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  1. Sounds like a clever blade is upto a bit of michief with this one, of course it could be perfectly legit... So for those who don't know.. Apparently a bloke at Woodseats has registered WAWAW as a trademark for whatever reason? Perhaps for his own business needs etc? Or simply because he saw thay Wednesday hadn't registered it, therefore saw an opportunity / incentive....be it financial or comedy value. So now, wednesday find themselves unable to use the motto, unless they can legally sort this out.... Which means they can't use it on shirts or merch at present... Why they didn't register quite a saleable motto in the first place is beyond me!
  2. It's no different to championship clubs in that respect, still grossly overpaid!! United players were on a tenth of average championship players last season.......and we will be in the same position this season, the margins are simply wider.... The game is ruined......wilders sensibility being the only saving grace!
  3. I don't understand this nothing to play for and whooped every week thing. We are never going to be world beaters in this league with this squad and budget. In order to be more competitive, we need these new owners on board to invest PL sums. But.....we have loads to play for. It's very much roy of the rovers stuff! We have 38 cup finals and it's very much a smash and grab season, where every point counts! Survival is everything and puts us in a cracking position once this court stuff is sorted out. We just need to be sensible and play our cards right and 2 years from now, we could be in the best financial position that the club has ever been in. Exciting times ahead. We will probably get smashed by the big boys, but once again don't write this team of battlers off. We have more than enough in the bag to stifle teams and to stop them playing.....in order to play for more than draws, we need that bit of added quality in the final third of the pitch. But wilder knows this!! exciting!!
  4. Spice is manufactured using different chemicals and ingredients, in each individual batch. Therefore it doesn't always result in the same zombie like state that we associate with, every single time. Spice is a generic term given to a synthetic / chemically made drug. Due to the different ingredients used, the list of side effects is huge! And....seizures (which is what you describe) are a common side effect of the drug, even without the presence of the typical zombie like state. This should be treat with the highest severity. This is nothing short of intentional drugging / poisoning, with voilent robbery of a vulnerable person on top it off. They need catching and sentencing to at least a two figure sentence. Absolute scumbags!
  5. I won't harp on about it too much, because there is another thread about it. But this whole courtroom rubbish needn't take any gloss off where we are and what we are going into, being the finest league in the world!....Doesn't sound like HRH kept his side of the bargain and as a result, the hearing is very much leaning in McCabe's favour. Leave em to it I say, as in the meantime it isn't getting in Wilder and the boy's way!....They played through it all last season whilst it went on behind the scenes, but they battled away, kept focused.....And showed the league how it is done!. Now......back on track! The finest league in the world boys!....The percentage and odds are well and truly stacked against us!.....17 places to play for!! Watching us up against the best players and teams in the world! Visiting the best teams and grounds in the country! Well and truly on the worldwide platform, watched week in / week out around the world!! It is well and truly exciting......Every single team outside of this division would love to be where we are!.. We are up here on merit and should enjoy and relish it! A healthy enough budget to at least be competitive has been put in place, we will always struggle against those big boys, but we will grind it out and have a pop and the bottom half teams. This team that we have doesn't fear anyone! They will love it and enjoy it every week! By the January transfer window we will most probably have new owners in with the power of investment, by then we should be able to address anything that needs sorting.....The initial £20m will go a decent way in improving key areas though and truth be said, we have players in our squad who are more than capable in this league! ............................................................................................................................................ The court case has been addressed!......There is another thread about that! This is about the current best team in Sheffield! The Current best team in Yorkshire!....The premier league blades! Exciting!!
  6. Yawn, you lot are seriously boring us. Have you anything factual at all? Other than clutching at straws?..... It is all pretty much clear cut and hasn't impacted us in the slightest. All these predictions and theories that you lot concoct....None of which had turned out to be the case. Concentrate on your own Championship (FFP restricted) team......Leave the achievers alone!
  7. Based on what....?? It's the same "discontent" that existed ALL of last season and how did that work out?. You all act as though this is all new, when the truth of the matter is that this has been going on for at least 2-3 seasons. Wilder has been given a budget and he is content to lead the team that he loves, in the best league in the world. The court case won't go on for much longer and it is of no detriment to the team, because McCabe is digging deep and funding the summer transfers. None of this hinders Wilder or the squad....just like it didn't last year!.....Okay he doesn't get a crazy budget, but he gets a healthy budget! His plan being to strengthen the core squad... He is well in line with what he wants! Of course he would probably like a bit more, but the initial £20m is a good starting point.... Literally clutching at straws time and time again on this board...... Concentrate on your own clubs! Seriously.....
  8. Was always going to be the case......But wont stop sheffield's second best club from being hopeful and dreaming will it. Wilder will be tied down to a 4 year deal by next week......The blue side could well be in our shoulders for some time.
  9. Bravo!!..... Bravo!! 😂 When a story about Wednesday or anything remotely positive, pops up in the press....Apparently we are all stupid for believing what the nationals make up. But as soon as it's anything negative relating United, suddenly it is "set in stone", "nailed on"....and the rest 😂 It is brilliant! I say this with dead certainly.... Wilder isn't going anywhere! And I will tell you summat, it sure as hell wouldn't be some lesser Premier League team or West brom for that matter!....He's Sheffield United born and bred! He is living the dream at the club he loves! He wants nothing more than to have a pop at the countries finest, with the club he loves!...He loves the squad, they are beyond players to him!.....All of his mates are beside him in his job.....As Billy would say..... It's Simply Lovleh!...... Now let's look at the substance..... Statistically the BEST manager in the country right now! Better than Pep and Co, all with a small purse string!.... Dual award winner from the league and some of the most knowledgeable and influential people in the British game!..... He IS the hottest property in the English game at the minute! All on merit..... So I would be surprised if he wasn't being touted for every vacancy and unstable position in the country at this very moment..... He SHOULD be on the shortlist for every current vecancy / potential vacancy. What will actual happen??..... Quite simple!.... Wilder will sit down with the Sheffield United board and he will sign a new, improved contract (in line with recent successes). He's earnt it and he will get it!.... None of this speculation will divert his attention from his current task at hand!...... In the meantime however, I will thoroughly enjoy the "speculation" and clutching at straws on this post!
