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  1. I'm afraid that this will probably always be the case for us two Nervy. No matter how big we think we are in our own city or traditionally, we hold no real significance in the modern day, national media. I think the only away to well and truly put ourselves on the footballing map, would be to have both teams in the top flight for a number of seasons. But what really cheeses me off, is that should Leeds secure promotion, I bet they don't get the same harsh coverage. For some reason, Leeds always seem to be heaped on in the media? When they get back to the top flight, they will treat them like they have never been away. This has always been the case hasn't it? We all hate them, but the media love them.
  2. Just seen the extended Highlights of your hammering of Forest, whilst you were very clinical in front of goal, blimey forest were dire. That said, it's a quality win and you can't take anything away from it. Forest on the other hand, they looked uncharacteristically disjointed? Is there something going on down there that we don't know about? They reminded me of a very deflated Bolton side of the last couple of years. Out of the Rhodes hat trick, I think the most clinical of the three goals has to be the first. The style of the third goal will always look well on the eye, but it is merely opportunistic. The first goal however, that reminded me of the twenty-odd a season Jordan Rhodes of Blackburn. I think you can draw a lot of similarities between that Jordan Rhodes and our Very Own Billy Sharp. He's likes to sit on the shoulder of defenders, he likes to turn them and fire one away! He's a poacher, if you put the ball in the right place, he will try and get on the end of it and the majority of the time, he will hit the target. I think one big transformation however that shouldn't go without mention at S6, has to be Barry Bannan. He appeared very attacking minded yesterday and whilst I can't comment any more than that game, the OPTA statistics point out that Bannan appears to have hit some better form under Monks? What's changed? What happened to Bannan as time went on under Carlos? He started well but appeared to fizzle away as time went on? And then under Brucey? Why wasn't he able to revitalise a pivotal cos in the team? Interesting teams in front of Wednesday on that performance. Should they be able to replicate that performance on a more consistent basis, then they will pick up some points. Whether it enough to see that as true candidates is yet to be seen, but there is enough to take out of that performance to suggest that they look up for it at the minute. As a football neutral, I will be keeping an eye on Forest now. Something didn't feel right about them? They appeared deflated and the players didn't appear to want to work for one and other? Has there been a fall out in the camp? Is there more to it? Am I just completely off the mark and it was just a bad day at the office?
  3. Were they though? Or did we just dominate them? The commitment from our boys again Ridgewalk! First to every ball, hassling and hunting down every single ball!! Passing the ball around them swiftly and clinically, moving for one and other and just putting a proper shift in. Our unorthodox style once against bamboozled the opposition. Villa tried to make a game of it, but they simply couldn't..... The strikers couldn't get in the game what so ever, as our back three had them in their pockets. The midfield and back four were pulled out all over the park, as they tried to work out where the extra bodies had come from. It's weird for midfielders to suddenly find themselves surrounded by 4 or 5 players! We throw those full backs into attacking positions, a striker drops deep, the central midfielders move across, and we literally pass our way through and around them.....Throw in a CB, and suddenly they haven't a bloody clue what is going on!.....Two to three players, suddenly finding themselves trying to close down 4-5 players. We didn't allow them a sniff today, despite Grealish trying to engine away and create something. Every time they tried to come forward, we marked them out of the game....In fact that is why Grealish himself tried to force himself forward, he knew that his teammates werent getting anything out of us. £130m+ of players in that Villa team today and we outclassed and outsmarted them in every department, particularly in the second half....The Villa fans comments online reflect this! They are crying out for even a little bit of the passion, determination and confidence that we possess.
  4. Annoyingly the video footage was a little bit on the "thin side" again, not very complimentary towards us again! Some of the swift passing play today, wouldn't have been left out of the video footage had it been Liverpool or Man City that's for sure. The commentary and pundit comments in all fairness, DID reflect what we all saw in the stands....As did the manager interviews. But seriously? Some of the best counter attacking play, some of the best passes and movement in the game, some of the better counter attacks, we're once again missed out. But yet.....the show the couple of second half flourishes that Grealish had?? They show the penalty?....They make it look like Villa were equal to us in the game, when in all fairness that is pretty much all they had. We created and had way more chances, chances that weren't shown on TV. Who cares......We were absolutely class in that second half AGAIN!!..... The magic continues! God Bless Chrissy Wilder!
  5. You know what, Grealish is nothing short of frustrating. The lad has so much talent and is literally the engine of that Villa team, but his lightweight antics really soil him as a player. He has the potential to be one of the better midfielders in the premier league, not too sure about International regular, but on his day he warrants a sniff. But his antics? Seriously? If he applied that little extra energy into his performances, as opposed to theatrics..... he is costing himself big time.
  6. Not seen it, but you can't take anything away from that result at all. I take my hat off to you...you won't find many teams doing that to Forest this season. Fair play Wednesday......cracking result. Just seen that Rhodes banged a hat-trick in, that will be interesting to watch over the next few weeks (pre-window).
