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  1. McBurnie's work rate was top notch. I think it sums up what he has recently said to welsh media, in the respect that he is now expected to do a great deal more than sit in the box as a number 9. But this approach once again has proven to be costly, as despite all of the work in the final third of the pitch, we lacked the out and out finisher / fox in the box. Both McBurnie and Mcgoldrick worked their socks off, chasing the ball down and harrassing defenders. But when they do so, they end up at acute angles to goal or outside of the box if that makes sense? They find themselves doing the job that you would want them to do when defending a 1-0 lead (late on). It's counter productive and we don't have the numbers in the box. Mcburnie today did break that mould a little bit and he did manage to shrug off the CB's, although the Fulham defenders marking was highly questionable. But his overall style of play has changed and he's not as clinical as we would like at the minute. He knows where the back of the net is, he is a proven goalscorer...but the style of play isn't suiting (in my opinion). I don't blame Wilder person, I think we have to look at it as a period of adjustment and hope that he is able to develop his overall gameplay. Brewster however will hopefully be the contrast that we need to play off players like McGoldrick and McBurnie. We do however, have to allow the player do what he does best. Of course we want him harrassing defenders and chasing back as an when required, but we also need him to be the poacher that he is proven to be. Once again it has nearly coast us!.... We can't afford to create so much and waste so much. Because time after time, it is biting us on the backside. Cheers Padders and I agree with your comments in full.
  2. What do we take out of that?.... Loads of positive, but a fair share of frustrating areas of improvement! Let me get the obvious out of the first and foremost. The penalty in which we rescued a point, for me we should consider ourselves extremely lucky. For me it is soft, I have to be honest in what I saw. Two players with a leg up and stretched, Robinson makes contact with the ball before Mitrovic and we are gifted a soft penalty. Without VAR it would never have been given in a million years.. .but this system has had us a few times already, so I will take it in compensation. It's time to be critical....... As we grew into that first half, we absolutely dominated the game. Once again we had signs of that confident, overwhelming, attacking minded outfit that caused many a team, many a problem last year. But once again we failed to produce the goods in the final third of the pitch!!.... McBurnie, we have to be critical of you today, despite the work rate. You are a striker all things said and done and you have been given several opportunities on a plate today! You have to be doing better with those! At least one of those should have been in the back of the net. The system as a whole... .it works very, very well. But what grates on me more than anything, we get the ball into the right areas and we simply don't take advantage of them. The front pairing of McBurnie and McGoldrick work so hard in respect of holding the ball up, movement off the ball and tracking back. It is so difficult to be over critical of them.....but they are too similar for me! Two strikers holding the ball up? It brings players into the game from midfield, but we need that poacher. We need that out and out fox in the box!!....You only have to look at how we changed the dimension and caused problems when Brewster and Billy came on. We need two contrasting strikers! Work rate alone doesn't win games! Secondly......diving in! Why? We know how pacey these modern day pitches are, yet to still choose to commit ourselves into desperate challenges! Stay on your feet! We are up against pacey, skillful, counter attacking teams and they will punish us if we don't hold discipline. This is something that seems to have come with the mild rock of confidence! If we commit, then we need to make sure that we win that ball!.....too many times today! We lunged in half hearted or desperately, only for players to skip through and past us. All in all?.....A fair result, regardless of the fortune. We did enough to win the game, but equally Fulham will feel that they have done enough to warrant a point minimum. It's funny isn't it......once again our two key players and men of the match are Ramsdale and Berge, with Norwood up there as well. The former two being singled out by a Billy know nowt on here a short while ago.
  3. So frustratingly annoying! First 5 mins, Fulham tried to command play with a high tempo, pass and move game. From the 10th minute onwards, we have pretty much dominated everything with our brand of football. Norwood and Berge have been fantastic...an early injury to Lowe meant that Robinson has had to come into the back three and Enda back in his normal position, but again the two full backs have been fantastic. We are putting ball after ball into the box! I've genuinely lost count of how many chances we have created so far! It is so frustrating!! McBurnie could have had a first half hat trick with what he's squandered. Get Brewster onto the pitch whilst we are playing with such confidence and high tempo! He has the opportunity to put a few away here, we are ripping fulhams back four a new one. Sander and Norwood are scaring them senseless.
