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  1. Good morning all, My name is Tom Hitchenor and I am an MA Journalism Student at the University of Sheffield. In my assignment, I have been given the patch of Gleadless Valley to cover, which involves the following areas: Post codes: S14, Parts of S2 Neighbourhoods of: Lowfield, Arbourthorne, Gleadless, Newfield, Heeley, Meersbrook, Base Green, Highfield, Herdings, Charnock Hall, Hemsworth I’m looking for stories of all kinds to tell and would love to hear from your organisation! If you could include me on any press release information or PR output I would greatly appreciate it. My email is tbhitchenor1@sheffield.ac.uk My phone number is 07376793221 Hope to hear from you soon Regards, Tom Hitchenor
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