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  1. Bossy boots. Would you know, Norma Marsh ... Carol Gabbitas.... Linda Thulborn... probably got last names spelled wrong ... they all lived round there and went to huntsmans gardens. Then Hartley Brooke. Carol Higgins as well.
  2. Christine Almond... I lived on Bodmin Street next door to Nancy Wright who fancied the pants off you. Mr Inman was my form teacher for last year at Hartley Brooke. Brilliant man. The play ran for 3 nights and earned a small mention in the Star. Listing all characters and actors. .still got the clipping. .... do you remember ' Tosh ' Hampton , Tony ? He died long time ago... that came as quite a shock as did Terry Morgan. Yes he moved to Tinsley as someone else mentioned. We used to see him and his wife in the club and pubs.
  3. Glenn pickard.. do you remember being in the school play ( Beside the seaside ) you played Tony Brett I played Mrs Austin the landlady. 1962 ish. ?
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