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  1. Terrible or what? I cant see the bowling being much better Dobby to be fair.
  2. 3 player interviews and 3 very similar stories.... Hecky wants us to play higher up the pitch and with way more intensity. It's evident and obvious to see.... less going backward, more numbers going forwards = instant results. Players getting managers sacked....or a manager getting himself sacked? Great thay you know we have played today and know the result though hey....😂😂
  3. Came out well second half, with more of than attacking mind and momentum of the first. Once more, a fantastic through ball puts sharp through and he is clipped by the Cardiff lad. He's the last man, whether he got ball who knows, but he definitely had a bit of Sharp and to me it looks a foul. To be honest, any challenge from behind like that is risky and you have to get it right or you walk. From then we build momentum and we play some good, precise, attacking football. We have put the ball around fantastically well and we have created ample chances..... Could have perhaps should have been more than three. On clear cut chances alone we could have doubled that. Sharp, MGW and Didsy have all been a handful, with Gibbs-White again putting in a MOTM performance. Cardiff have lots of fight and lots of spirit and with this they pulled one back. They will win more than they lose with spirited performances like that, so a in all its a fantastic 3 points. A huge mentality switch for the Blades though. They are very positive minded, they seem to only have one aim and that is three points. The lads seem to be enjoying it again, are working well for eachother and bouncing off one and other. Like I said, give it a month and you will see statistically how much better we are than under Slav. Hecky's already achieved something that Slav didn't during his managerial spell...... 2 consecutive wins. Next up QPR and another fantastic opportunity to pick up three points. A Monday night game at home.....so far, so good! 3 wins, massively reduced gap to the play-offs and the ball very much back in our court!
  4. Well, how we come of the pitch with 'nil'is beyond me. We've had a handful of clear cut chances and a combination of not so clinical finishing, along with dogged defending a decent goalkeeping has somehow denied us. Billy had the best chances... he had a free header 6 yards out, completely unchallenged and he headed it straight at the keeper. His reaction was that he thought himself to be offside, but come on Bill...play to the whistle. Second one of mention, Billy goes through one on one...granted the keeper comes out and makes himself big and get his angles right, but Billy would usually tuck them away for fun. Likewise McGoldrick went through one on one and fluffed his lines.... Hourihane, Bogle and MGW all also had clear cut chances. Cardiff has a 10 minute spell in the half where they looked very decent and they scored during it. The defending should have been better maybe, but it was a cheeky flick through and a composed control and finish. It came in a spell where Cardiff could have had another, so they were more than value for the goal. Towards half time .....We've upped the momentum again and we are creating chances, we just need to come out in the same mindset second half and put one away. Much better attacking football.
  5. As for the football. Its going to be an interesting game isn't it? Cardiff have a bit of fight about them at the minute under Morison and they have pulled off some decent scalps of late, after a terrible start to the season. I expect us to play on the front foot again and overwhelm them on their own patch. They won't be a walk over, but we should hopefully have too much for them. A bogey team for United.... but one we should overcome today. (Away win).
  6. How is it discrimination? I don't really get this at all. You have to right to make an informed choice about the vaccination, that is entirely upto you. Your body, your choice on management, prevention and treatment. You have sound capacity and nobody can for the decision on you.....It seems you opt again vaccination and that is your choice. However football clubs have rights and responsibilities also. The covid vaccination has been statistically proven to reduce likelihood of transmission....and in those contracting the virus, it is proven to aid the bodies immune response in fighting the virus, thus reducing chances of long term effects and / or mortality. In football stadia, you have no choice as to who sits besides / around you. Why should we pay money to sit besides an unvaccinated individual, who is now scientifically and statistically proven to pose an increased health risk to us?... We have rights as well. We have the right to expect football clubs to do everything within their power to protect us and prevent potential harm. You have complete human rights towards what you do with your own body, I respect that. However things such as football and entertainment events, are a PRIVILEGE, not in any way, shape or form a basic right in life. Those that own the football club and stadia are the ones who hold the right to refuse entry, they are the ones with rights and responsibilities towards anyone entering their premise.
  7. Another three points for hecky's blades! Said it before and I say it again....Slav is no loss to our club. A month from now, you will see statistically how Slav underachieved. Front foot, go at em and pick up the points.
  8. Ditto.... no tongue in cheek from me! Don't live by the rules, stay away from the football..... simple.
  9. As with every other club, from elite to Sunday league.....you have numpties who either a) Use football as an opportunity to go out and be a tool.... or b) Get way too emotionally wrapped up in it all and let their emotions get the better of them. I don't see why the rest of the Wednesday fan base would have to justify the stupid actions of others. As said above, my views remain the same whether Wednesday, United or anyone for that matter. Arrest them, ban them, do what it required..... innocents, families and like don't deserve to be caught up around it.
