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  1. i have an nvidia gtx 660  i can do a clean install with card using hdmi all fine but soon as windows installs driver hdmi dont work ive installed latest drivers rolled back to older drivers but nothing no hdmi dvi works vga works strange thing is hdmi works in bios just fine soon as windows loads i get black screen and monitor says no input found anyone any ideas of what to try before i bin it

  2. Just now, The Joker said:

    I've got the Superhub 2, and it can create separate 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi networks, so my older devices can use the slower, more compatible 2.4Ghz, but my newer devices can use the faster 5Ghz 

    I'll have a try tomorrow  is this something that virgin engineer would have done when they came out they been here 3 times

  3. 6 minutes ago, The Joker said:

    Can you create a 5Ghz network and trying again?


    I get much faster speeds on 5Ghz than I did on 2.4Ghz, even when the WiFi signal isn't as strong.


    I have smart bulbs and smart plugs that only work on 2g so its not to easy the tivo box we can't use catch up we just get message that says WiFi signal is to weak we get spinning circle same as smart TV just feel something isn't right we had no issues with sky everything worked tied to an 18 month contract and can't use half the services had virgin out to look at it they just said they won't guarantee WiFi speed

  4. 3 minutes ago, The Joker said:

    I'm on their 200Mb package and I consistently get high speeds across all my home computers.


    Even the puny netbook I'm typing on has just gotten over 60Mb in a speedtest.


    1) have you tested using a wired Ethernet cable ?


    2) are you connected using 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz frequency ?


    3) does your home computer's WiFi adapter support the higher speeds of 802.11n or 802.11ac ?

    Through 2g on phone and tablet ethernet on pc gets 250mbps phone and tab gets around 19mbps and 30mbps max 

  5. 2 hours ago, nikki-red said:

    12 days is a long time to be having side effects.

    As you have a cough and high temperature (2 of the main symptoms) you probably should get a Covid test.

    That was first thing doc sent me for all clear really considering if second jab is worth while 

  6. Had my covid jab 4th of Feb its the Oxford one big mistake feel so rough headaches cough high temp skin rashes muscle cramps just getting through worse now thank god anyone else had reactions speaking to doctor today see if its worth getting second jab put me right off I know getting covid itself could be worse just felt so bad with jab

  7. I've bought an ethernet lead no difference its both ethernet and wifi issue just formatting pc for third time don't expect any difference only thing thats original is op system its win 10 Pro education but surely that op system wouldn't be the issue never mind ive canceled direct debit and ordered sky they can whistle for payment

  8. Virgin been today to try again engineer spent 10 mins checking said its one of 2 things ethernet lead? Like I've not tried that a dozen times or its the pc again already replaced pc for new one as we had same prob originally if anyone could tell me where to take this further it would be appreciated tried area manager suppose to ring me early today no sign of that

  9. Its been unplugged and reset that many times its getting dizzy when I had sky last year I got the full speed and modem was in living room with pc in bedroom virgin has never worked from first day it was installed last October they just keep making up excuses its also had router replaced 3 times

  10. I have a brandnew pc using virgin 350mb Internet  all I can get on pc is 50mbps at the most sometimes less things I've tried wifi extender usb dongle inbuilt wifi now a 10mtr ethernet direct to modem no difference at all originally router was in living room virgin moved to to bedroom no difference I've tried more than one pc with same results on mobile I get 290mbps anyone any idea what to try next virgin just say its pc at fault 

  11. I'm with virgin i have 100mbps broadband the router is in bedroom at on end of room pc at other i have a new tp link dongle 300mps and all I can get through wifi is 25 to 30 mbps on phone I get 110 mbps  if I move pc next to router and use ethernet I get over 100mbps is my dongle to blame or something wrong with router I should add this is second router we had to cure issue

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