  10. Oh look more inaccuracies, or at least worded to make it look a lot worse than it actually was 😂😂. A loan note was indeed draughted against the monies due from Bournemouth, again due to HRH not putting up as he was meant to. Player purchases were made against the Brooks money and as installments received, all of which have been immediately paid. Do you not know how football works? Do you not understand the concept of business? Keep clutching mate, keep clutching....
  11. You absolutely love to twist facts in order to make them read a completely different way don't you? Seriously......bias. On paper, we were on of the healthiest clubs in the league financially. Our losses a fraction of the majority of the league....fact! Factor in the money from the Brooks sale and we would be up there with the healthiest.... But that particular money was sensibly invested into new player acquisitions, with the remaining £4-5 yet to come. So let's just twist around your complete inaccuracies, back into actual truth shall we??..... You are correct, McCabe did have to put his hand into his pocket to pay wages!But why?.....Because OWNERS pay wages and running costs!! This is what they do....hence why Bolton staff didn't get paid, so on and so forth!!......The role of a chairman is to fund the day to day operations of a football club...... Why did McCabe have to do it?....Because our supposed investing co-owner, didn't cough up what he should have!.... Football clubs in the Championship ARE A LOSS MAKING BUSINESS...... Owners do have to cover shortfalls and losses! The only way to avoid them is to secure promotion to the top flight and to become a profitable club! Fact is fact.......we still ran at significantly less losses than the majority of the league! FACT!
  12. Explain how it was a business model built on sand.... McCabe has had the opportunity to increase prices, but to achieve what? The increase in revenue per season would be bare minimum! The chairman's heart has always been with his club. Year upon year he has made a commitment towards affordable football for the whole family. We are a club who has cut it's cloth accordingly in order the try and keep the books as balanced as possible, any shortfalls have been covered by our fine owner. I ask you again..... How have Sheffield Wednesday benefited from the increase in ticket prices?... In the league, they haven't! Financially....I suppose you will have to wait to the annual accounts, but revenue from match day tickets is minimal....... And bums on seat?? Massive casualty!! Families are now being priced out of watching their football club. The McCabe model is a model that should be followed by many!..... It has brought continued support, high level season ticket sales, a large amount of POTG foot traffic......A much more financially stable club! A successful club! McCabe is a wealthy man, but his pockets aren't bottomless.....Enough has been enough for some time. He has just continued in being selfless, for the love of his club primarily!
  13. McCabe stated this prior to any oaths being made! Why do you think the approached outside investment in the first place? Why do you think the prince is even here? McCabe has selflessly bankrolled our club for a long time now! Year upon year he has funded losses whilst making money available for improvements on the pitch. Let's not forget that his initial takeover of the club cost him dearly in it's first few years, before year upon year of ownership commitments. This isn't new news....Prior to the prince coming in and that dodgy nigerian blokes involvement, McCabe himself stated that he needed external investment to kick the club on because he was at the point where he didn't want to go alone any more due to the costs. The initial search for investment started way back in 2010 let's not forget! In the wake of regelation! The only difference being that McCabe has been forced to reiterate this in court as part of his plans to move the club on.
  14. Elsewhere! Football clubs outside of the top flight are generally run at just above cost, down to even running at a loss. Matchday revenue equates generally to anywhere between 30-40% of total income depending on stadium capacity, but this principally made up of Season Tickets sold. The total income from POTG / walk in sales is absolutely minimal! Once you take out all of the running costs associated with a home fixture, some clubs are left with less than six figures profit. Football clubs are NOT profitable businesses outside of the top flight, hence why the FFP rules were brought into play in order to protect clubs from stupid decisions. Re: United - 100% correct! United's losses were being subsidised by the owner!...Part and parcel of running a football club. Since our fall from the Premier League last time out, we have found ourselves feeling the costs. Despite parachute payments, our operating costs strangled us and we made wholesale losses (as did most relegated clubs). We then had the pinch of year to year losses as most clubs do and as a result, Mr McCabe had to continuously balance the books. We have learnt over time and have become far more sustainable as a club.... The total losses in the league last season equated to between £450m-£500m, with the average club reporting losses of anywhere between £10m-£20m. Our losses are reported as down at around £5m per annum at the minute (even projected losses), when you factor in the near 100% rise in player wages since promotion from League One, this is pretty impressive going. ................................................................................................................................................................ In conclusion, you can't argue all you wish that ticket prices are the key to success, but as a Championship club the revenue is minimal in comparison. If anything, season tickets are the answer! The majority of income comes from a combination of Broadcasting rights (set amount >%50), Sponsorship deals, Commercial deals and hospitality. All of which being quite limited as once again I reiterate....Football outside of the top flight is a loss making game due to the constraints!
  15. Yet the majority of the league are able to price sensibly, whilst remaining competitive? I dont see what you are trying to say bud? Ticket revenue accounts to little in the grand scheme of things anyway truth be said!.... And then you look at us....Promoted with little expenditure and sensible ticket pricing. You don't achieve enough from tickets alone to be competitive.
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