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  1. cmonkes


    Swansea did a job on us, but I don't believe they are all that in the slightest. They have a few individual players who are capable of turning up and hurting you if you give them too much respect, however as a team they are remotely average as the league suggests. The manner in which we lost to them was frustrating really because they simply stifled us out of the game by preventing us from playing. I truthfully believe that this game COULD potentially go either way. I think it has the potential to become a little congested in the middle of the park and I think whichever team breaks out of that will be the one who knicks it. I don't expect a prolific performance from either side based on previous performances. Swansea did a decent job on Reading away (1-4) and held Brum to a draw at home (3-3) but I don't expect them to bang in this many against Wednesday if they stay disciplined at the back. If they back off however, it could flaw all of the above and Wednesday may well lose handsomely.
  2. cmonkes

    WBA v Blades

    Quite exciting really! As I said earlier, the biggest attacking threat in this league as far as I am concerned. Norwich score goals but they don't have the same cutting ability to turn defending into an attacking, before hitting the back of the net in half a dozen passes. Gayle is back as well as he is a poacher and a half. But I still don't fear them IF we are on form. One thing is certain, Wilder doesn't go anywhere to defend and play for a draw. It is going to be very end to end at times. We need to make any possession that we get pay! Baldock, Bash and O'Connell are all back into the mix which is great because it means Enda can push on again and whip some balls into the box. Be interesting to see which two he goes for up top, a massive part of me tells me it will be Sharp and either Madine or McGoldrick. Although Madine bagged a couple last week, Wilder goes for common sense over sentiment and it doesn't automatically guarantee Madine a starting place. Whoever it is though out of the two, I expect a decent work rate from either so win/win. One way or the other! No draw on the cards here I don't think. If we play to the best of our ability the we are more than capable of turning West Brom over on their own patch. If we give the obvious threats even the slightest room to hurt us, then they will. Come on United!!
  3. cmonkes

    WBA v Blades

    Oh yeah.....That none relevant game from 16 years ago, involving 11 completely different players and a completely different management team πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Might as well talk about that time when the Owls fans were that upset about getting beat, that they ran on the pitch and started to attack Crystal Palace players.....πŸ™„ Yeah aexactly, holds about as much relevance.
  4. cmonkes

    Unqualified tv pundits

    You can't knock her footballing calibre really, she has more experience than a lot of these new pundits. Smith was a cracking player for the England women's national team and has been a huge part of the women's game as a whole. Missing Sharp out of the equation does bewilder me though, crackers really.
  5. cmonkes

    WBA v Blades

    West Brom as far as I am concerned, play some of the best attacking football in this league. They have the assets to burst from one side of the pitch to the other in several passes and hit the onion bag. Do I fear them though? No way! IF we play as well as we know we can, we can quite easily go to their place and take three points from them.
  6. cmonkes

    Owls v Blades U23's.

    Who are you even trying to kid? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That ridiculous a comment that nobody will even bite!
  7. cmonkes

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    I don't even get how he looks at Wednesday as a Cup Final? I mean they are no real scalp this season are they! I would be embarrassed if Wilder said something like that, it is the sort of comment that used to get my back up with Warnock.
  8. cmonkes

    Blades v Reading

    All moronic idiots regardless of whether they are off or on the field. The only difference being that hundreds or thousands of kids weren't out in the nightclubs watching their hero throwing punches around. Like I said see what happens on the 28th March, but if Forestieri is found to have done anything racially motivated, then I hope the club throw the book at him. No room for racism in the sport and if it was a United player, i'd expect the same harsh punishment!
  9. cmonkes

    Blades v Reading

    Which ironically is what you are having a pop at Madine for. Regardless of whether on or off the pitch, they have been found guilty of the same thing. And again we will wait until the 28th March won't we.
  10. cmonkes

    Blades v Reading

    I guess we will have to wait until his trial on the 28th March, however the F.A certainly discovered enough evidence to sanction him as guilty with a ban.
  11. cmonkes

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    Is this guy really that bad then? I mean he does look a bit of a liability however that Speedy chap on here was saying that he would rather have him at Hillsborough than our very reliable Jack O'Connell.
  12. cmonkes

    Blades v Reading

    And Forestieri was recently charged with racially related behaviour, didn't stop you lot cheering for him yesterday when he scored did it? He was a hero when he went to high five the fan who had invaded the pitch?
  13. cmonkes

    22:1 - Local bias vs National reason.

    Or I could have just followed a link posted on a popular Sheffield United forum πŸ˜†
  14. cmonkes

    22:1 - Local bias vs National reason.

    I haven't been on Owlstalk persé though have I? I merely visited a link that has been posted and banded around the Sheffield United discussion boards and social media. I haven't taken it upon myself to go and read a Sheffield Wednesday discussion board, I would have to be extremely bored to go and do that to be fair. The only thing I am obsessed with is Sheffield United Football Club and the fantastic season we are having. Another win yesterday by the margin of a "sneaky goal" or 4 🀣. But part of me is glad that I did visit the link because truth be said, it has broadened my horizons as to how biased, irrational and even deluded some people can actually be. If you lot were riding high in the league and playing good football, I would probably be on the side of those who are a bit more long in the tooth in all fairness. Whilst naturally i'm not overly fond of the neighbours, I would be happy to compliment good football.
  15. Last night, a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of what can only be described as a rather delusional discussion about ourselves. The thread itself was on a very popular Sheffield Wednesday discussion board and was based around the progression that we have made over the last few years. Now don't get me wrong, hidden amongst countless insults and sheer nescience we're some pretty decent comments, from who I can only imagine are time served Sheffield Football fans. But some of the comments have left me bewildered to say the least. From this discussion and a few other discussions and comments made by our neighbours, I have picked up on us being described as the following. - over physical - talentless - one dimensional - lucky - route one Even in a recent post on this board it was suggested that we are perhaps where we are through the odd "sneaky goal", despite winning a large percentage of our games this season quite comfortably. It genuinely astonishes me how bias some of the opinions actually are. I am a regular reader of a blades based blog (the link of which I will place at the bottom for those interested). In this blog, a blades fan goes to the effort week in / week out to gather both pre and post match opinions of the weeks particular opposition. It has to be said that this season in particular, the comments of rival fans have been a breath of fresh air to read. A good few fans of opposing Championship teams have been lauding us for the way that we play football, our style of play and the way we go about business, many of which may I add have been highly complimentary in calling us the best team that they have played in the league this season. A good few suggesting that their own club should use us as a model of how to play football in this league. Should you read some of the views of other fans in the blog below, you will see such comments as. - Play some of the best football i've seen this season. - At times they were simply unplayable. - A quality team who play quality football. - Literally ran rings around our midfield . - Automatic promotion contenders. - Couldn't get them out of our half. - Relentless. It just goes to show really how views differ between fans. Passion, hatred and bias are no doubt a major factor behind some of the bewildering comments made by our neighbours, whilst fans of other clubs are able to compliment us and envy what we are doing and achieving at the minute. All of the OPTA stats back up the opinion of many of our league rivals - From possession, to pass completion, to shots on target.

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