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  1. What about the Métis building on Scotland street? Got the cladding outside but they got the grant to pay for the removal. 5 min walk to kelham. appartments are nice and spacious with a little balcony. mostly 2 beds though
  2. That’s fantastic that mate, nicely done 👍
  3. Hey belperite, yeah they look good boozers but aren’t they home fans only?
  4. Hello 1st trip to bramall Lane in 25 years for me this week and was wondering if I could get some decent pub recommendations for away fans on that part of town. Been to Hillsborough a lot in that time and drank in kelham and the brackens so after similar types of boozers with a decent pint. Cheers
  5. Thanks Anna. I’ve rented out me flat, so I’m not actually living in Sheffield- I’m still in America till Xmas. Kelham is definitely somewhere I’d like to live , it embraces its industrial heritage and I think that’s Sheffield’s greatest strength. As a kid I used to love travelling on the M1 through Sheffield starring at the cooling towers and the steelworks on the other side, every other town was miles off the slip road but with Sheffield it was right there. I’m currently in Bushwick in Brooklyn which is an old industrial area and it’s fullof bars and restaurants and it’s a very sought after area to live- youngsters love that feeling of authenticity. As you say a lot of students stay on in Sheffield and hopefully that will lead to more new bars etc opening up. Obviously those who’ve lived there all their lives know much more, and I’ve seen a lot of depravation, but as I said I still think it’s a great city and if the council utilise Sheffield’s rich industrial past it’ll have a good future.
  6. Hello there. I think Sheffield is going to pretty good in 5years. I’m hoping so anyway as I bought a flat there earlier in the year. Although I’m not from Sheffield I used to visit regularly back in the 90s through football etc and have always liked the place. I’ve been in America for 18 years and I’m moving back to England and I think Sheffield has a lot of potential. While it’s changed a lot I think so have most towns in Britain. What is noticeable , and I find usually a good indicator of a place doing well, is the amount of cranes and construction going on. I’ve spent a bit of time checking out Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham and derby where I lived for 9 years during and after college and I think Sheffield has somuch in its favour. Leeds is a great place and it’s city centre is much better for shops and entertainment IMO, but I found outside the centre to be lacking, and I also think it’s too spread out. Sheffields centre is pretty disorganised and a bit crap I think, but The potential is there.it also has some cracking areas on the city’s edges such as walkley, kelham, eccy road, and around bramhall lane amongst others . When I was in me20s Nottingham was great but after a recent visit there I felt it has stagnated, and derby is dead now, couldn’t believe how quiet it’s become of a night time. It’s city centre used to be thriving and punched above itself but it’s like it’s totally given up. I don’t wanna get into brexit asi think it’ll affect all towns whether positively or negatively pretty much the same outside of London. Manchester and Birmingham I think investment has peaked, Newcastle is too far away, Leeds as already stated is a great spot, but I think Sheffield has huge potential. 2 unis in the city centre whereas most campuses are based a few miles out of towns, the tram system, direct train to the capital, on the M1, easily accessible to other big northern towns. It also has that industrial vibe that investors like. Again that’s in the city centre, all the offshoots of the steel industry - I noticed lots of old cutlers factories walking around, I think that’s what made kelham so attractive and I think there could be another kelham type area in the city. And if the blades or owls got promoted that would give the city further boost and publicity across the globe. Anyway sorry for rabbiting on, just wanted to say that as a very interested outsider I think Sheffield’s future could be very bright.
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