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  1. cmonkes

    Hull v Blades

    Up and getting ready for another season defining game game for the mighty. It's another one of those that on paper, should be a formality (with the right approach and mentality), but Nige's team have enough quality about them to make us work for it. Sharp and Bash are probably still out of this, but Egan is back I believe and ready to go. I have no issues in Madine starting this one again. Perhaps Dowell would be a feasible option in this one as well, as we don't want duffy burning himself out as a pivotal player for us. Alternatively, Didsy could play behind a front two (but wouldn't be my first choice). Anyway, I'm excited to be on the road again. Been a couple of months due to work commitments. COYRAWW UTB!
  2. cmonkes

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    Has the makings of a free flowing, high scoring game this. But only if both teams are able to shake off the aches and pains of playing a few days ago. Bristol like to play high up the pitch and it seems Brucey is trying to get wednesday playing in a similar manner. Both teams will blossom on the counter and it could be a pretty open game. 4.5 goals and over might even be a decent punt.
  3. cmonkes

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    Don't think you can argue about unfair goals though can you 🤣🤣
  4. cmonkes

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    😂😂😂😂 I will have whatever he's had,! Because he doesn't deliberately lift his hand off the ground to bundle it in haha. (Legal note, I am not the owner of this video. The publisher on youtube is)
  5. cmonkes

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    It scuffed in off his arm?? He scooped it over the keeper deliberately USING his arm! No ball to hand what so ever, he deliberately and deceptively used his arm! 😂 If I was allowed to post it on here, I would post that last replay! Cheating of the highest order haha.
  6. cmonkes

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    😂😂 I actually wouldn't mind wednesday beating this lot tonight, I mean truth be said...A norwich loss tonight might even open back up a 3 horse race come Monday night. But that was naughty! Very naughty! Fletcher, hang your head in shame, you cheating so and so! In fact by the rules of the game, for such blatant cheating?? They ought to investigate that and punish him. Well naughty, totally unsporting! Can not be considered as accidental in the slightest, totally opportunist, cheat moment!
  7. cmonkes

    Blades v Forest

    I don't get how you can make a statement like that considering the changes in the top 3 over the last couple of games? It's as open as anything! Leeds are a quality attacking team when firing and they have more than enough about them to do the same again on Monday! If we were 4 points in front with 3 games to play then you might have a point, but we are level on points! We can't switch off, promotion may well rely on 9 points for either team, so we need to take every game at face value.
  8. cmonkes

    Blades v Forest

    Shame Wednesday didn't extend a helping hand when they were in dire straights really isn't it, only one club in Sheffield tried to help.
  9. cmonkes

    Blades v Forest

    Said it before and I will say it again, we need to just go again! Play with a bit of pride and confidence, just really go for the maximum points total and hope for the best. Once again it still isn't over and anything can happen, this time on Monday there's a good chance Leeds could leapfrog again and then it all goes again with two games to play! Keep doing what we need to do, if we don't go up automatic, then we need to enter the play-offs full of confidence! Great days football and you know what, forget United...The performance of the day for me has to be a very dogged Wigan team, they rode wave after wave and were brave enough to go at Leeds on the counter. Fair play to em and I hope they stay up.
  10. cmonkes

