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  1. But then surely the only sensible way around it all is to resume this season's campaign later in the year and the postpone any new campaigns until a later date? This season has to be completed at some point....and it has to take president over the commencement of any new campaign. I don't know how they will do it? But they have to do it, it's the right thing to do and if they don't, then they will face a whole range of legal issues.
  2. Am I referring to what was said prior the tuesday nights meeting? According to popular Sheffield Wednesday related talkboards (with attendees of Tuesday nights meeting), Mr Chansiri apparently swerved all things FFP related? Stating that legalities prevented him from discussing any of it. So how can he have said the polar opposite? What is interesting is that he appears to disregard all of the pending stuff, stating that in the short term, players will have to run contracts down due to FFP. He states that the club will have to look at younger players at the minute as opposed to signing players..... He then goes on the further disregard everything by stating that he feels throwing money at it all, is the way to achieve promotion.....further unnerving fans due to past mistakes. When asked and compare to Sheffid United and brentford, he was quoted to have said that "wednesday are as good as united, we just have stronger minds"......and that he wouldn't follow the successful Brenford model, because in his opinion "they don't want promotion"..... So without arguing, what exactly is this polar opposite that you refer to? My precious post was factual in relation to Chansiri's previous statements.
  3. He stated himself that his priority at the minute, is to offload the club to potential new suitors. He was getting a great amount of stick from the fans, aimed at both himself and his family when attended games (apparently). In the more recent light of club failings, perhaps a large extent of "unrest" is justified. But, Mr Chansiri wasn't an happy man at the time and his knee jerk wasn't so much to address the fans as such, but to announce his intentions to sell up and move on. (All of the above is correct as of statements and media sources). Mr Chansiri's statement of intent re: challenging the EFL, has won a few on side. However it will only be short lived as the clubs breaches do appear to be sticking and being upheld. Will they be the final straw for the owner? I feel so personally.....and whilst it's only my own humble opinion, I feel that the chairman is plotting his exit for when the punishment is dealt. The only problem being that it doesn't make the club a very attractive proposition for buyers.
  4. It took quite a bit for us to learn though padders! Out went all of the high earning, non-loyal, non-commited players and in came a team of hard working, well spirited crafters... all of which had a point to prove! Back to basics worked for us! Stripped it all back and returned to the basics and roots!
  5. We have been there and done it hot, whilst it's terrible to be in that situation at the moment....the positive is that it will eventually force change. Look at it as an eventual turning point for the club. Look at it as the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one! We've been there and lived it, but clubs of Wednesday's stature don't stay in bad times, for long times! A change will come, you just have to ride the storm and wait for it to happen. I still don't think you lot are terrible, as pointed out I just think there is way more than meets the eye going on. What is it? Who knows....but it will all come out in the wesh. Whilst I enjoy seeing us as the top dogs in the city, I have loyal Sheffield Wednesday fab relatives. They are die hard and have followed them thick and thin. I feel for them and I feel for you, having seen our own decline very recently. It's my own humble opinion, but you only have the ownership of the club to blame. They decisions made are now proving costly and the sooner you are shut, the better.
  6. https://www.infoplease.com/atlas/europe Might be useful next season, just saying....and not for a summer vacation with the missus 😉 Pride of Sheffield are still going strong and putting out city on the map! On a serious note. Dangerous going forward for large parts of the game, but lacked in the final third for parts. Norwich were dogged and worked hard to keep us out and they might be frustrated not to bag a point, because tactically they did get it right. They tried to absorb pressure and catch us on the counter, had it not been for a top notch Deano performance....they might have bagged one. All of the teams around us to play and very much still in our hands! Exciting times at the lane and nothing what so ever to lose!....This seasons goal has been met and exceeded, the blades are going to be premier league next year! Okay it isnt mathematical yet, but we can start to relax and enjoy it a lot more now!! This club at the minute.....they just don't know when to stop!!.. Written off by the masses pre-season, not only those in blue tinted bitter goggles, but the know-little pundits.....Now look at us! Hunting down Champions League football and in the last 8 of the FA Cup??....Whatever happens from this onwards, we have well and truly established ourselves, silenced the critics, ruffled feathers and revolutionised top flight football! Chris Wilder, Alan Knill, the backroom staff and this unbelievable team of players....I salute you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart.....for there is no doubt!....This City Is Ours!
  7. Considering our very own Sheffield United team are only valued at around £140m, which would then rise to £180m should they establish themselves beyond this season......I don't think that I would be in a rush to pay what Chansiri values the Owls at. He is merely looking to take back what he has foolishly ploughed into the club......bad business decisions have him significantly out of pocket! The club isn't worth anywhere near Chansiri's price tag! With a squad value of around £40m and no real takers for players with big tags, you are looking are estate assets. Hillsborough being the main one, as the training ground isn't exactly up to elite standard. And then you have to look at the bit negative....what with everything that is looming on the horizon! Any new investor would have to create a long term business plan, as the club look set to have challenging times ahead, especially over the next 12-18 months.
