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  1. If we can close down quicker in defence we should weather the storm, last 2 goals conceded against Leeds and forest the defence allowed opponents time to pick there spot.
  2. Big game again for owls playing top of the league, these games bring out the best in Owls. No Bannon a big loss but I'm convinced weds will overcome this challenge with flying colours. Weds 2-1...WAWAW.
  3. Come on Swfc a win Friday and we are right back in it. WAWAW.
  4. You can't blame the player..you have to blame the people that feed football..the supporters who are willing to pay ridiculous prices for watching and ridiculous prices for merchandise...no supporters no football no sky...simples.
  5. Ive watched a couple of videos on social media of the mass brawl at firvale and the first obvious observation was. The amount of parents attending this mass brawl which took place during school hours..is that what we pay them benefits for to go out and pick fights with our police...what is this country coming to.
  6. A poor state of affairs if our so called mayor can't be bothered to be the mouth piece for the Sheffield people on a matter llke this.
  7. Grenoside is such a nice area to go for a walk and a pub crawl, can't understand why local peeps don't use the pubs around them , such a shame.
  8. I've nearly bowled a few cyclists over on penistone rd. They in a world of there own .
  9. Evans halshaw are pretty fair with car buying prices.
  10. Getting absolutely ridiculous something needs to be done asap.
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