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  1. I have 5 minutes, so I have this foolish moment of taking a break from life... I decided to have a quick look on the forum to see what's going on.... by eck I will I hadn't! You are absolute pathetic individuals, if this is the extent of life for you. Tens of thousands dying in Ukraine...... Twenty odd innocents, mainly children...killed in an attack on a school in America...... The UK pretty much on its backside, being crippled by the countries poor financial state. Parents going without food, without important sanitary products, in order to feed children..... Nothing better to do seriously.... the season is over.... or should I say school year for some. Give it a break you absolute plums. Give your head a good wobble..... idiots.
  2. Giddings knows nothing..... Football finance EXPERTS have assessed our annual accounts and are impressed, being one of the FEW clubs in Europe to have been profitable for consecutive seasons in the wake of Covid (oh sorry I forget, it never existed to you did it you plum). The loans AGAIN..... all set against guaranteed income from monies coming into the club, thus not really a loan... just an advance payment. Take your falsified 99% (because everything you post is highly fictional) and stick it where the sun doesn't shine..... Get a life dreamer.....
  3. It's come on Sunderland time now...... As much as I'm usually all for the small teams getting to the bigger platforms, I can't stand ainsworth!!!
  4. Nice to see you are twisting and completely misquoting what our manager has actually said.... Tops is his name..... Spreading fiction is his game. Nice effort though billy no mates.
  5. Other than financially stable and not making substantial losses 😂😂😂
  6. I thought all this pitch invasion rubbish and pointless violence was done with.... I mean the EFL were meant to have launched an invasion after Wednesday fans entered the pitch a decade or so ago and attacked Palace players. That was ironic wasn't it really.... the threw punches at Clint Hill for beating them and then cried he'll when that leeds fan ran on the pitch and tried to smack their own keepers baseball cap off.
  7. Just to put a positive spin on this one.... Credit has to go to a percentage of genuine Forest fans in the wake of this ridiculous attack. A Justgiving page has been set up by a Forest fan, condemning the actions of Robert Biggs. All proceeds from forest fans primarily, as well as other fans who have now donated.... are to be given to a charity of Billy Sharp's choice. Which has now been nominated as www.martinhouse.org.uk, who specialise in specialist care for children suffering from life limiting conditions... The initial target was £500, however this smashed £14,000 a very short while ago..... its nice to see that some good can come from an otherwise horrendous event.
  8. I don't think a football ban is sufficient punishment personally. This is an act of violence against an innocent. He has committed an unprovoked assault, resulting in actual bodily harm. The manner in which he carried out the assault was complete cowardice! He attacked Sharp from out of eyesight which doesn't even allow the player to and protect / defend himself against the attack. I suppose it all depends on his past criminal record as to how this one will pan out in court.
  9. Banned from Wembley.... its assault. Reminds me of Wednesday vs Palace, when Owls fans attacked players. Ban for life.
  10. Who even likes you..... 🤣🤣 Happy to reply to the rest, but you're just a tool that is hated by your own fans. Don't reply to my posts, I really don't care for you ...... like the rest. The fact that you are so disliked online, says that you are an absolute cretin in reality. Please don't burden me with your messages...... Yours faithfully. Snitch
  11. Not sure how this is related to the thread......but erm, explain what Wednesday have done over the last 30 years that warrants top flight football?? To start with, they can't even get there..... 🤣🤣🤣 One thing remains exactly the same..... you are going to spend another year in a division below us.... with massive, massive debts. Have a look at the form over the last few decades..... you are our minnows. We lose in the play offs and all you can do is say 'phew'..... because we haven't extended that gap We will be playing championship football, you lot will be playing Forest Green 😂😂😂. Our finances are protected, you lot are losing staggering amounts...... I'm actually not even bitter....we had nothing in the slightest to lose and I am massively proud of the team. STILL.... the biggest and best team in Sheffield......
  12. Well that was decent to be fair and I'm a proud blade regardless. You know what, they let themselves down first leg... but tonight they battled and they beat the a very good forest team over 90 minutes. They reversed all of Saturday's woe and they really went for it.... injury ridden for the best part of 3 months, we have well and truly given everything.