  4. We have played some solid football in spells, but we really need to kick start our season and get some points on that board, before the pressure mounts. Three changes from the Arsenal game, all of which do make a large degree of sense. JOC is injured and we obviously didn't bring a central defender in, therefore Enda drops into the left hand side of the back three. As long as he remains disciplined at the back, he understands the system and he has more than enough about him to push forward in the marauding CB role, as JOC did. This means that Lowe comes in as LWB, after his performance in the cup showing bags of ability and I am excited to see him make his debut. He loves to beat a man, hit the by-line and get a ball into the box, just what we need. Ben Osborne hasn't given a bad account of himself in all fairness, in fact he has done quite well in spells. But, we miss the clever distribution and composure of Oli Norwood in the middle. Hopefully, this will give Berge a bit more flexibility and freedom in his game. We really need Lundstram or Berge attacking the box, linking up and making attacking numbers. The big decision is up top.......Wilder has resisted the temptation to throw brewster in from the start. Instead, Oli McBurnie compliments Dave McGokdrick in front of goal, replacing Burke. You can't really knock Oli Burke's work rate, he's put his all in, however looks a little bit out of sorts at the minute...must be the recent illness. Brewster is on the bench though and he is primed to be unleashed at some point in the game. In all fairness, I think this is quite a positive, attacking minded line up. I can't wait to see a Brewster cameo and I'm chuffed to see Norwood back. Come on you red and white wizards!
  5. Negative nige is back with his tinted specs on. Last week he says that Ramsdale and Berge are pants, yet the pundits had them down as stand out players at the weekend...as both played really, really well. Do you put as much energy into your own team as you do in following United?
  6. For me, we have lacked a player of brewsters style and mould for a while and he is the missing piece of the attacking jigsaw. He is in the mould of a Billy Sharp styled poacher, but with the added height and pace. He gets himself in the box and he peels off central defenders to put it away. The amount of balls that we have put in the box in the first few games, shows that we have lacked an out and out number 9.... this is what Brewster is. We have players who work hard and who will work fantastically alongside him. In fact I feel that a proper number 9 will bring out the better qualities of some of our other strikers. For example....Oli McBurnie, he wins the knock downs and needs a pacey player alongside him.....Burke, he could play up top with him maybe, but he could also drop in behind a front two, or even push out wider.....this signing brings so much flexibility.
  7. Its not the £20m price tag that annoyed me, but more the movement of the goalposts in order to drive up a bidding war. I have no doubts what so ever that this lad is a player and a half.
  8. This lad WILL score goals, plenty of them. Such a natural goalscorer, so confident and raw. There's is a reason why 12 clubs have enquired about him.
  9. Currently in Sheffield undertaking a medical, with the deal to be announced any time today. He is set to join the lads on the midday coach to Arsenal, after pen is put to paper on a £23.5m deal, with an initial down payment of £18m. I've been mentally all over the show with this deal, if anything majorly perplexed by the terms that Liverpool have insisted in. However, it now seems that we could well be in a win / win situation in some regards. Sooo, if Rhian comes and sets the world on fire....Liverpool have the option to buy him back for £40m plus. Okay, we lose the striker...but then effective we have just had a free of charge loan player for a season, plus mega profit to go buy a replacement.....All in all, sensible business I guess. Anyway, the lad is a poacher and knows where the back of the net is. Very highly rated and both Swansea and Liverpool speak out about just how nice a guy he is and how good he is to have around the camp. Welcome Rhian! Gooooooo on lad!!
  10. Apparently we enquired about Pukki and he is happy to stay at Norwich for the time being, or at least until the next window so that he can see what position the club are in. The player loves the club and has loyalty that you don't generally see these days, fair play to him.
  11. How many games are there in a season again?. All assumptions....
  12. We are hunting them strikers down mate, they will come. We are playing well, just need the finesse.
  13. Really negative attitude that Padders and not quite as you said thus yet. We have grown into the game and we look well, you can't take anything away from the saves that have been made. That said I think I would have liked anyone but Lundstram on the end of that ball at the minute. We've nullified Leeds so far and whilst I expect a second wave from them after the break, all in all I think it has been a great game of football. I want to see more of Burke in the box and on the end of the flicks. At the moment, he is one of the players driving forwards and creating things. But we don't have finishers in the box. Makes me wonder if we should get McBurnie's legs on for McGoldrick, or even sharp. We need a striker in and around that 6 yard box to capitalise on the good play. All in all, a positive half of football. Hope we can build on it.
  14. Taking a £25m chance on a player? With Liverpool calling all the shots. They have moved the goalposts too many times! Very clever tactics from a club who can afford to play games. They have stalled and tried to open a bidding war, initially valuing the player at £15m, then £20m and now £25m with more suitors rumoured. They then want to call the shots with the players continued future, with buy back clauses and sell on clauses. The player has suddenly gone from a good young player / goal scoring prospect, albeit at Championship level. To a player who's price is probably now over inflated, with reduced value going forwards. Liverpool have the power to come back in and even take him back on reduced terms. They know full well what they are doing. I would happily take Brewster on the right terms, but I agree with Wilder and the boards stance if they aren't playing ball.
  15. You would hope that we can bang one in against a team that is without a clean sheet and has conceded 7 goals, in their first 2 games. I hope that this game brings a bit of a buzz with it and free flowing, end to end, attacking football. I don't want a bore, low score draw. I hope for our awakening and for teams to look at us both as a genuine threat.
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