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  1. It's the context of it the foreigners in Brussels are bad but foreigners across the pond are better. Both world wars yes we're started by Germany but other European nations came together even Russia to end it. ---------- Post added 21-09-2018 at 22:08 ---------- Cameron saw too many Tory voters flock to UKIP his answer was take them on he lost like May did in the general election both were naive. No one knows if an past leader could have done a better job their not here too try.
  2. The problem is May is not getting anywhere her plan is dead her party is spilt . May didn't get the majority in the 2017 general election she throw away the majority Cameron got in the 2015 general election in reckless bid to extend her time in office believing Labour would finished by her crushing majority win. May is foolish she doesn't listen to anyone trying to be something she is not. ---------- Post added 21-09-2018 at 21:29 ---------- We may have our differences with the EU but by calling them foreigners simply makes your argument look desperate. Without these ' foreigners' we would have lost two world wars I'm guessing you quite admire Trump and would like a deal with him he's a foreigner but that will be ok.
  3. Then it's time for an general election no doubt Brexit would be main issue but if an pro Brexit party wins we leave if a pro remain party wins we stay . A change of government could answer what the electorate wants .
  4. Say this happens then what , would it cause an referendum, general election or simply cancelled? Brexit has happened because people were unhappy with the EU would the door be open to reform it ?
  5. Having first hand experience of seeing Alzheimer's effects on people I know I'm all for any ideas on how we can stop or slow down this disease which at present their is no cure. With growing aging population we need to look different approaches in tackling it. So does the answer lie by changing our diets ? Possibly, certain foods can boost brain function like blue berries which are high in vitamin K content we all heard the expression that fish is good for the brain it seem to be ture with omerga three doing it's magic. Walnuts and other unsalted nuts are good for the brain The Mediterranean diet maybe the key too keeping the brain function healthy has research shows that countries who follow such a diet have less heart and brain disease than countries who don't follow it. Or are we doomed into doing things like putting the kettle in the fridge ?
  6. May needs dig her heels in. I remember seeing an photo of a EU meeting Merkel was their looking mad had has anything along with the rest of that crew Trump sat their cool has a cucumber arms crossed. I'm no Trump supporter but he had the right idea don't be pushed around keep a cool head if the deal is not right head for the door.
  7. UKIP the new the National Socialists party do we rise an arm to their leader I wounder? I never support these people Nazis in suits.
  8. Theirs an golden opportunity to build new houses at Attercliffe which in turn would help with business down their. Attercliffe Road is one of main routes into the city plus the tram runs though everything is in place just need building up.
  9. What I read about the Austria meeting and how that French President spoke about our Prime Minister it's time to do the walk. The EU have no intention of giving this country an deal.
  10. I don't base my political views on articles only what I see around me but they do inform me on subjects in more detail. An party that has similar views to myself is the Scottish National Party many of their ideas I do agree with but unfortunately we can't vote for them. Given what is happening at this moment in time I think we're going to see a political crisis not seen before.
  11. Theresa May is finished no one wants her plan time for an general election. All parties must set out their vision on where the UK stands in Europe either remain or leave no half measures . The problem is time.
  12. I think the idea was too reduce proverty levels a sort of back up payment but the payment itself is not that high so you would still need a job. I would think the scheme only applies too working age then when a person retires they go onto pension. It has been a while since I read the article so can't remember every detail but the scheme would be for UK residents in relation to immigrants they would have too be here for a certain time before they would get it. ---------- Post added 20-09-2018 at 20:32 ---------- The same can be said about ' Universal Cerdit' but unlike Finland they still pursue it no matter how many it hurts.
  13. Iceland and Norway both have large fishing fleets which if they joined the EU would suffer like the UK fishing industry did most fisherman voted leave down to the fact they can only catch so much. If they had caught more they had too throw it back so loseing money which sadly put many out of business. Another issue is fish stocks if anyone is allowed to fish in the same area the fish population would fall fast only recently French and British fisherman clashed they know fish population is limited due to others entering British waters Brexit or no Brexit this does need too be looked into or be faced with choric fish shortages in the future.
  14. The Chequers plan is unworkable anyway if the Tories had a stronger leader Johnson and Mogg would have long been given the boot.
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