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  1. My late dad worked there as well. He was a maintenance fitter Alf Gold. He took me to an open day and I my only memory is of a revolutionary bread buttering machine located in the state of the art canteen!
  2. Didn't attend the school but did go to nursery at 3 years old on the 1950s and had breakfast and an afternoon sleep!
  3. Well Molly would have been born in the mid-late 1940s if that makes sense. I know she had red hair and was my late husband's first girlfriend and that she lived in that area as did he.
  4. I've heard of Molly Mansell. Is this the same family
  5. Thank you so much for this information. From where did you obtain it
  6. Hi thanks for this. Will delve further. No record of these people in my family tree. Could be related by marriage of Arthur kynoch to my grandmother who was Mabel Tolson born 1900c and died January 1947 aged 47.
  7. Not so far as i know. Its never been mentioned.
  8. Hi all. I was born in either Nottingham Street or thistle Street in 1948 and left at approx 1 year old. Would have to check my birth certificate. My grandparents were called Kynoch if that's any help
  9. Hi old crown. I was led to believe this pub was haunted. Used to frequent it in evenings prior to wedding in church next door in 1969.
  10. Hey! I'm not going mad then. I remember the trailer also
  11. Does anyone remember the whale which was located at the bottom of the moor?
  12. Thanks guys. I was working in the switchboard there when I got married and their lorry drivers drove past the church and tooted on my wedding day in 1969. Much fun was had when I worked there. The lads were brill. I have happy memories
  13. Who owned the scrapyard up by the Bridge?
  14. Hi. I remember the paragon. My late husband had a sat job as a "torchy" when he was about 14. He thought he was very important at the time. But in later years recalled he must have looked like Benny Hill!! Which was more likely. Happy days.
  15. Does anyone know where I can get a street map of sheffield 4 during the 1950s
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