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  1. I believe there was a showroom for morgan vehicles located on paternoster row.
  2. Try chipshop in staveley chesterfield for Sheffield fishcakes. Delish.
  3. Try Derek Womersley's 'Sheffieldish' published in 1970s. Worth a punt.
  4. Hi Running Man. I too remember the elephants visit to Sheffield in 1958. I thought at some stage that I'd imagined it. It was so magical to me. I was 10 years old. I don't remember where they were but I've loved them ever since. I can remember looking up to their eyes and thinking they seemed tired. I went to Kenya in 2003 to see them in the wild. Thanks for the memory jolt.
  5. My dad was in the RAF as a firefighter in Europe. He must have witnessed some terrible sights but never mentioned them. I only got the most of the picture after obtaining his service records from the RAF about 5 years ago. Sadly he passed away in 1989 but would have been 100 years old this coming August.
  6. Hi Bhomer. I lived at no 47 further down hill. I remember there were lots of little escape routes alongside hill. You had to know where they were because they weren't obvious. We thought the hill was countryside. Never entered our heads we were in the middle of factories!! Still had happy lives though.
  7. I visited belle view in the 60s and vaguely remember a flea circus and motor bikes on the wall of death. Or did I imagine it?
  8. Can anyone tell me if I can pause, rewind and record on my tv with a usb stick. Help
  9. Yes i worked there in 1967 as well. I was secretary to Graham Calderbank in the shear blade department. The foreman lived across the road and went home for his lunch every day. I used to go to corner shop for potted meat sandwiches for my lunch. I was the only female in that department and remember Alan Brown who rode a motor byke and had baby twins. They will be in their 50s now. Had so much fun there and have so many memories.
  10. Hi. Dorset Blade. I joined Sheffield smelting in April 1970 as teleprinter operator. I was there for 3 years. My dad worked in silver bullion. Mr Gould was office manager, Tony Knight assistant. Janet Hicks was in printing. Did you ever see her Rod Stewart impression? I remember it to this day. I could go on for ever. So many happy memories.
  11. This library was my introduction as a child to books in the 1950s. The building was split into two, one side being the Children's section and the other for adults. It was located next door to the boating pond and refreshment rooms where we could buy ice creams in the summer. I can't say I remember any of the staff but I do remember the experience of visiting the library. I still have a love of books and reading to this day.
  12. Hi john st clair. Thanks for saving my sanity. It was the gardeners. We also went in the crown of an evening where we eventually were banned from taking part in the weekly pin ball machine competition. The prize for the highest score was either a bottle of port or sherry and we won 12 x bottles on the trot which we used for the toast at our wedding in 1969. Believe the land lady's name might be kitty and you didnt mess with her. Also not 100% sure but think the premises were used in sean bean's film when saturday comes. BTW Ernest eventually became a roller and stayed there until he was made redundant in the 80s. Sadly he's no longer with us. He used to light up a room when he came in. What a character. Correction to earlier dates. Richard married 1969 left hallamshire after road accident in 1973.
  13. Hi John St Clair. Looks as though you were there the same time as Ernest Caterer who worked there for many years and his son Richard who worked there after leaving school around 1961. I'm not sure but I think Ernest's brother in law Jack Bower might have worked there as well. Richard and his dad both used to drink in the other pub that for the life of me I can't remember the name off except it was opposite the hallamshire corner at the side of the river. It became a centre for real ale at some point.
  14. My father in law worked as a backer in hallamshire having started as an 'odd lad'. His eldest son richard followed him as a middler until 1969 when he had a bad road accident in September 1969 and never returned to that job. I can remember amongst others Victor Ferrigan who married Juliette in the early 1970s. I worked with her at sheffco. They were both a lovely couple. The wives used to collect the men's wages on Thursdays from the hallamshire before they were spent in the pub. I always think of rolling mill men as 'proper blokes'. They had a hard job and did it well. Happy days.
  15. Hi morty. You're not Margaret are you. Im Diane Gold. Remember miss essenhigh who taught english?
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