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  1. Man City have apparently been handed a ban from all UEFA competitions for the next two years...... How is this relevant to this particular section I hear you say??..... Quite simple, the blades currently sit in 5th and are just 2 points off Chelski in 4th......But now 5th place may be good enough for Champions League football next year!! Can they hold it down? 😳 Once again I reiterate!....No matter who you think you are, Cheats do not prosper!! Break the rules and rightly find yourselves punished!! Well done UEFA!!....Rules are brought into place, in hope of slowing down the financial ruin of the sport! If the top teams don't like it, they should naff off to some stupid Elite league and league the rest of us to it!..... Shock, shock, horror!!!
  2. It would be a blow to everybody associated with Sheffield Wednesday, who weren't involved in any of the antics........ Break rules, cheat the system.....get caught.....MAN UP and accept the punishment! Simple!
  3. The videos surfacing online this morning, show some very, very unhappy Owls fans last night!....and well they have every single right to be at the minute, as the club is in a right old mess isnt it?? Years of mismanagement and flaunting the rules, finally catching up on the club and they are now paying the price. But can you blame Monk for the current form? There has to be a great deal more going on behind the scenes...surely? Team selections are somewhat confusing and I don't know, the club just does'nt send out messages of complete harmony. Monk came into the club with a mammoth task on his hands! It seems that he is the go to guys, when things are going well and you need a yes man.....the sort of manager who will accept that he won't get transfer budgets and will just try his hardest, until til a time that the club has stability again. Interestingly the fans appeared to direct frustrations towards the pitch, rather than the dugout....with a largely audible chant of "you're not fit to wear the shirt"......again perhaps the right direction to point fingers?... Once the XI put on the shirt, it is down to them to do the business! What is the answer at Hillsborough? Do you give them manager the boot and entask somebody new? They will just have the same upward battle surely?? Or do you wait while the summer before addressing it all?......do you then carry put wholesale clearances and try and build a proper team? Because clearly, the squad is carrying plenty of dead wood!! Whichever decision you take, it has to be weighed up correctly! With punishments on the horizon and potential sanctions, it has to be right...
  4. Palace, now Bournemouth!....we are finally seeing the ugly side of the Premier League! The former I kind of expect under Hodgeson, but bournemouth surprised me.....I always credited them as a good, hard working, footballing team. Early doors they were just this! They came out of the blocks that bit quicker!....rare for us really, because whilst first halves tend to be tentative usually, this one was all about defending the blistering pace of Bournemouth. With Fraser linking up with the strikers and having a real pop at us.....so it wasn't really a surprise to go behind. But we are where we are through playing the way that we did after that first half hour!.....and in usually United style, we gradually upped the tempo, bossed possession and began to cause Bournemouth problems!....at 0-1 down, I never felt uncomfortable and knew that we would get back into it. But this unsporting, dirty, cheating side of the game needs to stop! The whole VAR system is flawed anyway, but if they are serious about how viable it is!.....then bournemouth players should have walked today for simulation!....so blatant and frustrating!....They couldn't handle us or deal with the pressure, so they hit the deck and any given opportunity!......it was just embarrassing to watch! Another huge three points!!....I'm not having all this European place hype!......all we need to do now is polish off those final survival points, before kicking on and just seeing what final total we can get on the board!....
  5. Try telling that to all the Bournemouth fans who have braved the weather and travelled up, it's a long way to go for a postponed game. Apparently the club are confident enough by the conditions in and around the ground.
  6. Sooo we have the opportunity to win and bounce straight back into 5th place in the league?....oh go on then, if you insist! Bramall Lane, 2pm, be there or be square! I wonder what his starting XI will be? Apparently Berge and Richairo have both been a class act in training this week. With this in mind, you would expect to perhaps see the same midfield as last week.....But up top? With Oli and Moose both going for it at the minute, but not hitting the net?....Do we drop one of those? Keep the wind at bay and hopefully it will be a cracking game! We should be aiming for another 3 points! There is no such thing as a gimme, so we are going to have to work hard for it. And surprise surprise.......that humpty Lawro, is tipping us to lose....again haha
  7. I was shocked to see that some fans saw this fixture as somewhat of a formality. They might be struggling in the league Barnsley, but they are very Jekyll and hyde....and are more than capable of getting something from the game. You only have to look at the results against QPR and West Brom to see this....... It's a tricky little south yorkshire derby game....and if Wednesday go back ahead and win, then they deserve merit because it isn't a straight forward fixture.
