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  1. Pollution levels high again in Sheffield. Unhealthy at the moment. http://aqicn.org/city/united-kingdom/sheffield-devonshire-green/
  2. Rephrasing the above from a more positive and hopeful perspective. They would be very easy to enforce. Where a notice is present any member of the public can approach the vehicle and ask the driver to turn of the engine. One would think/hope most drivers would comply. If the driver doesn't then the number plate is noted and passed on to SCC and SYP. City Centre Ambassadors, PCSOs, Traffic Wardens, School Crossing Wardens, Police, etc could enforce and follow up public complaints. Widespread use of anti-idling notices would be a very practical way of reducing pollution from exhaust emissions and save money on reduced fuel costs, and possibly bring in a new revenue stream from enforcement tickets.
  3. Very bad news!! These are very unhealthy levels. And why that evening and time? Idling engines perhaps? I see SCC have erected " no idling engines" notices outside schools. These need to be city wide and properly enforced.
  4. I hope you don't mind but I laughed out loud reading your description of events and it reminded me of this. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/south-yorkshire-police-mocked-for-urging-residents-to-report-non-crime-hate-incidents-1-9345903
  5. These are diesel belching lorries stuck in the heavy traffic creating more pollution. The engineering report confirms that. And if its such a modest number why all the fuss from a few privileged persons living in big houses with front gardens. And why change the status quo and make matters worse for more people ?
  6. Psalter Lane is a main arterial route..its traffic sensitive under New Roads and Streetworks Act.
  7. Actually there are NO properties that open directly on to Psalter Lane. They all have front gardens unlike Eccy Rd. And Psalter Lane has an adundance of trees unlike Eccy Rd. It's not a road safety issue but a pollution one. Eccy Rd gets worse and more people suffer.
  8. More people live along Ecclesall Road than Psalter Lane so it's just as much residential.
  9. The decision to displace the pollution to Ecclesall Road and hence increase it seems to have been made by Jack Scott alone at Cabinet level. It is strange since Scott tweets about car pollution yet supports the felling of healthy street trees which reduce roadside pollution.. Perhaps with the reduced roadside pollution on Psalter Lane from the lorry ban Scott will declare the trees aren't needed anymore and down they come. Why didnt the Councillors who represent the interests of Ecclesall Road oppose this?
  10. But it is a serious matter since he is an elected official. Do his opinions represent the people who elected him? I doubt it. He needs the public shaming he deserves for his nasty comments.
  11. Council could install these, https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/jan/01/stools-to-fuels-street-lamp-runs-on-dog-poo-bio-energy-waste-
  12. Thanks for the reply. That age mix suits me so nothing sad about that in my mind.
  13. Despite the Council acknowledging that the Psalter lane weight restriction on lorries will increase road side pollution in Sheffield, it is being implemented. It seems the complaints of the few (the Psalter lane group number about 20) have moved the Council to ignore the silent 1000s who live and walk along Ecclesall Road and who will now suffer additional pollution as the lorries add to and make worse the congestion on Ecclesall Road. Pollution levels on Psalter Lane do not exceed safe limits whereas on Ecclesall Road they do. The lorries used Psalter Lane to avoid the congestion on Ecclesall Road. Their movement down Psalter Lane has caused no recent accidents and creates much less roadside pollution There are times when Psalter Lane is congested; school times and rush hour but Psalter Lane is able to cope with this and the wide tree lined pavements and parked cars keep the pedestrians away from the car fumes. The many trees on Psalter Lane counteract the pollution whereas Ecclesall Road is virtually treeless in comparison. It is understandable why the lorries are not liked by Psalter Lane residents but it is NOT good governance to knowingly make life much worse for the many for the sake of a few privileged and vociferous persons.
  14. Or Russian perhaps. ---------- Post added 07-10-2018 at 10:57 ---------- In relation to my previous post.
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