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  1. The build is finished now, just the cinema, bowling, restaurants, Starbucks etc are still fitting out and will follow over the next few months. There are plans for the “holes” by the sounds. The new shopping mall is a really good environment though and ties into the existing town nicely. The Market Kitchen food court is always worth a trip though!
  2. The new Glassworks shopping centre opened this week, anyone else been yet? It does look pretty good I have to say. Not much open yet, most of leisure, cinema and restaurants still being fitted out and lots of shops not open yet. But it’s impressive!
  3. Barnsley Council are currently building a £180m shopping/leisure centre in the town centre so if the will is there it can be done. But with so many cuts and other priorities it must be a difficult choice. The first phase opened yesterday (market hall) and it looks terrific. Definitely the best market hall I’ve seen for a while. Hope the rest turns out as well.
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