  10. That first half already goes a long way towards exposing our failings in the first half of the season under slav. I've had this argument over the last few days and I had it in the pub before the game. Separate the bizarre Umbrella system of 'United World' and the strange boardroom goings on, away from everything that is happening on the pitch at the club. Whether people like to hear it or no, Slav inherited a squad that is more than capable of being competitive within the top 6 in this league. The majority of the league won love to take a good few of out players for their own squads. The decision to sack Slav, because in my opinion that is what it is...and it's quite a justified decision as well. But it was based on performance, we simply haven't been good enough! We have been far below the expectancies of the fans and without a doubt way below the expectancies of the boardroom. Slav somehow managed to the an underperforming team and take them backwards! To the extent that we picked up 11 points in our last 10 games?? Go figure....the boardroom expectancy is to challenge. The is no doubt that we would benefit from some new blood in certain areas of the pitch, but that doesn't negate from the fact that the squad we have should be doing better. I was fed up of hearing how United were found out under Wilder! But yet nobody harped on about Slav being found out! He was able to hide behind an underperforming team of lads. But nothing ever changed! We set up the same every week, with the same game plan, the same style of play and the same weaknesses that teams exposed week in / week out. It was slow and sluggish, predictable and easy for the opposition to prepare for.......week after week, we conceded goals in the exact same manner. Yet apparently this wasn't Slav's fault?? It was the teams and it was just a case of needing new blood?......Rubbish. Slav had in excess of 20 games, he should have been putting his stamp on things. Certain areas should have been improving and at very least we should have been learning from our mistakes and doing the basics right. I'm back in my seat so I will talk about the differences when I get home.......but its about time Slav took some responsibility for his own demise. Yes we need strengthening in key areas, this has been the case for quite some time! But we also need to make the most of the quality assets that we have..... we need a plan B and C. Unfornately Slav couldn't manufacture those.
  11. What dire finances would they be? We don't have any negative balances. We have balanced books and bills paid.....no red what so ever..... What's dire exactly? Obviously financially in trouble, when battling away to build land in order to build an Elite Academy set up 😂😂 The restructure and the whole United World thing is bizarre, but I'd put your party hat and blower away at the minute 😂😂
  12. 'New manager bounce'..... you are forgetting, this isn't a new manager. He's worked with everyone other than the new boys in the summer. He knows the lads and they know him, it won't take much buying into. To be honest, in darting Slav.... this was probably the most sensible move. As for working with what he's got and not being much 😂😂 I suppose that comment is akin with your negativity towards ramsdale.... he wasn't very good and nobody wanted him apparently. Remind me how your fine footballing thoughts and knowledge on that one turned out again?
  13. Forgive me for speaking statistics and fact here but.. We could literally sit here playing the conspiracy game, the hearsay, the blame game, all day long..... I agree, something smells a little bit fishy, I'm not sure what, but I do feel there is more to it..... But in footballing context, it isn't a massive surprise really is it? When you look at statistics etc. You can sit and argue til the sun goes down that slav wasn't given a chance.... that he wasn't financially backed..... that we didn't buy into his methods. Yes it is probably right to an extent, you can't judge him until he had had financial backing in a window. I think January was always going to be the true measure in that respect. But likewise you have to question why we haven't been drilled to do the basics better? Why we haven't improved defensively? Why our set plays and attacking moves haven't improved? Why we aren't better drilled all in all..... Ultimately, one figure stands out....as a team that wants to challenge for the top 6....... 11 points in the last 10 games? Is that good enough?.....we are equidistant between both ends of the table. We need to be in touching distance of that top 6 promptly! That is fact. . So yes, I agree that there is much more to this..... but ordinarily the performances haven't been very good and for some time there has been noticeable improvement. We should have been at least doing the basics better.
  14. I know nothing of your performance in the slightest, other than the fact you scored two late goals. That's a result. From behind, against a good MK Don's team. You can't detract anything away from that. Massive confidence booster for you guys as you try to build momentum to challenge the top 6.
  15. Work has prevented me a cold, midweek trip to Reading this evening... so I'm watching the boys on the big screen, as opposed to in the stands. Missed the first 10 minutes due to the time I finished work, therefore I can't really comment about that. All in all though I guess the key word being 'improved'.....because it's a damn sight better than our last effort. First half....we created opportunities, but again couldn't cut the opposition open. Story of our season....?? That said, we were the better team and we are playing away from home. Second half we have continued dominance in the most but still show signs of inability in the final third. Through decent passing moves, we've created a couple of very decent chances......we just lack that cutting edge. A few discussion points for me..... McGoldrick.... I don't know what he is in terms of position any more, but tonight he's had one of those semi-decent games that he pulls out of the bag from time to time. He isn't anything like the player has been in the past in front of goal, but he is still capable of a work horse performance. Tonight he's battled hard and he's tried to bring MGW and Bogle into the game on the other side.....it was his fantastic ball that picked out Bogle for the goal. That said, in my opinion......we need an upgrade, up top! In terms of MGW and Bogle, those two do have a degree of understanding together. They read eachother well and overlap well...they have the capability to overwhelm defenders. That's one positive at the moment for us.... Basham is basham....nobody puts a shift in more than basham. He leaves everything on the grass and is just an honest, old fashioned player. Fotheringhay has again been a steady Eddie. His experience shows, he looks more reassured than Olsen....and to be honest the defenders look far .ore reassured for having him behind them at the moment... Finally John Fleck.....Didn't see any prior incident due to the location of them camera, however my own knowledge showed what appeared to be seizure activity. Not sure of the cause, don't want to disrespect by speculating on the cause.....but glad to see him alert and responsive after a period of time. Fingers crossed for a speedy, full recovery All in all a huge three points in what is very much a slump to form.......the shortfallings are obvious, as are the areas for improvement. We need to act in the window!
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