  7. Another solid win and another huge 3 points! First half again... We started quite tentative, whilst trying to figure one and other out. That said; we were the better team and it wouldn't have been an injustice, to have gone in at half time leading. We created chances as the game went on and we played some decent football, the off the ball movement again....a different class. Second half.....again absolute class! We took the bull by the horns, we put the ball around on the deck in swift little triangles, with such confidence! The passing play was absolutely beautiful, Villa didn't have a clue what to do with us or how to handle us!. The players work so hard for one and other, they chase things down, run through walls for one and other, absolute different class! This system of ours......a few months in and they still don't know what to do with us! The runs down the wing, the quick passing play and the sheer speed of counter attacking play. The ability to bring midfielders into the game, and to swiftly slide the ball around at the edge of the 18 yard box, stretching the opposition out of position and literally wearing them out. Listen; we will have blips and we will lose games, but we are doing everything right in achieving our number one target. Survival in this division is vital and will facilitate so much going forwards! We have proven ourselves as worthy contenders in this league, we aren't here to make the numbers up! We are part of this party of teams! We can compete with the majority and we can beat a good few too! A special mention has to be made for McGoldrick again! He's missed a couple of sitters in the box again today, BUT he was absolute quality again. He ran through walls, he put himself about and won most things. His movement was a different class, both on and off the ball.......it will come Dave! You are doing everything right, you just need that bit of luck!......He is absolutely pivotal in this team, he is as important as the ones who are putting the ball in the back of the net....Flecky bagged two goals, but I would still put Dave forward for MOTM. I absolutely love this team!... Legends of the club for years to come! The epitomise everything that this club is about! They work hard, both individually and as a Unit. They play with so much passion! They would run through walls for the cause!
  8. Apparently Lyle Taylor has falling back onto United's radar. He played for us in League One a few years back without impact, in fact he struggled to get in the squad. When Clough came in to the club, he shipped him off to Falkirk. It seems he has started well for Charlton this season, scoring 5 goals in 7 games. For this reason, multiple clubs are scouting him including us apparently. Do we need him? Does he bring anything more to the table than Robinson? Will he force a shirt off anyone?....debatable and perhaps just paper talk!
  9. That is just a suggested points deduction that is being touted around and I am merely speaking hypothetically, in line with this worse case scenario.
  10. As the reality of stiff punishment looms on the horizon, suddenly it looks as though Sheffield Wednesday may have very little to play for this season. A 21 point deduction would write off any chances of success this season and may well even prove costly...... Which begs the question..... Thousands of fans dogged deep into pockets in the summer, only to be let down by the boardroom antics of the club. Many of these fans coughed up in hope of success, any points deduction would ensure that they dont get this. Should fans have to stand for monies paid and see out a potential "nothing season". This isn't a dig in the slightest, I am a football fan and I will always fight for the football fan. We work hard for our money and the sport exploits us enough as it is.... Should season tickets be refunded?
  11. Have you ever seen such an empty thread for an Owls win?..... the negativity has well and truly crept in a S6, as the reality of rightful punishment creeps in.
  12. We've no reason to look down whilst ever we are getting points on the board! We only need to start looking down, should we go on a prolonged run of poor results. At the minute, if we continue doing what we are doing....then we have no worries what so ever. We don't need to adopt a negative head as we are more than holding our own in this league!
  13. Norwich on the road, the original bogey team...and let's not forget the added pressure of having to bounce back from a poor result. First half was tentative and we looked a bit on the shakey side. We allowed the home team time to play, we didnt close down quick enough and we gave away possession way to easily. Out of sorts and uncharacteristic, probably as a direct result on early nerves. But.....knowing how we can play and what we are capable of, I didnt have us written off at 1-0 down. Our bounce-back-ability being on of the positive traits, that led us into the top flight in the first place. Second half...... Huge transformation into the Blades team that we all know and love! Put the ball around swiftly and clinically. Nothing but attacking minded, positive football. Breaking in numbers with fantastic off the ball movement. We could and perhaps should have had 3 or 4 in that second half and the lack of clinical finishing in front of goal needs addressing before it bites us on the backside again. But; we were in complete control of the game and norwich didnt pose a threat for this reason. McGoldrick could shoulder a bit of blame for not hitting the target, but that would be extremely harsh IMHO. His off and on the ball movement today being pivotal in allowing midfield and full backs to venture forwards. He was a key player and pivotal cog in the way that we went about business today. The confidence, flair and passing play that we execute, is more than worthy of this league. Had Baldock's goal today, been a household name....they would be talking about it all day. Mo Salah executed a tidy little back heeled assist last night and they were all talking about it, big dave mcgoldrick executed similar today in build up to the VAR decision.....this will no doubt go without any serious mention. A huge result, possibly a key result come the end of the season! To bounce back in such manner, against a bogey team like Norwich! Absolutely fantastic! Overjoyed! On to the next one now with confidence back on board! The season target being 40 points, we are half way there! Keep up the work boys!!
  14. Blades to progress.... Owls out in round 3...... If carlsberg did cups....
  15. Another 45 minutes of the Sheffield United that we have all grown to love, whilst our opponents loath. Seriously, Man United who in that first half? We absolutely bossed them! We out played them! We caused them hassle! We exploited weaknesses and made them look like a Championship team! We have professionalism, discipline, togetherness and determination in abundance, but teams are starting to realise that we also have a fair share of quality as well! This second half will be a tough ride! Man United will come out firing and will cause us a few problems no doubt, so we need to remain disciplined and deal with it to the best of our abilities. I do feel that any attacking pressure Man United however, will leave them really exposed at the back. We need to exploit this on the counter! We can't allow ourselves to get too boxed in, we need attacking options available on the break...we need bags of energy to get the ball and bodies out into attacking positions. Bring it on! Come on you blades!
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