on the whole thing at present is the current government stance, not that I completely agree with it. I order to completely focus on herd immunity, we would have to follow out European counterparts in vaccinating children. But as it stands....is there much point to wearing a mask in the ground? I'm not really sure. And this is solely based on the current demographics of transmission. Away from football, families will live under the same roof as their children...and likewise will have visits from grandchildren. Within four walls ultimate exposure........the virus will continue transmission in those demographics until such a time that vaccination in paediatrics is approved. Therefore is it worth wearing a mask in a stadium any more, when everyday life will see nothing but exposure?....kind of flaws it all really. My greatest fears are a new variant. Mutation is very much a possibility and one that we all have to be wary of, should this thing change readily and rapidly (which it is more than capable of)....then we are back at the start again with a vaccine resistant variant. This would be hell! Mortality would go through the roof again! Just be careful and look after yourselves I say.....red and white, blue and white. All colours are irrelevant, health is everything.
  15. The big boys come along and poach all of our top young talent, in order to meet the home grown quota rules. Therefore I think we are right to give a bit back. If Arsenal want Ramsdale, then they need to cough up a premium for him, it is as simple as that. I think they all just hope that we will roll over and part with all of the higher end acquisitions instantly to balance the books. But.......we don't need to!
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