  8. Decent enough first half. By far the better team but look susceptible to Brighton's pacey counter attacking play for some bizarre reason. Edna's goal was absolute top flight class....a cross in from the right hand by line. It is flicked on by a Brighton player, across the 6 yard box, to the other side of the pitch....enda takes a touch to bring it down and the rifles the ball into the top right hand corner, on the half volley from at least 10 yards....absolute screamer! If that was De Bruyne or Mane, they would he talking about it all weekend. Brighton's quick equaliser was a little bit annoying and disappointing, but never the less a training ground goal.....a free kick was lifted in from the right hand side (a good 40 yards out). The ball went in deep to the back post and the Brighton lad got the flick back across goal....Maupay did well to lose a man and get in front of our defenders to head in from a few yards out.... defensively disappointing for us and quite uncharacteristic from a usually solid team. But obviously one from the training ground for brighton. I would like to think that we have enough for see this out and pick up three points. But.....we have to be aware of this Brighton counter threat. The have pace and are trying to counter our attacking play with breaks of 4 players or more. Our passing play and attacking intent is great, we just need to up it a tiny bit more in and around the box!!!! Come on united.....let's have that 5th place please!!
  9. Hit the nail on the head here! This would be 100% my preference! Remove the big guns from the league and create this elite league that they heaped on about for decades. My only concern being how this would impact international football really. The Premier League would then probably calm itself down in terms of finances!
  10. I think the realisation is finally setting in amongst the Hillsborough faithful. All of the things that us blades have been pointing out for months (that owls took as bias and took offence to), are starting to show themselves as the case. The owls are where they are now, through nothing other than mismanagement of the club. Us blades know full well about this, as we have been there ourselves not all that long ago. You have hit a huge transition period for the club. Years of bad mistakes and mismanagement have caught up with you!.....granted we never fudged the books and cheated the system like you guys, but we can draw comparisons between the situation and how it must be handled. A wholesale clear out is required, because it appears that you have a combination of high earners who aren't proud to put on the shirt.....and dead wood who have been signed to bolster the squad during sanctions and current spending restrictions. Even the old faithful of the likes of Bannan and Kieran Lee are apparently showing signs of being disinterested. Don't be afraid of change! Don't be afraid of making huge decisions in the best interests of the club!......the next year or so may be rocky, what with the pending EFL punishment......but you can only hope that the club learn from past mistakes! Build a squad the correct way! Spend sensible amounts on sensible players!....and dont try and cheat themselves to quick success!
  11. Man City have apparently been handed a ban from all UEFA competitions for the next two years...... How is this relevant to this particular section I hear you say??..... Quite simple, the blades currently sit in 5th and are just 2 points off Chelski in 4th......But now 5th place may be good enough for Champions League football next year!! Can they hold it down? 😳 Once again I reiterate!....No matter who you think you are, Cheats do not prosper!! Break the rules and rightly find yourselves punished!! Well done UEFA!!....Rules are brought into place, in hope of slowing down the financial ruin of the sport! If the top teams don't like it, they should naff off to some stupid Elite league and league the rest of us to it!..... Shock, shock, horror!!!
  12. It would be a blow to everybody associated with Sheffield Wednesday, who weren't involved in any of the antics........ Break rules, cheat the system.....get caught.....MAN UP and accept the punishment! Simple!
  13. The videos surfacing online this morning, show some very, very unhappy Owls fans last night!....and well they have every single right to be at the minute, as the club is in a right old mess isnt it?? Years of mismanagement and flaunting the rules, finally catching up on the club and they are now paying the price. But can you blame Monk for the current form? There has to be a great deal more going on behind the scenes...surely? Team selections are somewhat confusing and I don't know, the club just does'nt send out messages of complete harmony. Monk came into the club with a mammoth task on his hands! It seems that he is the go to guys, when things are going well and you need a yes man.....the sort of manager who will accept that he won't get transfer budgets and will just try his hardest, until til a time that the club has stability again. Interestingly the fans appeared to direct frustrations towards the pitch, rather than the dugout....with a largely audible chant of "you're not fit to wear the shirt"......again perhaps the right direction to point fingers?... Once the XI put on the shirt, it is down to them to do the business! What is the answer at Hillsborough? Do you give them manager the boot and entask somebody new? They will just have the same upward battle surely?? Or do you wait while the summer before addressing it all?......do you then carry put wholesale clearances and try and build a proper team? Because clearly, the squad is carrying plenty of dead wood!! Whichever decision you take, it has to be weighed up correctly! With punishments on the horizon and potential sanctions, it has to be right...
  14. Palace, now Bournemouth!....we are finally seeing the ugly side of the Premier League! The former I kind of expect under Hodgeson, but bournemouth surprised me.....I always credited them as a good, hard working, footballing team. Early doors they were just this! They came out of the blocks that bit quicker!....rare for us really, because whilst first halves tend to be tentative usually, this one was all about defending the blistering pace of Bournemouth. With Fraser linking up with the strikers and having a real pop at us.....so it wasn't really a surprise to go behind. But we are where we are through playing the way that we did after that first half hour!.....and in usually United style, we gradually upped the tempo, bossed possession and began to cause Bournemouth problems!....at 0-1 down, I never felt uncomfortable and knew that we would get back into it. But this unsporting, dirty, cheating side of the game needs to stop! The whole VAR system is flawed anyway, but if they are serious about how viable it is!.....then bournemouth players should have walked today for simulation!....so blatant and frustrating!....They couldn't handle us or deal with the pressure, so they hit the deck and any given opportunity!......it was just embarrassing to watch! Another huge three points!!....I'm not having all this European place hype!......all we need to do now is polish off those final survival points, before kicking on and just seeing what final total we can get on the board!....
  15. Try telling that to all the Bournemouth fans who have braved the weather and travelled up, it's a long way to go for a postponed game. Apparently the club are confident enough by the conditions in and around the ground.
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