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  1. Working and majority living outside of Sheffield for quite some time now, obviously I have equal interest in both here and back home. When I'm not working and have a bit of down time, I frequently have a browse on my phone at the local news, as well as back home in my native Sheffield. The difference in media and tabloid is staggering to be honest. Our very own Sheffield Star lacks in so many ways, compared to that over the hills in Greater Manchester. The Manchester Evening news offering is plentiful and constantly up to date. If something is going on within the region, you can expect it to be reported on, with live updates all the way along. Not only do they have live news, but they also have local features, sports and a variety of interest topics. All in all, they have far more content that the minimalist offering back home. The MEN app is completely free of charge, without the annoying, weekly, three article limit. They don't bog it down with tons of advertisement and banner ads either. This is journalism as journalism should be surely? What happened to The Sheffield Star? Once a twice daily newspaper.... I understand that the online world and social media have changed the way that we all source local news these days. But our neighbours still run a fantastic tabloid....why can't we?
  2. A totally none executive chairman, somebody holding title with little to no input input to club what so ever. He wasn't a share holder and didn't make any decisions what so ever, literally held a title..... He was appointed to fill a void whilst HRH undertook duties in within the Saudi F.A. He represented an absent Prince until such a time that he was able to be more public and represent himself. The title of chairman should be used very loosely, he was merely a board member.
  3. The sniping, the petty exchanges and ridiculous schoolyard attitude of so called adults? I read that some have come back after long breaks. I'm not being funny but if this is the current trend of the forum, an a long break may be a decent option for me. In a year of absolute garbage both on and off the pitch. Both teams have been absolutely dire, none of them have been able to really enjoy it as we aren't allowed in the ground.... Then the small subject of 127k total covid related deaths, or more precisely around 0.2% of our overall population. Sorry but it has to be said, it's nothing short of immature, pathetic and uncalled for. It's a sport for god sake! Get a grip seriously! Feel free to ban me moderators, but somebody has to say it. Absolutely pathetic and shameful. I'm not here to be liked or agreed with, I hope for a bit of mutual conversation about Sheffield football....I appreciate contrasting views and opinions, after all that is what a doscussion board is....I'm here to drift away from the current choresome everyday life of a pretty rubbish world out there at the moment. Football on the pitch throughout the pandemic has been surreal and for the first time in my life I feel disconnected. Both teams have nothing in the slightest to brag about. Both are underperformed, failing and not good enough regardless of stature. Is none of that good enough? What satisfaction is gained from sniping at anonymous others via an online discussion forum. Seriously, very, very sad indeed. I don't know any of you and I've never met any of you, probably never will. But I don't give a Frank as to whether you wear red or blue and white....I wish you and yours well and good health, in a time that is still shadowed by uncertainty. I wish you to keep safe and healthy. Seriously really?......have a think please.
  4. In no way a dig, in no way designed to cause unrest or arguments....but a very genuine question. I was absolutely fuming back in late October/ November, when HRH was already discussing the prospect of relegation. It was literally as though he had thrown the towel in already and looking at it now.....he had. Whether his intentions of backing Wilder in January were actually a smokescreen who knows....but then we had silence again, until Wilder departed...then suddenly who goes public and places sole blame on the man who has departed the club. But flip the coin and you have the polar opposite from Mr Chansiri. He hasn't be outspoken about what may loom in the slightest, in fact I don't recall seeing anything at all. The general consensus amongst Owls fans seems to be one of zero confidence away.....but never the less he owes quite a bit to the loyal army who have probably given him more support and credit than he deserves. Do you want him to stay silent?.....what would you like to hear him say right now? Could he say anything now that would help him restore fan confidence? Would you just prefer to here a whole hearted intent to sell immediately? Genuine questions
  5. I really hope Rotherham stay up, would be nice to have a local Derby next season. As for actual thread title.....too hard to call and just depends which Wednesday turn up I guess.