  8. Reading it is then.....bring it on! Two games away from Wembley!
  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Forgot you happened to be Wilder's PA and one of his closest associates! How dare I doubt your highly accurate information 👍 I just love how you lot can't speculate over other premier league clubs any more, because we are holding our own....and no domestic switch would be other any real benefit to the European place chasing Wilder..... So what so we do? We aim higher....the only scaremongering rumour left for you being the national job! 😂😂
  10. Again just your opinion on what you feel Wilder should do. At 52 years old, he could crack on at United for at least another 5-10 years and still be considered for the national team job. There is no rush what so ever to quit his current dream role and go anywhere else. To be honest, I am glad that you admire our manager, to the extent that you long for him to lead our nation to glory. It just shows how good a manager he is right now doesn't it...... He's more than happy in his current project for now.
  11. A manager will only be on the radar if he wants to be on the radar, at the minute Chris Wilder is at the pinnacle of his managing career. He's getting everything that he wants from the role! He's driving the team he loves to the dizzy heights that it is, heights that it hasn't seen for a very long time!!....He actually has a solid working relationship with HRH, which is being backed up by sensible transfer budgets and early contracts. Back your hearsay up with a bit of fact? Rather than scaremongering! I know it hurts quite a bit that we are literally worlds apart as clubs, but you're just going to have to learn to deal with it.
  12. So, this evening we sit on a staggering 36 points already! Many said that we would receive a hammering every week and many of the so called pundits had us down as instant relegation fodder! So it is both refreshing and ironic that with 13 games left to play, we sit in 5th position in the Premier League, having not really taken a hammering off anyone! We've played everyone and nobody has outclassed us plural, if anything we've lost games solely on the opponents attacking quality. Soooo......Back to that historic benchmark! If the history of the Premier League is anything to go by, then a win at Bournemouth should be enough to secure another season in this division. I mean personally I wouldn't want to tempt fate and stick with that target, I preferably would like at least another 12-15 points before even thinking about safety. We need to quickly knock together them final points, then we can kick on and see just where we can finish in this league! Absolutely fantastic Sheffield United! Bloody love you this team!!
  13. This result being why you will still be playing Championship football next year.
  14. His 15 goals in his last 25 games, tells us that he holds the end product! Many of which utilising the blistering pace that I speak of!
  15. Blades Team: Henderson Baldock Stevens O'Connell Basham Egan Norwood BERGE Fleck McBurnie Sharp A few talking points in the line up then.....With Sander BERGE instantly being thrown into the starting XI. I've no problem with this what some ever, he's a quality player and that is what he has been brought in to do! If the gaffer thinks he is intelligent enough to jump straight in, the I am 100% behind this decision and I am really excited. BESIC however, drops out of the squad completely? I'm not sure why, but can only assume that there is a good enough reason? He stood out against Millwall and has put in a shift of late, really cementing his place in the team. For that reason I would have really liked to have seen him on the bench. Ben Osborne and Luke Freeman played well in the cup and make the bench, so I can only assume that Besic has taken a knock maybe? Billy SHARP has put the work in of late when called upon. He could have hit the back of the net a couple of times and probably should have in the Millwall game at least, He's starting to look like a poacher once more and Wilder is investing in him at the minute, the at the expense of Lys Mousset. The MOOSE is a first team favourite of mine and for me has to be starting games again! He is pacey and tricky and has what it takes to unlock teams! Again I wonder if it is fitness after the knocks? Either way, I would like to see him come on as sub and really force himself back into the reckoning! ZIRKOVIC and RETSOS can't feature in this one, as they weren't registered in time. That said I wouldn't have wanted too many wholesale changes, that would have been silly. Remove Billy from the starting XI and throw in the Moose...and for me you have our best starting XI (factoring out the Berge inclusion). The keeper and solid back three are the backbone of everything that we are achieving!....Norwood and Fleck are stand outs and McBurnie is turning a corner on the pitch and coming of age. I do wonder whether in time, we will see Mousset and Zirkovic up top, with the rotation if that being McBurnie and Didsy, depending on the game. Zirkovic will find it easier to win an opportunity than RETSOS will. The back three pick themselves and are i'd imagine, some of the first names on the teamsheet every week. We have the second best defensive record in the league and it's going to take one hell of a performance to shift them! It wouldn't surprise me if the greek lad has to wait until the next round of the cup, in order to win a shirt for the first time.
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