  13. Anyway...... back to tonight's game. I expect a response after not being fully at the races on Saturday. One thing I will say however is fair play to Sander Berge after yesterday's news.... burgled only 24 hours before his game on Saturday, he was probably one of the better performers... despite everything going on. Says a lot for some other players! I expect the core to remain the same tonight, but one obvious change for me would be Enda..... The forest players exploited his side of the pitch on Saturday and he couldn't handle it. I would change him up for one of two ankle biters, Osborne or Norrington Davies. Rumours say that Sharp may make the bench tonight, so we will have to see whether he plays a part. Regardless, he surely isn't fit enough to make the starting XI..... As said, that late goal gives us a sniff in the tie and makes it a little bit more edgy. But it means nothing if we don't turn it on and go for it..... we need to do what forest did, get out of the traps early and hunt blood. Make them feel a bit uneasy and go for the equaliser.....if we manage that, who knows.....? It's a next goal game really..... if they get it, they could easily get 3 based on individual and team errors of Saturday. Morgan Gibbs White is going to be huge tonight! He is the man.....when he is switched on and hungry, he brings the best out of the players around him.
  14. We usually bounce back from negative performances under Hecky.... so one thing I definitely expect is improvement.... I know the play-offs are a completely different ball game, but we've never lost two on the trot under our current manager. Usually there is some sort of response....
  15. Aww cheers buddy 😂😂. sorry to keep you waiting. Went out after the match as it was a mates 50th birthday, so didn't get online all night. To put it simply enough, we weren't at the races yesterday. Unlike some on here, I'm not going to sugar coat a sub-standard performance or blame others for the overall result..... because the blame is firmly with the team. I don't think Cooper gets enough credit for just how good he is technically and tactically..... I remember Wilder pointing him in our direction when he left the club and I'm beginning to see why. I said after the draw at home not too long back, that I feel forest are the best team to have come to the Lane this season. I don't think they were as good yesterday, but they didn't have to be because we were far from our best. I actually thought we were more than in the earlier exchanges of the game, before forests goal. But Cooper literally played on and exposed our vulnerability and susceptibility to the counter attack. As the full backs pushed on, I think we were very naive to the threat of the likes of Spence, Johnson, Colback and Yates... all of whom I thought played quite well. I was frustrated by how costly we were in possession, particularly in the first half. Forest did apply good pressure, but simple passes going astray. It was something we did a good bit under Slav, but I thought we had improved in that department.... to revert back to sloppiness at times was frustrating! I was also a little disappointed by the I ability to win the aerial duals as well. Ordinarily we have been fantastic at winning the first tackle, never mind losing that and the knock downs. I did see a few positives.....at times we played decent football in and around the box and despite going behind, heads didn't drop and we continued to try and create things. I do feel we could have done a bit better with some of the chances, but as I said...we weren't at our best. A late goal does keep us in the tie on Tuesday night, but we will have to be a completely rejuvenated team. We are much better than we showed yesterday, but for whatever reason I don't think we played anywhere near as good as we can do. I sensed an element of nerves..... but I'm not detracted from Cooper, because I think he set up right and did his homework. To play on the front foot at Bramall Lane and to expose us in the way they did.... I take my hat off to him. I had to take a short train journey after the game, over to Barnsley and then on to Chapeltown..... I spoke to a couple of Forest fans (sound lads as well) after the game who were obviously elated and rightly so. The conversation headed towards Tuesday night and that first goal..... I think we cannot all agree that which way it goes is now hugely important in the tie. If we manage to equalise, it might make them lot a little more edgy and I can only see us growing in confidence if we manage to get it early doors..... But if we don't wise us to their obvious threat on the counter.... if we don't adapt a more disciplined approach..... if we are continually wasteful in possession..... if we don't create and take early chances..... let's not sugar coat it, they could easily bang 3 in against us. It's half time now..... the tie has become a tad more difficult, but it isn't over yet. I've saw enough yesterday and I've seen enough in us this season, to see that we do hold the ability to overturn the result....... but much better is required.
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