  6. Bit of a weird one this.... If Wednesday were currently chasing the top 6, this result wouldn't be all doom and gloom. Instead....it would be more, we've lost out to a quality promotion contender by an own goal.....and it would be a valid opinion as well. When you sit at the bottom of the league, desperately seeking points....suddenly every result looks a shocker? I didn't see the game, but the scoreline isn't all that doom and gloom on paper truth be said?
  7. Feel free to block mine, however I'm an adult and have the ability to stay within the very simple rules of the forum. Likewise, should you continue to post inaccurate, fictional posts...I will continue to challenge them.
  8. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united/sheffield-united-accounts-blades-must-attempt-to-soften-the-financial-blow-relegation-from-the-premier-league-will-bring-3187312 At just to reiterate and back up previous factual replies to figures that you threw into the ring without any form of factual evidence. Sheffield United's loan note was £38m, which is far, far less than the ridiculously inflated figures that you brought to the forum.... and ultimately a small percentage of out projected £94m net profit for the season. The reason we took out loan notes in the first place was to keep us sustainable in the wake of purchasing assets from previous owners and to make up for the losses due to covid. Out bank books are going to be fine and there is no urgency to sell players despite your fictional claims otherwise. Just to point of further inaccuracies moderators. Time after time, this member posts completely fictional and inaccurate posts, bordering libel at times. I'm not arguing with him, but merely pointing out fact. If you believe otherwise then feel free to act accordingly.....this needs stopping! Post after post of fictional garbage, designed to cause unrest and start petty argument. It's sad really.
  9. Point out which part you believe to be fabricated and I will happily back it up with a factual link and proof 👍. Always take time to research before posting anything that I don't already know to be true.
  10. I don't have any problem with you being on the forum at all...it is a wonderful place of debate, opinion and freedom of speech. What I do have a problem with is the continuous fictional posts! Ones that make grand claims about United, but hold no proof what so ever. Fictional comments with intent to cause unrest.
  11. Why do they 'have to get rid of him'......they are in no dire financial need. He is on a high end Championship salary and the money is in the bank to pay his wages. I repeat what I have said humpteen times and it remains fact. We have a guaranteed income of 90m this year, 94m to be more precise (as per reuters). The owners placed a loan against projected earnings, with 45% profit remaining afterwards, we have now deferred than and offset it against parachute payments as well...this meaning even more money in the pot per annum. We have a Championship wage bill at the club and are in no position what so ever, in which we have to sell any of out players for financial reasons. The player is contracted to our club for another 3+ years, with no clauses placed in his contract that would trigger release upon relegation. If the players head gets turned and / or offers come in at the right price, then yes we will have to seriously entertain them...but still only on our own terms Once again inaccurate information.....please try and back up such fictional posts with links and fact, as opposed to scaremongering. How many times moderators? It is all this poster does.
  12. United don't have to sell Berge though do they, this is where we can afford to play hard ball. He is contracted to the club for another 3 plus years and there is no release clause in his contract upon relegation. The owners are more than happy to keep him contracted to the club, he is only on a top end Championship salary at present anyway.....£30k a week, that's less than Jordan Rhodes and the same as Westwood. With money in the bank and parachute payments, the board won happily bankroll a key player, if push came to shove...they have stated that. Granted it will be extremely difficult to turn down good money offers, but this is where we are in a dictating position.
  13. I think you will be proven wrong on this one, in my opinion he is definitely a player that is destined to go on and shine in the Premier League. I could easily see him becoming a top player in that Spurs team, under Mourinho. I think he did take short while to adjust his game to Premier league football and I don't think our style of play was overly suited to him. In a top half Premier league team, he will come into his own.
  14. For the Blades to slap an overinflated price tag on Sander Berge just for Liverpool? They have our pants down in the purchase of Brewster, in my opinion we should see how their interest in berge pans put and inflate that price to recoup a large percentage of that money back. All these media quotes of £25m, if you really want him over the other PL big boys Liverpool, then to you he is available for £35m.
  15. That McGoldrick sitter than he missed 🤦‍♂️ poor fella will be gutted tonight about that, especially if it finishes 1-0. The last 10 minutes have been very bright in all fairness, very confident and very attacking minded. We actually look like we really want a place in the semis, we are very unlucky not to be on level terms.
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