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  1. The article makes Page Hall sound horrendous. It isn’t an area that I know massively well. I guess we have members on here who live there. Is the article accurate? Are the problems widespread, or confined to a particular area? It would be good to hear some locals give their perspective
  2. Yes, but West Brom have the playing staff and financial resources to maintain their challenge. They have a large and talented squad. They aren’t shackled by ffp or whatever it is called these days. I can see them running away with the league, like Wolves did last year.
  3. I’ve got West Brom and Leeds on at the moment. The game illustrates your point perfectly. Leeds, the early leaders will struggle to make the play offs. West Brom, early strugglers, look good contenders for automatic promotion.
  4. He got some dreadful treatment from the crowd at the Norwich game. It speaks volumes for his character that he came back so strongly. Owls fans are going to need patience. This year is all about turning an aging squad over and bringing some youngsters through. Young players will often be inconsistent. They still need supporting. I was delighted to see Dawson get the man of the match award. Let’s hope he kicks on from here as he has the potential to become an outstanding keeper.
  5. Just face facts. You lot thought you would batter us tonight. You didn’t. You started well last year. Then faded. You’ve started well this year, but you are fading. I haven’t seen any of tonight’s game yet, but I’ve seen enough of Wednesday this year to know that if you can’t score against us, you can’t be very good offensively
  6. You didn’t say how many teams you’ve seen. We will be just fine. Maybe you should look up what happened to your club’s form after October last season. History repeats and all that.
  7. How many sides have you seen at the Lane this season?
  8. That is becoming a bit of a pattern for you.
  9. So, some cars were legally parked on the road. You arrived in a truck and didn’t have the skill to get through easily. But you managed in the end. All that outside one of the oldest football grounds in the country, with one of the highest attendances Cool story bro.
  10. Project idiot has been progressing well today as well. Led by Dominic Raab discovering that Dover is important. The rest of the idiots have all quit and sit in the background shouting nonsense like “project fear”. What a shame that Gove/ Johnson/ Davies and pals have run away from their big idea.
  11. Some players are injured. A few are sidelined because they are too old or not good enough. A couple (Westwood and Hutchinson) seem to have fallen out with the boss. Nothing to do with bonuses or money in any way, but people do like to make stuff like that up to stir the pot.
  12. If I have this right, you want to ban an item of clothing to stop women from being forced to wear it. Isn’t that a little... logically inconsistent?
  13. Or, alternatively, check the fixture list and plan your journey accordingly. Feel free to sit in a traffic jam, or navigate round the ground, or travel at a different time. All better options than odd, overly aggressive posting on an Internet forum.
  14. Have you finished telling me what I think?
  15. Whilst you are waiting for the fishy one to point out the obvious flaw in your argument, I suggest that you spend a little time looking up the term “false equivalence “.
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