    Blades v Forest

    Well that was game plan executed. I think we are that used to seeing 90 minutes of overload football from our lads these days, therefore when the mentality changes a bit...some people automatically think that it isn't good enough. It was a tentative start to the game, but then again it was always going to be. There is so much to stake at the minute and the boys are desperate for it. A few lapses have cost us recently and it's bound to wobble them a bit, but for the majority of the game we controlled things. Whilst I can see why Galaxy says it to an extent, I don't think it was just a case of the midfield being non existent in that first half. I think we adapted our game play slightly to play to individual strengths, perhaps for the first time in ages I would say that we played a little bit route one. But only because we were playing to Madine's strength in the air and didsy's runs off him. But look at the amount of headers won by Madine, in fact I can't remember him losing out on any. All in all it was effective enough, we created more than the one shot that is claimed. Could and probs should have gone in 1-0 or 2-0 up. Second half we started well and once again didsy cause chaos with one of his trademark runs. I can't remember the last time we had a striker who is so comfortable in possession, he's tricky and he's pacey for the stage of his career. A clear MOTM performance from McGoldrick today, despite not scoring. Yes we could have been a lot more fluid at times, but never the less we were effective. We played with a game plan, steadied the ship a bit, before going at Forest. My own grudge would be the changes in the second half. I thought the switching the a negative back four could well have cost us a bit, especially as Forest grew into the game. But then again, we aren't used to watching United play to protect a lead are we? We usually kick on for a second. Well done anyway United, doing all we can ask from you. In the meantime I am just watching a very dogged performance from Wigan. Ten men since not long after 10 minutes, but the spirit and determination to peg leeds back to 1-1 is fantastic. Leeds don't look all that special, however they are very dangerous on the Break. Do I think Wigan's 10 men can hold out for a point? I don't think so personally, I think Leeds will probably get on top again and score again.....But stranger things have happened haven't they? They won't go far wrong with spirit like this and should be very proud of themselves on this first hour, should they lose. Madine did dominate defenders! Just checked stats! He won 14 headers in the air in that first half! GET IN WIGAN!!!!!
  11. Leave him to it, I think it looks a pretty transparent argument. Fair play to him for challenging it and bringing it to the attention of the ELF. Hopefully they will investigate and should they find anything, deal with it accordingly. In the meantime i'm off to buy an elev8 energy drink, think I will book a d-line taxi to take me there! Any ideas where I can find the number for D-line taxi's Sheffield? Actually any idea where I can pick up an Elev8 energy drink?
  12. Find me proof otherwise that suggests these companies operate? Find me business addresses? Annual Accounts? Phone Numbers? Full share details?
  13. Why should he shut the hell up though Mooks?... He has every right to hold a grudge when his team are complying with rules, yet others are blatantly exploiting them in order to gain an unfair advantage. Whilst I can't say that I am 100%, in my opinion Sheffield Wednesday are using a similar method to that which LCFC were punished for a years ago. Therefore it is only right and consistent for the EFL to investigate the club and if found to be "cheating" the system, they should also be punished. Leicester City in conjunction with Dave Richards, sold sponsorship rights to a company for a minimal amount. The company in mention Trestellar Ltd, then sold all sponsorship rights back to the club for a fee in excess of £11m. This amount being the amount needed by the club in order to balance books and comply with FFP rules. Trestellar Ltd was a company registered in Sheffield (Shepcote) under the names of Dave Richards children, however the supposed business premises were empty and had no signs of said company existing. After a thorough investigations, it was ruled in favour of the EFL. So then you have to question the taxi and energy drink company who are dominant sponsors at Sheffield Wednesday? (X) months later, neither exist other than in branding? It appears that the companies in mention were set up just 48 hours prior to the sponsorship deal? The companies were created by Mr Chansiri, before being transferred to a company called "Pan 1" in Hong Kong?. It's ok saying that loopholes are there to be exploited, but SHOULD any club be found to be doing it to deliberately bypass rules, whether that be for financial gain or full an advantage over other clubs. Then they SHOULD be heavily penalised. Let's remember that these rules have been introduced to promote a level playing field, whilst PROTECTING clubs. IF any of these clubs have been naughty, then it is quite simple! PUNISH them heavily. Large fines, lengthly transfer embargos and point deductions. Cheats should be allowed to prosper..... Well done to Boro's chairman I say!
  14. cmonkes

    Blades v Forest

    As I said in the other post... we really need to kick on now and I see no finer opportunity than against a struggling forest side, who in all fairness have nothing to play for. We now have the forced opportunity to make three changes in this one... John Egan "took one for the team" so to speak, so he sits out Friday's game (Only Friday's game I believe as a straight red for denying a goalscoring opportunity is only a 1 match ban, as opposed to straight red for serious fould play which is a straight 3 match ban). Sharp and Basham are set to miss Friday's game with knocks, possibly even 2 games. So all in all in spells a fantastic opportunity for the likes of Cranie, Hogan, Madine, Dowell and Stearman... Three of this lot are no doubt in with a good sniff of a starting place. We haven't got the worse referee for this one either in Andy Madley. He reffed the derby at home, as well as a couple of decent wins against Bolton and Wigan away. He isn't bad usually for letting things flow and keeping play running. He doesn't sling cards out willy nilly either thankfully. Forest are in a bad run and we really need a performance, so we have to capitalise on it. A great opportunity for players to fight for shirts in what is the most important part of the season. Hogan, Madine and Dowell in particular need to force themselves into contention. Cranie for me is a no brainer, he walks into the team every time he is called upon and he puts in a shift. Could start every game if it wasn't for Egan, Bash and O'connell. Wigan are fighting for their lives and if they managed to hold Leeds to a draw and we do what we should do in this, it all opens up again in the last three games!
  15. cmonkes

    The final four.

    Saturday was a little disappointing! Weren't at our best, but yet we still should have picked up three points. I'm still unsure why at 1-0, we chose not to kick on but to try and hold possession? Definitely opportunity lost! We should have kicked on and put away a second, but we didn't..... Leeds currently have the upper hand but it's still only a one game scenario at the end of the day, one game and it could potentially be all change again. But never the less we have no real pressure now. It's for Leeds to lose and we know that we are guaranteed play-off football regardless. Wigan need 3 points against Leeds to try and avoid the drop, they will well and truly be going for it and it won't be as straight forward as Leeds think! In our opposition, Ipswich will most probably be down by the time we play them...And Hull are the only ones real who have anything to play for....even that being an outside chance. Time to kick on now and go for a 12 point haul, or as many a possible!....If we don't overturn Leeds then that is our own fault for failing to capitalise! But regardless we need solid form to end the season and kick on in the play-offs. We need our fearless attitude back now! I look at the 6 remaining games and we shouldn't fear anybody!....

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