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  1. Are u saying no petrol station sells contaminated fuel been plenty of stories on news about it
  2. It can pink if it's not burning fuel right according to rac I'm no mechanic but seem strange it started as I left petrol station carried on till it was nearly empty and I put in £40 of high octane fuel never done it since don't trust car at moment went go far just was hoping someone else had an issue last week
  3. Put fuel in at wordsworth petrol station near Asda's last week within 5 mins my car was worse than a old diesel exhaust was pinking was hesitating at junctions basically it was like a dog run fuel out of it filled up else where never been a problem since anyone else had similar issues with fuel
  4. malin motor bodies foxhill did a cracking job on my car supplied courtesy car was quoted £300 from all i tried they did it for £150
  5. Anyone know which petrol stations in S5 area that sell high octane petrol don't fancy going round them all looking thanks in advance
  6. When I bought my code of Ebay it gave instructions to get serial number with a few presses of buttons no need to take radio out cost £2.99 worked perfect
  7. My Samsung s8 had caller display used to say spam or fraud or name of company calling it did latest update yesterday and now it just gives number nothing else I use this feature all the time how can I get it back it's annoying not knowing who's calling also can't block numbers anymore
  8. Cool was worried it would be an headache
  9. Bought a car with no logo book I need to tax it I've filled v62 can I take this to post office with other documents mot etc and pay tax there
  10. Thanks for your help been in touch with housing they sending a card out to top up wasn't told anything about it when I got keys they just said £4 Was in rent for heating and hot water typical housing no idea what they doing
  11. Does anyone have district heating that can tell me why I have a meter connected to it just for heating and hot water seems strange as I can't top it up and we pay £4 a week on rent for it anyway I'm a new tennant never had it before electric company have no idea what it is its not gas as were all electric had to put it on emergency today phoning housing up in morning just curious what it is
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